Kuro No Maou – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Goblin Extermination (2)


“Lily, it’s dangerous so get back a little.”

Goblins were already an agile race like monkeys but that one jumped threateningly towards me surpassing it.


I rapid-fired my Rifle towards the goblin in the air but with unnatural movements it deflected most of them with that big hatchet.

Even though some hit its body, as if it didn’t feel pain, it kept on swinging the hatchet with unchanged speed.

This is the type that’ll keep on coming until I completely destroy it. The distance between me and the landed goblin was about 3 meters.

Now that it was in front of me, I could clearly sense an ominous energy what could only be described as the [curse].

“Automatic Fencing”

To block the approaching enemy I controlled the blackened sticks that were behind me. If my opponent was a normal weapon I could have blocked it with just these wooden sticks.


In front of the cursed hatched, they were easily split in two.

The 4 sticks were somehow able to attack the goblin but it didn’t seem like it was taking any damage. While it was fighting with the sticks, I fired Rifle towards it but with superhuman reactions it either deflected or evaded it. In 10 seconds it had cut the sticks apart and then rushed towards me in a straight line.

“Kuh, shield!!”

The deployed shield somehow prevented my head from being split apart like a bamboo.

Even my strongest shield that wouldn’t crack with my own Anti-material attack was cut till halfway. This will definitely break in the next attack.


But, I’m not going to let that happen.

Taking my Buckshot at close range, the goblin was blown away. Many bullets should have pierced through him but maybe due to the weapon strengthening the body as well; it was still in good health.

In mid air, it fixed its posture like a cat, and the blood stained goblin lightly landed on the ground.

The moment it took a step towards me to try and cut me again, the pieces of the broken black stick started coiling around its leg.


It must have thought that the sticks have become useless after being cut apart, but Automatic Fencing won’t be stopped just by being split into 2 or 3 pieces.

It didn’t really have any effect against Sariel, but against the goblin corrupted by the weapon, it was effective.

With its leg caught, the goblin fell face first but it still didn’t let go of the weapon in its hand.


Up till now the goblin had been jumping around, but due to it falling, I could precisely aim this time. And in that position it was impossible to swing that hatchet either, even a cursed weapon could not ignore the structure of its body. The fired bullet pierced through its strengthened arm and blew it away completely. The hand along with the weapon fell to the ground.


At the same moment, the Rifle fired hit directly at its forehead and blood and brains burst out.

“phew, man close-combat really is scary…….”

Without a user, the cursed weapon could no longer show its effects.

Wait, it won’t fly by itself and try cutting me right? Is what I thought, but the blackish aura coming from that hatchet seems to have finally calmed down.

“For the time being I should recover it.”

I don’t want to fight another goblin who picked it up and went mad again.

“Kurono stop! It’s dangerous!”

Lily who was standing quietly behind me as I asked raised her voice when she saw me coming close to the hatchet. Well, I am trying to touch a cursed weapon, it’s normal to try and stop me.

“aa, it’ll probably be fine Lily.

I without any hesitation touched the handle, at that moment.


“ooh, well this is a nostalgic feeling…..”

It was similar to thoughts being forcefully put in my mind as done by the ring of restraint. The thoughts of love and hate entered my mind giving me a chill.

“You’re being noisy, be quiet!—-Blackening!!”

Similar to when the goblin held it, blackish aura started to come out of the hatchet but my much darker magical energy overcame it.

AS I thought, this big hatchet has black magical energy inside of it similar to mine but the quantity inside me is far above it.

I don’t know what kind of malice it possesses but against an overwhelming difference of magical energy, it won’t be able to make me go mad and control me as the goblin. Basically, my compatibility with the hatchet was good.

“Ku, Kurono?”

“See, I told you it’ll be fine.”

Hahahaha while laughing I played and swung it around my hand like a pen.

I didn’t have such technique in me but due to probably the effect of coming in contact with the weapon, I felt as if the weapon was like a part of me and use it with maximum skill.

“The curse?”

“Hmm, I can’t hear the hateful voices anymore. But, Lily shouldn’t touch it. The only reason I can is because my compatibility was high.”

“Is that so?”


“I see.”

With the cursed hatchet in my hand, after making sure that I showed no change in presence, Lily finally showed a smile. But, isn’t this scene of us smiling like this while surrounded by a mountain of goblin corpses a bit too surreal?

“Oh I almost forgot! There were goblins remaining.”

Before I realized, the goblins that hadn’t lost their fighting spirit were slowly surrounding me.

It seems they have finally become a bit more vigilant, they have shifted their strategy to slowly close the distance while moving on all sides.  I can easily fight without any problems but it’ll be dangerous to let Lily also become surrounded along with me.

“Lily, quickly——“

Move back, as I tried to say that, I heard the sound of something flying towards us.

Shit, they fired a bow.

As I looked up, numerous arrows were coming down towards us as if raining.

Will I be able to deflect them all with buckshot? Even if not, then with the help of the hatchet I will be able to defend my own body mostly.

In any case, due to the shield being partially destroyed previously I won’t be able to reconstruct the shield in time.

