Kuro No Maou Chapter 121

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Chapter 121 The Golden Sun

Once, I had a teacher in magic.

“Fiona, the power of magic is to be used to protect those people who are precious to you.”

At that time, I remember I replied as such.

“With my power, I still can’t protect sensei I think.”

Meaning, I did not have anyone precious to me other than my sensei.

There’s no way my sensei did not understand the meaning behind it but she laughed and said so.

“Once you leave this place and go to the outside world, you will definitely find people precious enough to you whom you would want to protect.”

Since sensei said that, there was no way that was incorrect.

But, after completing my training as a witch and going to the outside world, even after lots of years, even after attending the [Holy Elysion Magic Academy] where similar magicians gathered, I did not find anyone precious to me.

I wonder if that was my fault.

When is used magic, people shouted ‘Do you want to kill me!?’, when I spoke they would get angry saying ‘Are you fooling around?’.

I wonder if there was any worth in protecting such people.

I don’t know. I can’t understand what Sensei had said to me.

Everyone would not accept me.

Everyone would keep away from me.

Everyone would try to deceive me, trick me, and sometimes even try to kill me.

That’s why I was always alone, never talking to anyone, never coming into contact with anyone.

But, that’s fine, that’s how witches are supposed to be.

That’s why I left to travel alone, selfishly, in any way where my feet took me, to places with delicious things.

It was on a whim that I came to the Pandora continent. After resigning as a mercenary at Virginia, without returning back to the Republic, I decided to roam through the Pandora continent that I had never seen. It was truly just a simple whim.

At most, my reason was to find delicious things that I had never eaten before.

But, I ended up meeting him.

“What? So you were awake?”

As I woke up from a slightly long nap, there was a black magician young man with a fairy.

“I understand, I’ll give you something to eat so at least listen to me.”

He gave me a delicious item I had never eaten before.

“Aa, I forgot I hadn’t named myself. I am Kurono.”


And so I ended up meeting Kurono-san and Lily-san.

“I want you to make an official party with us.”(lily)

At that time, I had no intention to form a party.

“I know you absolutely suck at controlling your incredible magic but still I’m inviting you.”

On Lily-san’s words, I was unable to find a reason to reject her and so I became a member of a party after a long time.

But still, I was still anxious and nervous.

Once they see my ridiculous power, or maybe, due to my slightly weird manner of speaking, they would also leave me. Just as how everyone, except my sensei, had done.


“Then I look forward to working with you Fiona-san. I also welcome you.”(kurono)

“I understand, I’ll believe in you. You’re already my party member after all.”(kurono)

“Yeah, Fiona’s magic is really amazing. I’m glad you’re a part of my party.”(kurono)

“Amazing Fiona! We can win against the Crusaders with this! HAHAHAHA!!”(Kurono)

“It’s fine, it’s the feeling that counts. Then, to deepen the bonds among the members of Element Master, Cheers!!”(kurono)

Before I noticed, my anxiety and nervousness had already disappeared.

“—–Sensei, I have also finally found people I find precious to me.”

After the formation of [Element Master], I always felt comfortable.

Not just Kurono-san and Lily-san, before I realized, I had become able to open up to other adventurers as well.

As if it was natural, I also became a proper comrade of the Adventurer Alliance led by Kurono-san.

“That’s why, I will protect those dear to me with my magic.”

In my view were humans similar to me. They were approaching like a swarm.

People of the same land as me, the Syncrea Republic.

Among them there might be people who studied with me during the time I was in the academy.

“But, ‘they’ aren’t what I want to protect.”

Same humans, same homeland, what does it matter?

Heretics, demons, what does it matter?

“What I want to protect is ‘here’.”

As I whispered to myself, inside my head, the voice of the person precious to me resounded.


“yes, what is it Kurono-san?”

Actually, I didn’t even need to hear him to know what he was going to say.

“I’m counting on you to use your strongest one.”

I’m happy.

I am needed here.

They believe in me.

As long as those feelings get through, I can fight, with my life on the line.

“Understood. Everyone, please be careful to not get burnt.”

I swung the memento I received from my Sensei, the [Ainz Broom] and poured magical energy into it.

The type I’m going to use is obviously my strongest forte, fire magic.

Raising the staff, I began the chant.

It was magic, not belonging to the Model magic, it’s a magic technique I came up with. Yes, this my strongest and the only Original magic.

“يمكنني إنشاء حرق (Burn me and create)”

Its effect was simple and clear.

“يتصاعد من الزنجفر الشرق (The scarlet that rises from the east.)”

I charge as much fire I can create in a single attack.

“فوة الغربية الموت (The crimson that sinks in the west.)”

At the tip of the staff, a ball of compressed fire appeared.

“فوة الغربية الموت (The golden blessing that shines over the heavens and the earth.)”

The small ball grew along with the heat inside of it.

“الشعلة الخالدة إلى الأصلي (That is the primordial and the eternal flame.)”

No matter how much flames I condense into it, its volume just keeps on increasing.

“ان ملتهب، الشعلة الزرقاء، وعلى ضوء الأبيض، مع كل حريق كبير الذهبي (Putting that red heat, blue flame, white light, all of it inside the golden fire.)”

Finally, a fireball of around 5m diameter was completed above me.

“هنا، مع خلق الشمس في اسمي (Here, I create the sun that holds my name.)”

This is, the second sun I created that shines upon everything over the earth.

It’s name is—

“——[Golden Sun – Aur Soleil].”

Burn everything, to protect those precious to me.


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