Kuro No Maou – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Welcome to the Adventurer Guild (1)

Let’s get registered at the guild immediately! Is what I said, but the smell of food inside the Guild’s lobby cause both our stomachs to rumble together.

“Let’s eat first!”


Like that, leaving the registration for later, we decide to eat out for lunch for the first time. But then as expected of the place, the lobby was filled with adventurers dressed in dangerous looking armour and holding weapons.

“Which would be good?”

“Which would be good?” (T/N: yes Lily echoes what Kurono was saying albeit a bit differently but that’s not translatable in English.)

Thanks to the modifications, I became able to even read the letters as well so it was not difficult to read the menu but since it was filled with names of dishes I didn’t know, I couldn’t decide properly.

It seems it’s also a first for Lily since she was also unaware of the dishes. We both sat and racked our brains together.

But it seems that the ordering system is still the same so if I can’t decide, I’ll ask the attendant for advice. Ah, what about the tip?

“Excuse me, can you please take our order?”

“Yes Yes, coming!”

Saying that a cat-eared waitress came running, or rather, the waitress is a cat itself. Completely covered in a calico cat like fur, the face is also similar to an actual cat, however she’s walking on two legs and the body structure is also similar to a human. Basically, she is a member of the so called beastman race. But she has hair like an actual human so her face, even though that of a cat, looks a bit human-like. That’s what I felt like on seeing her shoulder length light brown hair.


For the time being its rude to stare like that so I should order first. And soon after I place the order,

“That will be 520 silver.”(catgirl)

They use the advance payment system so money is demanded first.

From my pocket, I take out a shining gold coin.

“Sorry but I only have a gold coin right now. Will it be fine?”(kurono)

“Nnya! 1 gold right! It’s fine!”(catgirl)

“Then with this.”

I put the gold coin of the size of a 500yen coin on her paw like hands.

“Thank you. The change will be 9480 silver.”

With a jingling sound of the pocket she returned me 9 big silver coins, 4 small silver coin and 8 copper coins that looked exactly like 10yen coins.

“Please wait for the order.”(catgirl)

While shaking her ears and tail she returned behind the counter.

Fuu, it seems I was able to order and make payment without any problems. Thank god.

“But still, I really got a lot of money. Well, it’s good for the penniless me though.”

As to why I had something amazing like a gold coin, I received it from village head Shione as a reward for the goblin extermination.

A total of 20 gold coins. Converting to Japanese yen, it was about 200,000 yen.

Since both me and Lily had no purses with us, the gold coins were kept inside my shadow. Well, in terms of safety, it is the best place.

I also learnt about this country’s money system from her.

I was afraid that they might still use barter system so I was relieved when I was told that a proper currency was used. Without it I would have difficulty in shopping above all I am not used to it.

Also the currency here is divided into gold, silver and copper types. The denomination isn’t very strict but for large amounts gold is used. Below it silver and so on.

The gold I gave was basically equal to 10,000yen. The change I received was 1 big silver = 1000 yen and small silver was 100yen and copper was 10yen.

1 gold = 10000 silver is the exchange rate so silver became the value proportionate to Japanese yen. For denominations below 10yen both copper and small silver(T/N: this is different from the previous silver coins) are used. The guild uses copper for this.

I also learnt a bit about the prices of things but the actual market prices can’t be known till I actually start shopping once.

The prices of meals at the guild seem to be common at all the guilds so it becomes the standard price for food and meals.

If the cost of lunch for two is 520yen, no, 520 silvers then the prices are approx. half as compared to Japan.

Also, 20 gold coins seems to be more than what an average farmer of the village earns in a month. I was a bit perplexed due to suddenly getting enough money to play around for a month but it seems that a goblin extermination if requested from the guild would have taken much more money than this.

The talk was settled since both the parties had profited from it.

Incidentally, as the proof for exterminating the goblins, Lily’s testimony was enough. Apparently, fairies don’t speak bad lies so their testimony is considered credible. Of course, another reason would be that Lily is trusted by these villagers.

As I was thinking this, our order finally came.

The difficult talk about money disappeared in front of the steaming delicious food. With an [Itadakimasu], I and Lily bite into the food in front of us.

That’s right, the culture of saying [Itadakimasu] and [Gochisousama(Thanks for the meal)] before eating is apparently common in both Japan and Pandora.

“Delicious! This mysterious meat called Dortoth is way too delicious!”


Eating this dish made from unknown ingredients and again drinking tea of unknown tea leaves without any hesitation, I finally take a breather.

“fuuu, that was tasty—–“

Lily’s tea felt like black tea but this one felt like barley tea so they must be totally different. I almost forgot but after resting a bit more, I should go register as an adventurer.

“Lily, when we return home, I have something to tell you.”

“Kurono has something to tell?”

“Although I dodged the village head’s question somehow by saying that I came from far away, I’ll tell only Lily the actual truth.”

“Is that so? Ok!”

“Thanks! We will be together for a long time from now after all. Now then, I’ll go and get myself registered as adventurer.”

“Yeah! Take care!”

Sent off by Lily’s smile, I stood from my seat.


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