Kuro No Maou – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Fairy

A fairy is a life-form made purely out of magical energy and does not possess a flesh body.

It might sound unbelievable, but fairies are born directly with a proper ego/personality and knowledge. On top of it, they are not born from a mother but, with the magical energy of the earth and the divine protection of the fairy queen they are born similar to the blooming of a flower bud. A real life setting similar to – a stork bringing babies or babies coming from cabbage fields. Until you don’t see one born in front of your own eyes, it’s an unbelievable fantasy life-form.

So, these fairies can make contact with material substances, but since they don’t possess an actual body they don’t really have an animal’s survival instincts.

Life-forms made out magical energy don’t possess the 3 basic desires i.e. sleep, appetite, and sexual desires.

In case of fairies, even if they can sleep for resting their minds, food is absolutely unnecessary, and so neither is excretion required. On top of it, they don’t have men either. They are a life-form similar to an ideal entertainment idol.

Again, they are all born in the form of a young girl and will remain the same until they disappear. Even though they are all females, the reason the species doesn’t go extinct is because there is no need for reproduction. And they don’t age probably because they don’t really have an actual body.

For them to keep on living, what’s required is an environment similar to the forest of fairies which has a dense magical energy. As long as they can replenish their magic, fairies can keep on living.

Even though they have the same level of intellect as humans, due to not having any instinctual desires, there are no disputes among them, again for the same reason they don’t possess any kind of culture either. They are one the few races that have remained the same from the ancient times.

Since there is no other requirement for survival they don’t have any work and spend 24 hours talking and playing around.

From the start, fairies were a race who loves freedom and chattering it seems. Somehow they are very similar to children.

Even though they don’t require it, they enjoy sleeping under the warm sun and eating delicious food as a source of pleasure.

That was why they carried away the apple-like fruits. And so, they eat, sleep, and play in rotation every day.

On listening this, I wanted to become a fairy myself but fairies are a very exclusive race. Shouting hysterically and driving me away showed that part of them.

And thus, the half-human half-fairy Lily was also affected by it. Even though she was born as a fairy she was subjected to ostracism.

“——-I see it must have been hard. Shit, I fell like crying.”

“Don’t cry Kurono.”

I listened to Lily’s life story as we ate the apples (well it’s not exactly an apple but I’m going to call it that.). It really was a heart wrenching story.

I’m already emotionally attached to Lily, and Lily too has started calling me without any honorific; we are not at the level of acquaintance anymore.

That’s right, we are already friends! We should be…it would be nice if we are.

Well leaving the fact whether we are friends or not aside, we were talking about Lily.

“To have been alone from the time you were born is too damn sad………”

Since Lily possessed a proper body she also had survival instincts that meant that she had to eat to survive. She had to sleep to remove fatigue as well. Basically she had to work to find food and also secure a place to sleep, that too within this forest all by herself.

“It’s fine. I have a proper house as well.”

The home she talks about is a small hut currently in front of us right now.

This extremely aged hut built like a log house was once used by a magician a long time ago it seems. When that magician died, his body was carried to the graveyard by the neighbouring villagers but his house was left as is.

And when Lily was born, she was driven out of the fountain of light so she started living in this hut near the forest.

“What do you do about food?”

“I pick up fruits and mushrooms. Also, I buy bread from the village.”

“Huh? You can do shopping!? What about money?”

“I pick up medicinal herbs and make medicines out of it.”

“And you sell it in the village for earnings?”

“Yes. Only occasionally though.”

“Amazing! That’s really brilliant!”

She is able to earn her livelihood even though she is so small. Compared to a modern child like me who has to do nothing but go to school, she is certainly amazing.


Maybe because she was embarrassed on being complimented, Lily was started squirming with her face down.

You should be more proud of yourself!

“If you’re living alone, can’t you leave this forest and live in the village?”

“No…..Fairies can only live in places which have received the divine protection of the Queen.”

I don’t know whether it was a rule or not, but still Lily didn’t want to be separated from this forest even though she was not a full fairy.

Even if there was no rule, this place is her birth place after all. I can understand the feeling of not wanting to leave this place.

“But, aren’t you being forced to do dangerous things like fighting monsters by those fairies?”

“It’s fine. I have been doing this from a long time. This is the only thing Lily can do for them.”

“Lily wants to protect the fountain of light even though you were driven out of there?”


There’s no way it wasn’t painful for her yet there was strength in her reply. I shouldn’t make anymore unnecessary conversation regarding this.

“Is that so? Then I won’t stop you. But this time I’ll do the goblin extermination in exchange.”

“Eh!? No! It’s Dangerous!?”

Lily was aware that it was dangerous for a human to fight monsters even if they were low grade monsters.

But unfortunately, wait, here I should call it fortunately right? I was no longer a normal human.

“It’s fine! Even though I look like this, I’m a magician!”


Lily stared at me absentmindedly with her mouth open. Looking at my own figure reflected in those big eyes of her I realized.

“Sorry but Lily is there something I can wear? Also tell me if there is a river nearby where I can wash my body.”

My outfit is still the same plain white clothes given to me in that facility. On top of that it has 8 big holes I got during by fight with Sariel. Also, after escaping, I crossed the mountains for 3 days in the same outfit. It had become dirty as well as worn-out. Similarly, I haven’t washed my body for that many days as well. Although I might not realize it myself, but my body definitely smells bad….

No matter how I look at it, I look like a vagrant with a bad nature. I don’t look like a magician from any angle.

“Umm, River is that way, as for clothes……”

“No, it’s fine if you don’t have any. For the time being I’ll first go and wash—— wait, maybe I should first kill off those goblins, it feels like I’ll get dirty again.”

“You’re going to go now?”

“Yeah, I’ll wash my clothes after returning. Well then, Lily, guide me to this west cave where the goblins are.”

“ye, yes.”

Maybe because she is still worried, she is making a troubled face.

“It’s fine! Just leave it to me. If it gets dangerous I’ll run. I have some confidence in running away.”

After all, I was able to run away from that crazy evil experiment facility after facing that monster class albino girl. An encirclement of goblins is nothing.

“un, follow me!”

Led by my enthusiasm (?), lily began guiding me there.

All right! I’ll show my strong point to the first person who showed me kindness!

I braced myself and started following Lily.


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