Kuro No Maou Chapter 126

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Chapter 126 In Front of the Protective Wall

In front of the Alsace protective wall covered with barbed wires, the machinegun was raising a loud firing sound as it mowed down the soldiers trying to push through.

This overwhelming scene was the same as the first day, is what they wanted to say but,

“Ah, this is bad, it won’t hold on much longer like this!”(Mozrun)

The situation was slowly, but definitely turning to the worse.

“Stop complaining Mossan! Ah look, the enemies are coming from there!!”

Quickly turning the barrel of the machinegun, he showered bullets towards the Crusaders who were jumping over the corpses of their comrades and continued advancing.

Kurono had led the assault team to defeat the heavy knights so obviously he was not here to use crossfire.

With just one machinegun, as expected, gaps would be created due to which the soldiers were able to approach much closer.

“This is too difficult! Today the enemies have come with lots of magicians, the soldiers with shield magics are too damn hard!!”(Mossan)

While creating dark muzzle flashes, the black bullets were being fired like a storm but it was still taking a lot of time to pulverize the soldiers who now had the support of the magicians.

And in that time, the enemies would approach even closer.

“Uoh!? That was close—–“

An [Ignis Sagita] flew towards Mozrun from the magician squad that was supporting the infantry soldiers.

The fire arrow was on course to a direct hit but,

“درع لمنع الرياح― [Air Shield]”

Hanna of the [Three Hunting Princesses] instantly deployed a defensive shield and blocked the arrow of flames.

“Thanks for the help little girl!”(mossan)

“Don’t call me a little girl!”(hanna)

“Gahahahaha. From my perspective every woman is a little girl!”

While cracking jokes, Mozrun continued using the machinegun.

The soldiers advance had yet to lose its vigour.

(“But, seriously it’ll be bad if it goes on like this……”)(Mossan)

As Mozrun gave a fleeting glance to another direction, he saw numerous magicians and soldiers with bows in every direction.

Sometimes, a log like arrow would be fired from the ballista that would destroy a part of the enemy force but in front of such an overwhelming amount of troops, the number that was killed was not even worth mentioning.

It was clear that they lacked the firepower to repel the enemies.

Since the enemy magicians were continuously firing towards the sturdy guild, they (adventurers) could not hope for support and covering fire from the guild either.

Although, thanks to that, most of the enemy magicians were not attacking in front of the protective wall either.

Even the heavy knight squad was kept in check thanks to the high levelled adventurers led by Kurono.

But still, it still doesn’t change the fact that most of the enemies were attacking this protective wall.

Just like the first attack, the infantry soldiers kept on attacking, and to top it off, since the magicians had also crossed the river, they were helping the soldiers with shield and boost magic as well.

Even now when the machinegun kept on firing, they were still letting the enemy come close which was not a very good situation. And probably, Mozrun wasn’t the only one who thought that.

Everyone in front of the protective wall was thinking the same thing. When the machinegun becomes unable to continue attacking, they would not even last 10mins.

(“If boss could take down the heavy knight squad and return, we could still make it through. But, he was not able to do so, we’ll have no choice but to retreat……”)

He still had quite a lot of replacement gun barrels but it won’t be long before he runs out of them as well.

But still, right now, Mozrun suppressed his anxiety and kept on firing the machinegun and creating death for the enemies.




The commander of the magician squad supporting the infantry soldiers’ attack calmly looked at the ongoing battle.

“Our casualties are great but we’ll break through soon enough.”

“So it seems.”

While looking at the 5th magician squad, that was continuing the attack on the black box, with eyes of pity, he rejoiced at his good luck on getting a job that had him in a safe place while supporting the advance of the soldiers.

“The heavy knight squad seems to be having more trouble than expected but—-“

The 3rd heavy knight squad that had crossed the river first was already trapped in a battle royale with the demon’s squad.

Since they were all fighting scattered and jumbled, the magicians might accidently hit their own soldiers like that so the magicians had no choice but to leave those demons completely to the heavy knights.

“—-After the 4th heavy knight squad also crosses the river, the outcome will be decided.”

“Before that, there’s a chance that that devil’s attack might stop as well.”

“Aa, right, there was that report as well.”

In front of him was the scene where the evil skeleton was instantly killing the soldiers with a threatening attack while releasing black flashes.

But it had already been proved in the last battle that there was a certain interval created after some time.

When this rapid fire black magic, that was able to hold back even such an overwhelming amount of soldier, stopped, even a uneducated soldier could tell what would happen after that.

“fufu, it’s only a matter of time before this devil’s village also falls.”


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