Kuro No Maou – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Meeting with a fairy

With a vibration shaking the whole body, my consciousness woke up a little from deep sleep.

“nn……..uunn…….just 5 more minutes mom…..”

Is what I say but, my mom who would never allow her son to indulge in laziness would soon pull away my futon and kick me awake.

But, it has been a long time since I slept so soundly. Even if this heaven-like moment would end in the next ten seconds, till the last moment, I want to———-


“uuoh! Cold!?”

Due to the sudden attack of cold water on my face, my consciousness that was drifting in between dream and reality was completely brought back to the cruel reality.

“Even if I wasn’t waking up, splashing water on my face is too cruel mom——“

I soon realized that the figure of my mother was nowhere to be seen, in the first place, this isn’t even my room.

Clear blue sky, lush green trees, in the surroundings laid pieces of wood splinters and red apples, and near my legs was a white body crouching and shivering while shaking its head.

“Wh, what……”

No wait, calm down. That’s right I sneaked into a cargo meant to cross to the Pandora continent. And that cargo was a wooden box filled with a red fruit similar to an apple. So that means the wood and the fruits around me are the remains of that box.

Also, I have no recollection of this forest. During my sleep did something happen due to which I was smashed here along with the box?

I didn’t know exactly what happened but, probably an accident or something happened during transport.

But, leaving my situation behind, no matter how I think about it what I can’t understand is the white body in front of me.

“Seriously, what is this…….?”

At first I thought, it was a humanoid stuffed toy or something.

A big head and small limbs, looks similar to 3-4yr old child.

But, what’s weird is that this child’s (assumption) body is faintly glittering, and on its small back 4 wings of light were growing out. The wings of light aren’t really making me feel uncomfortable but this child is completely nude.

“………Is, is it a fairy?”

When I looked at such a figure, I could only think of that.

But, to think that I am seeing fairies now, I must be pretty damn tired.

Well I was suddenly thrown into living a daily life filled with torturous experiments; the level of despair would make anyone tired.

Wait, wait, calm down and think. This is a world filled with magic and monsters; it’s not strange for fairies to exist either.

It’s not strange but why is it shivering while crouching in front of me? If I keep seeing it like this I’ll start feeling pity, so I should try to talk.

“Hey, are you alright?”


Oh it just jumped in response.

“What happened, does it hurt somewhere?”


After a full 30 second silence, the fairy timidly turned her face towards me.

Literally shining platinum blonde long hair and transparent emerald green eyes. Underneath those round and cute eyes, tears can be seen.

Wha, what is this cute creature!?…….

I am definitely not a lolicon, but I can’t deny that I just had love at first sight level heart beating.


Under my hot gaze, the fairy timidly stood up and quickly ran away and hid herself in the shadow of a tree. Shit, she was too cute and I ended up staring at her. Did I make her too cautious of me?


Did she run away, or so I thought, but from the shadow of the tree she peeked while showing only her face and asked with a small voice.

“Are you alright?”


For a second I could not understand the meaning of that bell-like beautiful voice.

Isn’t that my line? Why is Ms. Fairy worried for me?

“Came falling.”

Huh? As I wondered what she was talking about, I realized that her gaze was indicating behind me.

As I looked back, a steep cliff was there. Did I fall from there?


I look at the wood splinters and apples again. The box in which I was must have fallen from the top of that steep cliff and fallen inside this forest along with me.

Then, the one who splashed water at me and woke me up was Ms. Fairy over there?

“Were you trying to help me?”

While shaking her neck she gave a deep nod.

“Is that so? Thanks. I’m fine. Not a single injury.”

To be uninjured even after falling from such a height is thanks to my modified body. I’m happy I didn’t cause the cute little fairy any useless worry.

“That’s good.”

Seeing her gentle smile, I realized I received kindness in this world for the first time. That’s right; there are people even in this world that may worry for me.

“Aah, really, thanks a lot—“

As I was immersed in delight, I noticed another important fact.

I was able to communicate with the fairy. I was talking as if it was natural, but isn’t that actually amazing?

“aah, umm, you can understand my words right?”


As I calmed down from her figure tilting her head to one side like a little bird, I regretted asking a weird question out of nowhere.

Considering her reactions up till now, her intelligence might also be at the same level as her appearance. Then maybe it would be better to interact with her as I would with a child.

Well, I don’t really have any experience dealing with children other than with that cheeky brat of our relatives though.

“My name is Kurono Maou, you are?”

I tried to be as gentle as possible but, normally the child would run away after seeing my villainous face at this timing. But, Ms. Fairy was a fairy after all, clearly answered me.

