Kuro No Maou – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Quest and Rank (1)

“Well then, newbie adventurers Kurono-san & Lily-san, I’ll be teaching you the fundamentals about the guild and adventurers!”(nyarko)

“Ah, Nyarko-san will be giving the lecture?”(kurono)

“hehe actually this is my first time doing this.”

“Is Nyarko-san a new employee in the guild?”

“That’s right! Though it hasn’t been even a full year since I started working, I am already the poster girl of the Irz Village adventurer guild!”

“Poster girl? Is that your self-proclaimed class?”

“I am the Poster girl in reality as well!! Kurono-san really is rude!?”

“Sorry, I got it. Nyarko-san is the guild’s poster cat-girl.”

“As long as you understand. Well, enough with the greetings, let’s start the lecture.”

We’ll be counting on you! – is what both I and Lily said but Lily is still making an expression that she doesn’t understand what’s going to start.

Well, I’m the one who is becoming an adventurer; Lily isn’t really concerned with it.

“Umm, then firstly…..umm……let’s start with the rules & important points used by the guild!”(nyarko)

She just forgot, didn’t she?

“Ah, Kurono-san, will you be taking notes?”(nyarko)

“Thanks, that’ll help.”(kurono)

I was given a blank paper and pen similar to the one I used just now.

Considering their level civilisation, I thought they might use parchments but this is a clean sheet almost comparable with those in modern Japan.

I wonder if they have established the technology to process pulp or are they using some mysterious magic for this as well.

“Then first of all, regarding the request made to adventurers. Kurono-san knows that the guild is an organisation to provide various requests to the adventurers?”(nyarko)

“Yeah, I heard that from the village head.”(kurono)

“Then this’ll be fast. The guild accepts requests from big towns and villages as well as single individuals. The details and rewards of the quest introduced by the guild are usually trusted and correct. In case investigation of the quest details is insufficient or impossible, the same is written on the quest form as well. Then, it is upto the adventurer to decide whether he takes the quest or not. Again, there are times in case of emergencies where the guild will order compulsory quests to the adventurers.”

“What kind of compulsory quests?”

“The most common example would be rescue missions in case of calamities and times when a dragon or a similar level of disaster appears. That’s why they are also called emergency quests. Both are very rare cases so you don’t have to worry that much. By the way, in case you refuse an emergency quest then you’ll have to pay a cancellation charge as well. If you don’t pay it, then in worst case, you might be removed from the guild so please be careful.”

“What’ll happen if you are removed from a guild?”

“Of course you shall be unable to use the guild facilities. Also, if you take requests directly without the mediation of the guild then the chances of discrepancies in the quest details and reward amount will become much higher. Just by not being able to use the guild, you’ll become unable to work as an adventurer, so please abide by the rules.”

“I see. Is there any other way that might lead to removal from guild?”

“First, regarding the rewards. The guild takes 10% of the reward money from the client as commission. This amount is already deducted from the amount shown on the request form. The guild takes full responsibility for the requests introduced by them, therefore in case the client suddenly went missing or died and trouble regarding the payment of reward appears, in no case will the adventurer be left unrewarded so you can be relived. But, in case of failing the quest, or becoming unable to continue it, a cancellation charge as per the situation or the money required to transfer the quest to another adventurer will be taken from you so please understand.”

“As long as the adventurer completes the quest, reward is certain but in case of failure, a charge to be paid may appear so don’t complain at that time, right?”

“Exactly, it is quite a basic thing but still in every guild there is adventurer who is stuck with a claim. Kurono-san looks intelligent so there isn’t worry of that though.”

“Complimenting me won’t get you anything.”

“Not at all. There are very few who understand everything uptill now. Unable to even do simple plus minus, there are over-emotional people as well after all. But I think that Kurono-san is the type that can properly use his head.”

“Well, I’ll at least not get stuck with a claim from the guild as long as there is a chance of getting removed and penalised.”

I was thought as someone educated just by my manners, in this world a common Japanese man should be considered as an over-educated person probably.

It’s not that I’m amazing but it’s the surrounding education standards that are poor. Well it can’t be helped since there is no system to make people go to school.

“Also, regarding the quests, I’ll explain about their ranks.”(Nyarko)

“Difficult or easy quest, or something like that?”

“Yes, your own adventurer rank as well as quest rank and also monster rank, all are compared to choose the most optimal quest. Even the guild doesn’t want to raise the failure percentage of quests due to some reckless adventurer taking on too difficult quests, so an adventurer cannot take on quests above his own rank.”

“How are ranks divided?”

“All ranks are divided into ranks 1-5, rank 1 being lowest and 5 the highest. Quest rank is decided as per the monster to be defeated or the danger of the dungeon. Adventurer rank starts at 1 and after the accomplishments and achievements are recognised, the rank will be raised. In special cases where knights or soldiers who have accomplishments in wars decide to become adventurers, they can take an examination to start directly from rank 3. Well, this can’t be done in the Irz village though.”

“Then that means that I’ll start at rank 1.”

5 grades is a pretty simple method for differentiating. There would quite a lot of differences even inside the same rank. So, they are also divided into first half and second half it seems.

Poorly classifying the numerous quests will troublesome after all, it can’t be helped though. Guessing the difficulty of the quest from the details given will also depend on the experience of the adventurer.

“That’s all regarding quests. Also, please be careful to not get civilians injured, don’t trespass private properties and avoid causing damage to their items and things. Just because you are on a quest doesn’t mean that guild will take responsibility for your criminal actions. Also, the guild will not be concerned with disputes with other adventurer parties. You are responsible for your own actions”

“I see, basically act within common sense, right?”

“Yes, the guild doesn’t restrict an adventurer’s actions; the adventurer can complete the quest however he wants.”

“Got it. Then I’ll like to see the rank 1 quest I can take right away.”

“Feel free and choose! Is what I’d like to say but at this time there aren’t many quest that can be taken though.”

Nyarko-san kept a bunch of requests forms on the table.

For the time being, let’s see——–


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