Kuro No Maou – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Cleansing of Heart and Body

Near Lily’s hut, there was small stream that was extremely clear maybe due to the fact that came from the fountain of light.

Having become even dirtier after finishing the goblin extermination, I decided to directly come here.

Obviously I had no soap and only cold water was available for washing the clothes, but I felt as if I had washed both my mind and body and had become more refreshed than ever before.

Although, the clothes soaked in blood had no way of returning to same level of whiteness as before.

“During that time I had no way to wash it properly after all.”

Even in the facility, I was allowed to wash my body somewhat.

Or rather, I was thrown into a room smaller than the stalls in a public toilet and was washed through water jet streams blowing out from the walls along with my clothes. It felt more like being thrown inside a washing machine. I actually did almost drown a few times as well.

So now I am satisfied with just being able to wash myself at my once pace with clean water.

But still, I’m currently completely nude in the middle of a forest. I feel like pervert……..it’s fine, after all the fairy Lily is also always like that too.

Well, a fairy who looked like a cute little girl and a guy of over 180cm height, even if both are nude, it’s completely different after all.

Well leaving that aside, now that I think about it, does this world even have proper baths?  As I thought that I sat on a convenient rock and began to eat another apple.

“un, it’s delicious.”

The first thing I ate after escaping that facility is this fruit which I have nicknamed as apple. The water of the river was also delicious but this fresh sour yet sweet flavour having red fruit is on a completely different level.

Due to it being so delicious, it took me 5 fruits to realize that the taste was slightly different from a normal apple. The box I sneaked in was luckily filled with lots of these fruits so I had no need to be worried about the quantity either.

While inside the box, I would either sleep or eat these apples, and inside my mind I’ll focus on developing my magic. One of the magic I developed was [gatling]. After that, I fell into a deep sleep due to which I have no memory of being unloaded at the port of Pandora continent and then being transported through the land. While crossing that cliff, the carriage must have unluckily dropped this box down the cliff.

Actually, even if that carriage was actually attacked by goblins or something it was of no concern to me anymore, so it’s useless to think about it anymore as well.

“But it’s good that I learnt how to use [Shadow space].”

After eating the apple, I throw the central part that was left. The remains disappeared after being sucked into the shadow extending from me.

[Shadow Space] was a magic that created a room/space inside my own shadow. Of course, I named it myself and I don’t know what its official name was. While fighting with the other human experiments, I saw many of them use this. At first “He brought out a sword out of nowhere!?” was all I could think, but after seeing it many times I finally realized the true identity of that magic.

By using your own shadow as a door, weapons or items can be stored inside it. Without having a fundamental image, I worked hard to get that 4th dimensional pocket likeability. (T/N: Reference to Doraemon.)

As a result, with an [image of gathering black magical energy inside my own shadow], I was successful up to some extent in creating a space inside my shadow.

The space was of about 2 meter in radius but others have obviously been able to store bigger objects so it seems I am still at an elementary level.

When I master this magic, I really might be able to create a 4th dimensional pocket. Leaving that aside, without feeling any weight I can carry anything anywhere. Once the space is built (that took an insane amount of magic), no magic is required for maintaining it. Open and closing the space does require a little amount of magic but still this is a very convenient magic.

Even now, 24 apples are still stored inside my shadow. Even if I give Lily half of it, there is still 12 of them for me.

And the biggest loot from the goblin extermination, the cursed hatchet, is also stored inside. A weapon with that much strength should be rare even in this world. I think I have been charmed by its cutting ability.

Ah, I’m not being charmed due to the effect of the curse of the weapon right?

Well whatever. I also have other knives, swords blackened and stored inside as well. It’s not worth more than trash but even if rusted, they are at least actual weapons. The attack power would be more than wooden branches after all.

I don’t really have anything else to keep anyway. Also, the remains of the apple that I threw inside are disintegrated by my magic and absorbed inside the shadow. This is also something I copied from another human experiment.

During battle, that guy caught my blackened sword with his magic and instantly disintegrated and absorbed it to add it to his own attack power.

At my current level, the disintegration and absorption process is slow. On top of it, my efficiency is so bad that the magical energy used in the process is more than the magical energy gained. It seems it is still impossible for me to absorb magic without any loss like that human experiment. If I could do that, I would have been able to absorb that rain of arrows, use blackening on it, and return fire with them instantly. In any case, it is still impossible for me.

But even if I am unable to use it in battle, it’s convenient like this for throwing away trash. Even that guy wouldn’t think of such an ecological use of this ability.

“………Sorry, for escaping alone.”

I should stop this. I am not strong enough to take care of other’s well being and neither do I have the time for it.

Just being able to defeat numerous goblins is not a strength I can be proud of.

People stronger than me, like that Sariel, must exist as well.

In the end, being able to run away by myself was the best I could do. I didn’t even think of trying to save other experiments with me.

“It’s about time I return back to Lily’s place.”

Stopping my useless thoughts, I left the stream thinking about whether my body and clothes could also be dried through magic.


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  1. Green Apple says:

    “So now I am satisfied with just being able to wash myself at my !!once!! pace with clean water.”
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    Many thanks for this awesome chapter and the awesome novel!

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    It’s a cute story, but this guy pads the chapters with way too much pointless blabbering.

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      Well if they didn’t do that then there would be countless people bitching about the story not containing enough exposition and expecting the reader to know everything.

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