Kuro No Maou – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Welcome to the Adventurer Guild (2)

When I reached the reception counter of the guild, the one who was standing there was,

“Ah, miss waitress from just now.”

“Ah, Mr. customer from just now!”

The cat waitress was standing at the reception. Are they perhaps short on workers?

“Are you looking for a request?”

“No, I’m here to register as an adventurer.”

“I see, so you were a newcomer!”

“Yes, I’m just a novice who doesn’t know anything so I’ll be counting on you to guide me.”

“……….You are a quite polite person.”

“ Is that so?”

“Yes. The only who talks so politely with an underling like me is just the village’s head only. Most of the others are rude adventurers after all.”

Now that I think about it, the village head was kind enough towards a suspicious youngster like me too. Is she like that with everyone?

Also, the adventurers being rough and rude is as expected from their appearance. The one group sitting in the lobby are all people with big bodies. Even I who stood out as a big guy in high school would look normal among those guys.

“So, ah, I haven’t asked for your name yet. I am Nyarko.”

“Nyanko?” (T/N: Nyanko also means little cat/kitty in jap.)

“It’s Nyarko! You are also rude it seems!”

“eh, sorry, um, Nyan…..no, Nyarko-san, my name is Kurono.”

It seems that cat-humans find it rude to be treated as normal cats. I learned a new thing.

“Yes yes, so Kurono-san, ah, there is no need to be so formal with me. You’ll get tired, right?”

“Ah, you realized?”

“Yes it shows. Still, to use formal speech with other people, it seems Kurono-san has received some proper education. Which school did you go to?”

“ahaha, I’ll be glad if you didn’t ask too much about my circumstances. I came here because I heard that anyone could become an adventurer without any identity proof.”

“I see, so you have some special circumstances.”

“That’s right.”

“Understood. Then neither I nor this guild will ask any further. Now then, please enter the details in the application form.”

I was presented with a paper and pen.

“Ah, if you can’t write then I can write for you for 200 silver.”

I see. Since education and schools are not prevalent, the literacy rate would also be low. So it’s normal to also provide such support services.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary for me.

“No, it’s fine.”

I have never written these alphabets like characters that are used in this world but the knowledge already exists within my head. So writing is also possible.

Although, I can’t write very smoothly or fast. I need to think and write at my own pace.

Thinking that I need practice, I fill up the details in the form.

Well the only things I have to write is name, age and sex but——

“What is this ‘class’?”

“That is where you write whether you are swordsman or a magic warrior, basically you mention your fighting style. This will be one of the criteria while making a party, also your elemental compatibility against monsters etc. will be required for making other important decisions as well. Of course, adventurers are not like an army so they are not separated by proper classes. So everyone writes whatever they feel like. The class name should be as close as possible to their fighting style. If you can’t think of something, just use your specialty weapon as a class.”

“I see, so it is self-styled names, then—–“

I think up the characters in my head and write with the pen.

“Black Magician, is it?”

“Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything that sounded cooler. Are black magical energy users rare?”

“Yes they are. Black magic has too many old secrets. So there is no user who could become an adventurer.”

“Magicians, or rather, are most of the magic warriors users of primary colour magical energy like fire, ice etc.?”

“Rather than saying most, pretty much everyone who uses magic is like that. Even users of Summon magic and Healing magic possess at least one primary colour magic.”

“I see. I can’t use primary colour magic; in the first place I’m not well-acquainted with magic itself.”

“If you were to go to towns you could attend lectures on magic, but here we only do the basic explanation for adventurers.”

Lectures on magic, if I get I chance I’ll try attending some. I should at least be aware of what I’m using.

“Will you give the basic explanations for adventurers now?” (kurono)

“Yes, only the simple rules have to be explained right now. If there is anything else, you can file a form to listen to it.”(Nyarko)

“I see, ah, my companion is waiting so if it’s going to take some time, can I have her listen together with me?”

“By companion, you mean Lily-san?”

“You know her? Lily really is famous.”

“There is no one who doesn’t know. After all she has been selling the miracle medicine of fairies super cheap for the past 30 years.”

“ooh, Lily’s medicines are that amazing——–wait, did you just say 30 years?!”

“That’s right. Lily-san will be 32 this year if I’m correct.”


I ended up screaming.

The people around me look towards me wondering what happened but that’s irrelevant to me who just heard an absolutely shocking truth.

“32 years old!? Seriously!?”

“I’m serious.”

Up till now, I had thought that she was only 5-6 years old. No, normally my thinking wasn’t wrong.

What the hell, 32 years old, that means, I mean, what the actual hell…….

“No need to be that surprised. Fairies live very long after all. And their appearance doesn’t change either. Age doesn’t hold the same meaning as us for them.”

“I, I see…..basically she has been of the same mental age from the time she was born?”

“Exactly, but they have good memory so they know a lot of things. Especially Lily-san, who came to human habitation from the fountain of light, knows a lot about this area. She is also familiar with the head of the Kuar village as well.”

“Is, is that so….?”

As I timidly turned around, I saw Lily sitting in the lobby.

Realizing that I was looking, she waved towards me.

Th,that cute little creature is 32 years old…….

I can’t believe this……no, this is a fantasy magical world, something like this is not impossible.

“Well, whatever the age, it doesn’t change the fact that she is Lily.”

“ah, so you’ll be taking the elementary level lecture with Lily-san? By the way the price is 1000 silver coins. I’ll not take Lily-san’s share of price.”


Taking out a big silver coin from my purse (to be accurate, it was from my shadow), I gave it to Nyarko-san.

“Well then I’ll do some preparations, so Kurono-san, please wait in the lobby with Lily-san.”

“Got it.”

And so I returned to the seat where the 32 yr old Lily was waiting for me.

Am I caring too much about her age……?

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