Kuro No Maou – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – To the Village of Irz (2)

After some time, a fence of height around 2 meters came into my view. Similar to the port town I had first visited, the village was covered from all sides. But, this wooden fence and the buildings of the village are very small compared to those of that port town.

Also not the entire village was covered inside the fence. Similar to Vats-san, there were many families here and there, probably farmers, who were outside. So it seems that the fence only covered the centre of the village.

At first the village was only inside the fence, but due to increase in population the area of the village kept increasing. But they have been unable to build another fence as of yet. All of this was inferred from my long talk with Lily while coming here.

“Is that the main entrance?”


In front of me was a plain wooden door that was currently open. Beside it stood the gatekeeper with a long spear in his hands.

“Oh? So it’s Lily-san.”

Lightly armoured and holding a long spear, he looked similar to the one at the port town except his whole body was covered in blue scales and the head was that of a lizard.

Is this what they call a Lizardman?


So he really was an acquaintance, he greets Lily as well.

“This the first time I have seen the one with Lily-san.”

“Hello there! I am known as the black magician Kurono.”

It seems having a surname is not common so I only gave my given name. Also calling yourself a magician is also not uncommon in this world.

“Hello hello. I am Grint, just a gatekeeper. But a magician, eh? Lily-san sure knows rare people.”

“I have just met Lily but we are already friends.”


It’s fine that Lily is getting embarrassed on top of my shoulder but it’s a bit too bright if she starts shining like that at such a close distance.”

“Is that so? If you are friends with the fairy Lily-san then you can’t be a bad person. You’re going inside right? You can pass.”

“Is it fine letting me pass that easily?”

“Getting along with a fairy is a sign of being a good person. Fairies would never get attached to a bad person; after all they can read the minds of people.”

“Eh, Lily can read minds!?”


What? As if asking that, Lily looks at me.

“Lily, try guessing what I am thinking right now.”


Actually, I was a member of the literature club in my previous world where I liked writing novels which had a bit painful content. (T/N: He is talking about writing Chuunibyou type novels.)

“Don’t know.”

“…….I see.”

It seems she can’t read my thoughts word to word. In the first place, is she actually reading my mind?

“ahhahha, you guys really are close. Come on, don’t just stand there all day, go in.”

“Thank you very much.”

Thus, I entered the village of Irz.


Irz is very small when compared to the port town, but I quickly understood the moment I entered that this was a quiet and peaceful village.

In the central square of the village, probably because it was lunch time, a lot of people had gathered and could be seen eating. As the goblin Vats-san had said, many races seem to be mixed in this village.

Just looking in this square, along with the previously seen humans, goblins and lizardmen, Elves with long ears, dwarves with brilliant beards, beastmen with dog and cat ears, etc. all can be seen.

Uptill now I had seen all beings that looked different than humans as monsters and enemies, but looking at this scene I realized that outer appearance was a trivial thing. By the way, Elf or Dwarf is the official name as well is what I was taught by Lily. But since the words I hear or speak are translated automatically due to the various modifications in my body, so the actual pronunciation might be something completely different.

Well, whatever I say gets automatically corrected for the other party so I don’t really have anything to worry about.

“Now then, the village head’s house is——“

“That way!”

I had already decided to first greet the village’s head the moment I come here.

According to Lily, it’s not rare for an outsider to meet the village head when they come here for the first time. He will even meet a suspicious magician like me without any appointment. If this was Japan, there would have been no such thing, but meeting the village head sure gives off an RPG-like feel. No, maybe in the olden times it might not be so rare.

But as expected, you can’t meet someone like a king or someone who runs a country. It would be as difficult as meeting the Prime Minister of Japan, I think.

Anyway, I am hoping to ask a lot of things from the village head about this world. Lily who is like a small child, has difficulty in explaining things logically, so if I need proper info I should ask an adult; After all the village head should be informed about a lot of things.

But, it would be good if I don’t get suspected……

“I guess it won’t help worrying about it.”

With a mind ready to take all sorts of risks, I am led by Lily towards the village head’s house.


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