Kuro No Maou Chapter 120

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Chapter 120 ReAttack

6th of Hatsubi.

I woke up at midnight. The bombardment began at dawn and continued till sunset. After that, the fireballs stop raining for that period of time.

On the roof of the guild, while looking at the clear night sky that could not be seen in modern japan, I wait for dawn.

Since nothing happened yesterday, they will definitely come for us today. I estimated that, so when I saw the enormous group of Crusaders at sunrise, I wasn’t really surprised.

“Everyone, get to battle positions. Today, the enemy will definitely not fall back and will definitely attack us to defeat us with all their might.”

As I felt the presences of the adventurers running around after receiving my orders, I gazed at the long white line of Crusaders that had appeared with sunrise.

Infantry with sharp pointed spears, magicians with long staves with dazzling magic gems embedded in it, heavy armoured knights wrapped in complete armour and the Pegasus Knights that flew in the air composed with the sun behind their backs. Each and every one of them, approached us in a straight line to stab that flag with the emblem of their cross on this land.

Probably today, an immense amount of blood will flow. We might be annihilated if we mess up even slightly. I felt that much pressure from the white army that approached from the horizon.

But we won’t retreat, we cannot retreat. That’s right, to save as many as I can, to kill as many of those devils as I can, I am here.

“—-Let’s go.”




Norz moved through the north west highway towards Alsace village with the same amount of vigour as 4 days ago.

“Oi, how’s the situation upstream?”

“Yes! There are no signs of any enemy magician, also there doesn’t seem to be construction there either.”

Listening the report of the scouts that just returned, Norz seemed satisfied.

During the first attack he had fallen into their trap but he won’t allow something like that to happen again.

Only, he had been vigilant of that inundating tactic from the very start and the current report was only one final confirmation.

The weather was clear today. There was no chance of sudden rains that could make the river overflow.

Facing that clear blue sky, only that black box felt as if it still clad in the night and was a symbol of the thorough resistance of the demons.

Even if it was a low level magic, it had remained unscratched even after  4 days of bombardment. Everyone here was already aware of its sturdiness.

But, starting with Norz, every Crusader here believed that today they will definitely remove the existence of that black box from the face of the earth.

“The enemy has no plans, and the preparations for river crossing have been completed.”

On the banks of the Rone river, the magician squad and the heavy armoured knight squad had been spread out.

In the last battle, there were numerous deaths among the magicians deployed on the riverbanks by accurate attacks that blew off their heads.

Being vigilant about that, they had first ensured a safety zone with the help of numerous defensive magics and were smoothly and quickly moving the squad towards the Rone river.

“With this, we can show our full strength.”

Since the bridge had fallen, neither of those squads could cross the river but now a raft floated on the river which could definitely allow them to cross through the river.

The raft was a hastily made one and was not something that was good to look at, but at the very least it had enough capability to cross the river safely.

“Now is the time, we shall show our strength to those damned evil demons!!”

The order of attack resounded.

Here, once again, the curtains rose on the deathly struggle between the Crusaders and the Adventurers.




As expected, this the time the Crusaders had come with full preparations.

“Even though I knew but still this is unbelievable……..”

Yes, I had already expected this.

But still, the number of rafts prepared was enough to cover the whole shore.

And the ones who rode it were the heavy armoured knights that had not appeared after the first day and the magicians that had been bombarding us till now.

Both of them were squads who could not cross through the river without the bridge. But now that the rafts had been prepared, they could also come over here.

Although I hoped that all of their heavy knights had died during the bridge exploding trap but I guess I was asking for too much as my hopes were clearly betrayed here.

From what I can see, it seems they might have 2 or 3 more heavy knight squads still.

“What are we going to do? Arrows and low level magic isn’t going to work on them.”

Just as Irina said, that armour possesses defensive strength stronger than it looks. And the magician squad had deployed numerous defensive magics which couldn’t be broken through from just long range attacks.

Till now, since the magicians could not cross the river, they could only cover the infantry on half of the river with their defensive magic but if they rode on the rafts, even our protective wall will come inside their effective range.

Considering that are being protected by god knows how many magic shields, I don’t know how many of them can we kill with our crossfiring.

Conversely speaking, if only we could take care of these two squads, we’ll make through this.

As expected the cavalry troops can’t crossover with just a raft and the Pegasus knights will be held back by Lily, although only for 30 mins.

“For the time being, they seem to be sending their heavy knights and magicians in the front—–“

I gave a fleeting glance from atop the guild’s roof.

I can’t see from here, but she’s definitely there.

“—–first of all, let’s take down as many as we can.”

Crossing through Lily’s telepathic network, I gave the orders for the first attack.


“Yes, what is it, Kurono-san?”

“I’m counting on you to use your strongest one.”

After one beat, the reply came.

“Understood. Everyone, please be careful to not get burnt.”




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