Kuro No Maou – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – The Head of the Irz Village

My meeting with the head of the village, an old-aged female elf known as Shione-san, was quickly allowed.

Sitting on the seat offered to me, I met her who was sitting across the table.

“Welcome to Irz village Kurono-san, as a friend of Lily-san, we all shall gladly welcome you here.”

“Thank you very much.”

Even here I could feel the extent of Lily’s reputation. Everyone is even using the ‘-san’ suffix. Seriously you’re amazing Lily-san!

It became clear that Lily was clearly known in this village and was trusted very much as well. Even if she had no friends back at home, I was happy that she was so gladly accepted by the villagers.

“Actually I have something to discuss with you, could I have some of your time?”(kurono)

“Sure, I don’t mind at all so take your time.”(shione)

I worried about her job as the head but since she is listening with a smile then I’ll accept her offer. But talking so formally all the time sure is difficult. I haven’t talked this way since my interview for that part time job I had taken.

Still, as long as the other party is an adult, I need to be polite otherwise even things that should go smoothly would go bad. It’s necessary for smooth communication.

I’m trying my best here, so overlook it if my use of formal speech sounds weird.

“Due to some circumstances, I left my faraway hometown and came to this land. During the trip I met with an accident and got stranded in this foreign land.”(kurono)

“Oh my, I thought you were a travelling magician but it seems you have some complicated circumstances.”

“Yes, as to how I ended up here even I’m not very sure of it so I cannot explain in detail. I’m sure you might be curious but I’ll be happy if you don’t ask about it.”

“Is that so? Very well, then I shall not pry any further in this matter. Please continue your story.”

“Thank you.”

Not explaining the most important part was quite selfish of me but it seems that she is a person with great generosity. I really am thankful for that.

“I had absolutely no knowledge about this area but I met Lily by chance and ended up receiving many favours from her.”

“Kurono had fallen inside the forest.”(lily)

“You had fainted inside the fairy garden? It must have been difficult for you.”(shione)

“No, I met Lily soon so I didn’t face any problems. Though I was threatened by the fairies to not approach the fountain of light.”(kurono)

“Oh so you even met with the fairies of the fountain? They didn’t play any pranks on you, right?”

It seems those who meet the fairies inside the forest get tricked and end up losing their food and items.

They really are outrageous creatures.

Since I didn’t hold anything, they were more focused on the apples lying around me and so I was ignored by them except by the one that threatened me.

“——I stayed one night at Lily’s house but I can’t stay like that without doing anything. Also, I didn’t have any money while coming here, so I won’t be able to pay any charge if there is one. And so, I first want to become able to live by myself but I lack common knowledge about the village and its surrounding as well. What jobs are available, where to live, I need to understand all these from you.”

“Of course I’ll gladly do so. It must be difficult to be by yourself at such a young age. Taking in a single human boy is not a problem for this village.”

“Ku, Kurono………you’ll live in Irz village?”(lily)

“If possible, yes. I can’t live with Lily all the time after all.”

“Why!? Stay with Lily! It’s lonely!”

“Li, Lily…….”

I didn’t expect her to cling on me with tears!

Why? Did I say something bad!?

“Kurono-san, fairies don’t say anything due to politeness. If Lily-san is insisting so much then you should accept her offer in my opinion.”(Shione)

“Is it fine for me to live together with you, Lily? I’m pretty big so the small hut might feel cramped and I don’t know what kind of troubles I might cause.”(kurono)

“It’s not cramped, It’s fine to give troubles! Lily wants to be with Kurono!!”(lily)

“o,o,o, Lily…..if you go that far……I also want to stay with Lily!!”(kurono)

“Really!? You’ll live together?”

“Yeah, if Lily so wishes, I live anywhere!”



I tightly hugged Lily who jumped to my chest. Shit! She is way too cute!

“Aren’t you glad Kurono-san? It seems the problem of residence has been settled.”(shione)

“Yes, similar to the magician that once lived there, I’ll live in that hut with Lily.”(kurono)

In an unexpected way, my housing problem was settled. It’s not like I didn’t think of living there but, I thought it might be too impudent of me to ask for it………but, once again I’m thankful for Lily’s kindness.

“Oh? Were you aware of the magician that lived in the forest?”(shione)

“Yes, this robe was also inside the hut, so I believe it was also used by the magician.”

“Now that you say it, I thought it looked familiar. Yes, he also wore the same kind of robe.”

Ooh, so this really was the magicians robe. Or rather, as expected of an elf, she has met the magician when he was alive.

“The magician of the forest helped this village in a lot of ways. If Kurono-san is also a magician, then I’ll be happy if you could also help us with your magic.”(shione)

“That magician, how did he help?”(kurono)

“Let’s see, putting up a barrier around the village, or compounding rare medicines to cure strong diseases, once he also prayed and made it rain as well.”

“Sorry, but all of them are impossible for me………”

Damn those masked men! They didn’t teach me any other useful magic except combat ones! They really are the worst!

“It’s a bit embarrassing, but I can only exterminate monsters.”

“Kurono is very strong! He exterminated the goblins!”(lily)

Thanks Lily, for the excellent follow.

“Ara, is that so? Quite a lot of them were there so it might have taken some time even if we did a mountain hunt. So Kurono-san exterminated them?”(shione)

“Lily was also a big help but yes, the goblins in the cave have been completely annihilated.”(kurono)

“In just one day?”(shione)

“Yes, yesterday.”(kurono)

“That’s amazing. If you are that strong then you could earn a lot as an adventurer.”


“You don’t know? I was sure they existed in all countries.”

“Is it a job that exterminates monsters?”

“Yes, it also includes guarding the villages, escorting merchants, retrieving rare items from dangerous places; oh that’s right, for an adventurer their job first and foremost is to search for treasures in a dungeon.”

Did she just say du, dungeon!?

That facility was also very much like a dungeon but does this world really have a real dungeon with treasures sleeping inside it?!

Uoh! Somehow I can feel my tension rising!!

“I see so there are dungeons. Can you please explain a bit more in detail?”(kurono)

Calming the excitement in my heart, I pretend to be calm and ask.

“The closest from here would be Fairy Garden I believe.”(shione)

Eh, that forest is also treated as a dungeon!?

“But, even adventurers don’t approach the fountain of light, not because it’s dangerous, but because they don’t want to worsen the relationship with fairies. A dungeon that adventurers can explore around here would be the famous Media ruins in the Kuar village caves.”(shione)

So a cave dungeon is present near the Kuar village……….a historical ruin dungeon, damn I’m getting too excited.

“Um, can anyone become an adventurer?”(kurono)

“Yes, there is no need to even have any identity proof either. As long as you can complete requests, anyone is fine.” We also have an Adventurer Guild here. If you are interested then please visit there.”

A guild is a place to collect and give requests to the adventurers.

It seems that the Adventurer’s Guild is a very big organization, so adventurers are welcome in every village or town. Also, a request received from the guild means that remuneration is certain. They also provide various other kinds of support facilities as well. Basically, an adventurer will definitely register there.

“Thank you, as an adventurer, even I who can do nothing but fight monsters will also be able to earn there.”

“Good. I also frequently put up requests at the guild so I’ll be counting on you at that time.”

“Yes, I look forward to it.”

Well then, with the existence of the occupation known as Adventurer, my vision seems to have opened and expanded a bit more.

After asking some more things about the village, let’s go to the Guild at once.


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