Kuro No Maou Chapter 127

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Chapter 127 Assault Team Vs Heavy Knight Squad (3)

A few meters in front of the Alsace’s main gate, on the shores of the river, currently the fiercest battle was taking place.


An Orc warrior easily swung around a heavy Great Sword as he slashed around.

“Kuh, Guard!!”

The facing heavy knight blocked the attack with his shield and pushed out to repel the attack.

Although it was Orc who possess superhuman strength, if a trained heavy knight pushed along with a martial art, even an Orc would end up stumbling.


Seeing the stumbling arc, he released the martial skill that increased the thrusting power of the halberd, [Charge] and pursued him.

But the enemy wasn’t weak either. Even while in a collapsing posture, he swung his great sword with one hand and endured the charging spearhead.

The Orc who blocked the attack took back a few steps and once again increased the distance between the two.

“haa…….haa……damned demons, to think they would be this strong….”

The commander of the 3rd heavy knight squad involuntarily muttered so.

When he saw around just 20 demons jump out from the main gate, he thought of it as a great chance.

They were the best warriors among the demons that were protecting the village of Alsace. If he could take them down the rest of the attack would be easy, above all he had the confidence to do that as well.

But still, after they actually crossed swords with them, this was the result.

Due to the overwhelming strength of the demons, their line formation was soon disrupted and it turned into a chaotic melee battle.

Even though the heavy knights had the superiority in numbers, the heavy knights with the so-called invulnerable defence were falling one by one.

Due to the unexpected strength of the demons, his commands and orders were also not taking much effect. And the demons only gained more and more vigour as they kept on attacking while raising bone chilling roars.

Even those demons had fallen victim to their halberds as well, and their numbers had fallen to 2/3rds of what they were.

And even among those less than 20 demons remaining there was barely anyone that was still unhurt and were drenched in their own blood as well the blood of their opponents and had become completely clad in crimson.

But even then, without losing their fighting spirit the fact that those demons kept on fighting without any fear was a scene that made even these veteran heavy knights feel fear.

It could be, that they might be pushed back in the end as well.

“Impossible, there’s no way we would lose—-[Break].”

Warding off the attack of the Orc brilliantly once again, he sliced with the axe part of the halberd as a counter.

The martial art [Break] that had the effect of increasing the slashing power this time caught the body of the Orc and tore through the leather armour and steel like skin together and delivered a fatal blow.

“Goah, gufuuuu……”

Fresh blood spewed out from the wound and finally the Orc’s giant body fell down as foam and blood appeared in his mouth.

This was the second demon he had killed.

Even though he was the commander, he had still been able to kill only 2 of them.

In his sights, he saw a werewolf of more than 2m in height crushing and smashing one of his subordinates along with the armour with his giant sword.

“Shit, if it goes on like this—–“

“Don’t look away during battle, you scrap iron piece of junk knight.”

As a voice came with incredible bloodlust, the only reason he was able to react this fast was thanks to his high level of skill.

“Iron Guard!!”


The black blade flashed. Unable to block the power of the blade infused with the martial art skill, he ended up stepping backwards involuntarily.

But his posture didn’t crumble, if he showed an opening here, he would definitely die in the next attack. That’s the kind of opponent the ‘Devil’ attacking him was. He had finally understood that fact.


As a reflex he swung his halberd——-he met with a resistance.

He was able to somehow deflect the 2 long swords that came flying towards him.

As he took a stance with his shield to prepare for the next attack, the opponent also stepped back a little.

“A ‘Devil’ eh…….this man is too dangerous. I need to bring him down right now.”

He focused on the black clothed man standing in front of me who was called the ‘Devil’.

Defeating the Kievan’s squad at Irz village, defending Alsace in the previous battle with black magic, and the man who had created numerous corpses at the river shore right now was truly a man befitting of the title of the ‘Devil’ for the Crusaders.

He once again realized that now that he was directly facing him.

The man with black hair and black eyes and an extremely fearsome look; his black robe was now completely drenched in red blood of his enemies and his own blood as well.

But his fighting spirit was the same as the other demons, no, he had the most fighting spirit right now and as if he was also using the same to lead the demons as well.

He realized that the dark night-like pair of eyes that were glaring were clearly filled with hatred.

“……En garde!”

Suppressing his fear with the his will of steel, he rushed forward to kill that man.

Each and every attack of this Devil were fearsome but he could definitely block them with his shield, he judged that after exchanging blows with him till now.

Even that ominous looking hatchet’s martial art was unable to cut apart his tower shield and had stopped at just scratching the surface.

(“I’ll close in to him and first block his attack with my [Guard] and after he loses balance, I’ll finish it with either [Charge] or [Break].”)

While abiding by the basics of the fighting styles used by the heavy knights, he began his attack.

He clearly had enough defensive ability to stop the enemy’s attack, and furthermore he also possessed attacking power to kill him in a single blow as well which is why he didn’t need to use any tricks.

It was a basic tactic but it had no openings and was a perfectly completed tactic.


“Magic Bullet arts.”

The ‘Devil’ fired the black bullets, that had become a fear for the soldiers, towards the his shield.

“Something like this won’t stop me!!”

A quite strong recoil ran through his arm but it was not enough to stop his attack.

Without getting deterred at all, he kept on rushing forward.



Both used the same skills again but this time it was the other martial art user who stumbled.

As if he had run into a giant stone, his Kuronagi was unable to cut through the Tower Shield and,


The Devil lost his balance.

A clear opening was created, and the knight was not naïve enough to let it pass, otherwise he would have never become the commander of a squad.

“You’re mine!!”

He swung the Halberd, and released the martial art that could cut away even rocks, [Break].

“—-I told you didn’t I, to not look away?”

As the Devil laughed while saying that, he simply needed to swing his halberd over him and end it.

But, his hand didn’t move, no, he felt his whole body losing strength.

“Walking in darkness, dancing in the night, the one swing sword—-[Shadow Walker Hanzoma]”

Someone’s voice came to his ears.

Someone was sitting on his shoulder, and that someone was stabbing a blade inside his neck.

He didn’t know what had happened but the ‘Devil’ in front of him could clearly see it.

A single woman had approached while using her Divine Protection’s ability to its utmost to hide her presence. That woman had climbed on the knights shoulder and had deeply thrust in a Dagger Knife from the gaps in his armour into his neck.


But in the knight’s eyes, he could only see a fatal amount of blood spewing from his neck and the Devil in front of him laughing.

He was unable to see the figure of the person who had killed him till the very end.



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