For now, I should hold Lily and protect her from—-



The moment I thought of holding Lily who was standing on the ground, I realized she was already on my shoulder. Sticking both her hands towards the front, with a “nn” Lily sound closed her eyes and groaned.


With Lily’s cute shout, her faintly glittering white body started shining more strongly than ever.

“Uooh, too bright!?”

The next moment, numerous beams of light were released from Lily’s hands.

“What? It’s a beam!? Is that a beam!?”

The numerous beams of light released by Lily flew towards the incoming arrows while leaving a trail behind it. With a speed much faster than the arrows, one beam of Lily’s light destroyed multiple arrows.

“Could it be that it’s automatically tracking them?”

Moreover, the targets are arrows which are pretty fast too.

As I muttered that, the rain of arrows had been completely destroyed in mid-air. The light that had counter-attacked had also disappeared.


It’s a highly efficient magic that makes my Rifle or buckshot look like toys. Amazing, can fairies all use such level of magic? Then it makes sense that goblins won’t be much of an opponent.


Receiving my respectful gaze, Lily became shy while sitting on my shoulder. Her face is close, her cuteness is also 3 times greater!


I can’t calm down just yet; I’m still in a battle. The goblins have come close enough to be able to slash at me after one step.

“I’ll have to also show my cool part it seems.”

I gently lowered Lily back to the ground. Holding the hatchet in my right hand, I start loading in my left hand.

“Lily, I won’t let the spear users come any closer but they might shoot the arrows again so can I leave that to you?”

I have no reason to doubt Lily’s abilities any longer and at this point it would be better to cooperate as well.

“Leave it to me!”

While raising her thin eyebrows, Lily’s face is filled with confidence.

“Alright! Then I leave it to you!!”

At the same time, I start running towards the goblins in front of me.

Since my basis for black magic was a gun, my usual strategy was to fight from long range but that doesn’t mean that I cannot fight at close quarters.

To allow me to fight from long range at all times, those maneuvering experiments were not that easy. Well, fighting in close range with an opponent so much that my body was drenched with blood was still scary no matter though.


I deal with the goblins in front of me with buckshot. Each of them held spear, knife, and a rusted sword. First I pick up the rusted sword.

“Blackening——-Automatic Fencing.”

I control the blackened sword and throw it. In the same way I did the same with the knife then the spear as well.

“Pierce through.”

The blackened 3 weapons turned around and launched towards the goblins approaching towards my back.

Meanwhile, without even turning around, I slash apart the 2 goblins that came at me from the front.

“oooh, what amazing sharpness!!”

The weapon in goblin’s hand, the leather armor, flesh and bone, all were cut apart without any resistance at all. This might even cut an iron plate like paper. Due to blackening, its power must have risen as well, but I have never seen any weapon with such an amazing cutting ability. Cursed weapons are pretty amazing!


I split apart the incoming goblins into two one by one with the big hatchet. I had absolutely no knowledge of using swords but due to my body strengthening and the technique knowledge of the hatchet itself, I became able of using the magnificent sword dance as done by the samurai shown in historical plays.


Behind me, along with this beautiful scene of carnage, a unexpected extremely cute scream could be heard. Probably, Lily just used magic. At the same time as the head of the goblin in front of me flew, the scene of the goblin archers deployed around the entrance of the cave being enveloped by a pillar of light came into my view. Seriously, Lily’s fairy magic is amazing. Will I also be someday become able to shoot beams?

“——You’re the last one!”

After splitting it from head to toe, the goblins around me had all been annihilated.

In my surroundings lay an innumerable amount of goblin corpses.

Every corpse lacked a hand, leg, head or some other part of the body. As such the amount blood was also amazing. The whole ground had turned into a hellish pool of blood and I myself was also drenched in blood as well.

The originally white clothes had already had already become blackish due to dirt. With the blood it had now become darkish brown, an even worse coloring than before.

Thinking that I matched with this place of massacre, my own thoughts may have become a bit twisted, but seeing Lily come towards even the current me with full of smiles, well I thought that it might not be that bad.

“Thanks for taking care of the archers for me.”

“I worked hard!”

“aa, it was one-shot kill too! Lily’s really amazing!”


Lily seemed proud yet embaressed.

“Well then, it’s done more or less. There should be more of them inside the cave right? What should we do? Should we take care of it now as well?”

“No, it’s fine already.”

“Is that so?”


And then, Lily shined for the third time today. The same pillar of light that purged the archers appeared near the entrance of the cave and just like that shot at the cliff itself.

I didn’t know how much power that pillar had but, the slope of the cliff exploded and started burying the entrance to the cave with a crash.

The goblins that had been inside the cave started coming out due to panic but were crushed by the falling rocks and buried there and then.


As the landslide stopped, the entrance to the cave had been blocked and the goblins that might have been there had been buried alive. With a single shot, the extermination was complete.

“Let’s go back, Kurono.”

I was in a bit of a daze but came back to my senses when Lily pulled my cuff.

“Ye, Yeah, that’s right, let’s go back.”


Looking at that small back walking through the forest in a good mood, I swore in my heart to never ever anger Lily no matter what.


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