“………Li, Lily.”



With another small nod, she hid half of her face behind the tree in embarrassment.

Every action is really cute!

“So, Lily do you know where this is?”

“This is Fairy Garden, a place where fairies live.”

A forest where fairies live, I see.

Lily helped me, so I don’t think they hold any strong hostility against humans——-




“Who is it!?”


A voice other than mine or Lily’s comes from behind.

As I turned to see, a ball of light floating in the air came into my sight.

Before I realized, many other similar balls of light appeared and are flying in the surroundings.

“Why is there a human here?!”

The ball of light that previously shouted, said while coming close to my face.

On looking closely, it was a body of around 15cm and had wings similar to Lily’s

“Could it be, you are a fairy?”

“Obviously! Can’t you see?!”

As if I would know. I am seeing this for the first time.

But rather than rebutting her, I should get some info by talking to this fairy.

“I am—-“

“This is a holy forest where we fairies live! Humans should leave immediately!!”


Before I could even name myself, I was instantly asked to get out instead.

What the hell? Aren’t fairies supposed to be a race more friendly with humans? No, that might be my own impression only.

At least Lily tried to help me, and even showed bashful cute reactions too!

“Also Lily, you were here too?”

Ignoring me, it flew towards Lily.

“It’s not good coming to such interior parts by yourself.”

“uu……..I’m sorry.”

“Along with that human, a pseudo-fairy is also not allowed to come in here. You know that right?”

I didn’t know the circumstances of the Fairy Garden but I realize that Lily is being treated differently than by the other small fairies.

Without knowing anything, I don’t really have any right to speak but I can’t shut up and let the first person in this whole world who showed me kindness make such a sad face.

“Oi, you don’t really have to put it that way, do you? Lily came to help me.”

“What you really don’t know anything? The fountain of light inside Fairy Garden must be approached by anyone other than fairies. That is why a human like you and a pseudo-fairy like Lily must not come this inside the forest!”

“I am certainly a human but what’s this about Lily being a Pseudo-fairy? No matter how I see it, she is a fairy isn’t she?”

“Don’t say something so foolish. Where have you seen such a big fairy? She is a Half-human half-fairy possessing the magical energy of a fairy along with a flesh body. Neither a proper human nor a fairy, a Halfling. Seriously, something like this could be known at first glance. ”

Like I said, I won’t know something like that. In the first place I have no idea about the biology of this world.

But during the maneuvering experiments, there were monsters that had magical energy but didn’t possess life force. Something you could only call as a ghost or spirit.

This small fairy was definitely the same. Only magical energy can be sensed though the quality is different.

Probably, fairies were made completely of magical energy.

As compared to that, I could clearly sense magical energy similar to the other fairies from Lily but could also feel a life force as well. I finally understood what this fairy was saying.

“If you understand then leave now. I’ll overlook this so be thankful human.”


The fairy’s manner of speaking was a bit irritating but I had no reason to damage this ‘fountain of light’. And I want to avoid quarrels with the beings of this world as well.

I should control my anger, and leave quietly as the fairy said.

But my heart really pained to see Lily’s sad face on being called a pseudo-fairy.

“ ah, that’s right, goblins seem to have settled down in the west cave so quickly take care of that as well Lily.”

“un, I understand.”

“woah woah wait a minute? You’re going to make Lily fight against monsters?!”

I was surprised at the fairy ordering something like that as if it was natural, though Lily accepting it so readily was also surprising.

“ughh you’re irritating! It has nothing to do with an outsider stupid human like you.”

“Stupid was unnecessary! Or rather, isn’t it dangerous?!!”

“Monster extermination is a usual thing. Even a pseudo-fairy won’t lose to low level monsters who can’t even use magic.”

“Is, is that so?”

As I looked towards Lily with an uneasy expression, I really can’t imagine her fighting monsters. But by her way of speaking, it meant she could use magic.

If she could attack with magic, then the size of the body was unrelated to strength. Even I could defeat a dragon after all.

“if you understand then both of you hurry up and leave! How long do you intend to remain here? Do you want me to use strength?!”

The ball of light started flickering strongly. Was she trying to intimidate me?

“I get it! Fine! I’ll go so don’t start firing magic from behind.”

And so, I and Lily left this place.

Lily enviously looked at the fairies taking the scattered apple like fruits with them deep inside the forest.

“Did you want to eat that?”


It’s fine. I’ll bring some later.”


I’ll do it later. We’ll eat together okay?”

“Th, Thank you!”

Looking at the smiling Lily, I somehow felt healed.


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