Kuro No Maou Chapter 128

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Chapter 128 The 4 Battlefields

“Thanks for the help, Su-san.”

“Don’t mention it. If you hadn’t pulled all of his attention towards yourself, I wouldn’t have been able to aim for him either.”

After saying just that, Su-san disappeared as if melting into the background of the battlefield.

Amazing, I looked away just a little and I couldn’t see her anymore.

“But this is bad, if it goes on like this we’ll be more or less annihilated like this.”

We had brought down the heavy knight who was probably the commander but there won’t be much effect on the battle just due to loss of commands.

If we fight so jumbled like this, they wouldn’t be able to retreat either.

“ouch, ouch, just how long has it been since I got so hurt……”

For the being, I should focus on healing myself rather than the progress of the battle.

I came here recklessly fighting with heavy knights at close range even though I’m not even a warrior but I also got enough injuries, proportionate to that as well.

A light attack from a blade could be blocked by my [Baphomet’s Embrace] but, as expected, if I get hit by a martial art, it can only reduce some of the damage at most.

Whenever I get injured I used my only healing magic(?) [Flesh compensation] to stop the wounds with the jelly like black magical energy and limited the blood loss to the minimum and continued fighting.

But, it can’t be helped that it became like this. I knew this’ll happen after all. I also had a way to fight them, that’s why I had rushed in like this.

I am talking about Lily’s speciality, [Fairy’s miracle drug].

When I thought and realized that I could treat most of my wounds instantly with this, I decided to rush in the battle as well.

“Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’m using it. I wonder how good it is—-“

I brought out a small sack. Unlike the potions, this was in powdered form.

Quickly, I removed the seal and opened the sack. Inside, a sparkling powder that looked like sugar was kept. The light being released was very similar to the white light that usually wraps around Lily’s naked body.

But I don’t have the time to slowly observe it. Quickly putting the powder on my palm, I applied it directly to my wounds.

“Uohh, this is amazing! The pain is completely disappearing!”

Its effect was as I had said. The moment it touched my body, the pain completely disappeared.

The Flesh Compensation made by black magical energy also completed its healing effect and the wounds completely regenerated.

On top of it, I even felt my fatigue disappearing as well.

“This is certainly an all-cure medicine. Thanks Lily.”

(“—–You’re welcome, I’m happy that you liked it.”)

Suddenly a voice resounded inside my head. There’s no way I would have hallucinated it. This voice certainly belonged to Lily who was currently fighting with the Pegasus Knights in mid air.

“To have communicated with me directly, did something happen?”

The communication was supposed to be stopped during the battle, I suddenly had a bad premonition but,

(“The situation’s turning a little bad.”)

It seems I was correct.

“What happened?”

(“It seems that the Pegasus Knights have become aware of my Divine Protection’s time limit and are wasting time by not attacking. Right now, I have no other option to just keep on glaring against each other till my Divine Protection runs out.”)

“……I see.”

Depending on how you think, although stopping the enemy while the DP lasts was also a merit but the fact that she was not able to exhaust her opponents at all was really a bad situation.

“How long will your DP last?”

(“The [Queen Beryl] won’t last even 10 mins. I also only have 2 more scrolls remaining. If I were to activate my DP using that, I’ll have around 40mins.”)

“Basically, you’re saying that a completely unhurt Pegasus Knight squad will attack within an hour?”


“I got it. It can’t be helped. Just hold them out till that time lasts.”

(“Got it, but, are you fine over there?”)

“Although it’s a bit unreasonable and impossible, if we don’t do anything, Alsace village won’t last.”

(“I see…….then Kurono, don’t be too reckless.”)

“I can’t really promise that but, yeah, I’ll try not to.”

And so the communication with Lily also ended.

“This really is turning worse by the second…….”

The current Alsace defensive battle is divided in four major battles.

The first is between us, assault team and the heavy knight squad.

The second is the glaring battle between Lily and the Pegasus Knights in the air.

The third is the firefight between the magicians and Simon and the others at the guild.

And the fourth is in front of the protective wall, between Mossan and his machinegun against the attacking soldiers.

These 4 battles are, even though there’s an overwhelming difference in our numbers, somehow still miraculously holding out.

All this is thanks to Lily in mid air, the blackened guild that remains unaffected even when getting hit by lower and intermediate attack magic, the machinegun that is one-sidedly killing the enemies, and last but not the least, the dire efforts made by every adventurer to keep on fighting.

But all that is only temporary. If we give even a single opening, they will quickly cut through. And this could happen in any of the ongoing battles.

No, going by the flow, Alsace will definitely fall today.

“And only we can do something to reverse that.”

If we could at least completely crush our opponents, the heavy knights, our chances of prevailing would rise.

We could strike the magicians squad, or go back to the protective wall to strengthen our defences. Especially if I could go back to resume our crossfiring, we could be able to instantly turn back the attacking soldiers.

To get through today, we need to defeat the heavy knights no matter what.

If we can’t, we’ll have no other choice but to be drowned by the overwhelming amounts of enemy forces and lose.

“I think we have killed quite a lot of heavy knights but—-“

As I looked towards the river, I saw another squad of the same armoured knights embarking on the raft and crossing to this side.

“One more squad left……”

I exhaled involuntarily.

We had drove these heavy knights to annihilation after a lot of sacrifices.

But nevertheless, the enemy, as if it was only obvious, is sending out another squad.

Our numbers have already lessened, and including me almost every member of the assault team is injured.

Finally the heaviness of the word ‘annihilation’ was starting to bear down on me.

“But, no choice but to do it——-Hm?”

The moment I was about to once again charge towards the heavy knights, the telepathy crystal inside my bag started shining to tell me that a message was being transmitted towards me.

To get a message here meant that probably something unexpected has happened.

After Lily, I became anxious thinking about the arrival of another emergency but I quickly responded to the transmission.

“What happened?”

“Kurono-san, it’s big trouble—–“

The contents told to me through the transmission was,

“What………did you say………..”

Was a despairing thing that thrusted defeat in front of me.


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