Kuro No Maou Chapter 115

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Chapter 115 Bombardment (1)

The night of the 2nd had ended. It was now the 3rd.

As the sun rose, beyond the Rone river shining with the light of the sun, the army of white once again appeared.

From the roof of the guild, where I stand, I can look even till the north west highway on the other shore of the river.

From what I have seen from here, it seems the Crusaders have advance as far the start of the river on the other shore, but since the forest is spread on the sides, I can’t accurately estimate their numbers.

“They don’t seem to be crossing through today.”

“Yeah, they might have made some other preparations.”

Beside me, Simon talked to me while holding the first ever sniper rifle of this world, [Yatagarasu].

Early morning, after hearing the report that the enemy had been sighted, I had quickly climbed to the highest point here but, I don’t know what they’re planning since they haven’t advanced at all in the last 30mins.

If they were going to rush in like yesterday, I would have to get down from here and once again start firing my bullet arts in front of the protective wall.

But, since the enemy is not showing any movement, I have nothing to do but look at them like this. There’s no merit for us to attack them first either.

It would be fine if we could just continue this glaring competition for the next whole week, but the enemy isn’t that big of a fool either. If they aren’t attacking from the front, that means they must have some other plans.

“But it’s quite cramped to have 3 people here, right?”

Su-san complained nonchalantly suddenly.

Certainly, the pedestal created for Simon for sniping isn’t very big.

To have 1 child and 2 adults together is certainly over the capacity.

“Sorry, but this place is the best vantage point here.”

Since the enemy is in front of us, I need to keep an eye on them after all.

“I don’t really mind it. As long I and Simon have enough space to huddle together.”(susu)

“No, I mind that…….please move away a bit.”(simon)

Su-san held Simon from behind in a hug.

Su-san, whose breasts became big for some reason, was resting them on Simon’s head magnificently.

“You two really get along well.”(kurono)

Is the so called Girl’s love (T/N:yuri, lesbo) everyone talked about?

“fufun, you jealous?”(susu)

“A little.”(kurono)

“If you really think that then help me, Onii-san!!”(simon)

Simon complained with tears in her eyes. Yup, this alchemist is cute today as well.

While being calmed down by cuteness that was a bit different from Lily’s, I ate my breakfast bread and drank some milk with the other hand.

This mysterious milk taken from an animal that might be some kind of cow or goat tastes a little different, but I have already gotten used to it so it feels tasty as usual.

While I was emptying the milk container in a single gulp,

“By the way, Kurono didn’t even look at my bigger breasts even once. Are you gay?”(susu)


The white milk shined from the sun rays, of course, I was the one who spat it all out.

“Uaah!? Onii-san that’s dirty!!”

“Buha, geho, what the hell are you saying suddenly!?!”(kurono)

I glared at Su-san who just dropped a bombshell level of comment while I was enjoying my milk.

“No, I mean, human males tend to chase after big breasts and since you didn’t do something like that I thought that it might be so——“(susu)

“Eh, is that true Onii-san!?”

“Don’t believe her Simon, it’s just a misunderstanding. I’m perfectly straight.”

“fumu, I heard the same thing yesterday as well.”(susu)


“No, don’t mind it.”(susu)

Fufufu, Su-san laughed boldly. How can you be horsing around when the enemy is in front of you!

“So what’s it like seriously?”(susu)

“I said I’m straight! Of course I’ll prefer a cute girl over a guy. Sheesh, if you think every man likes big breasts then you’re gravely mistaken.”

“Then, are you a Lolicon?”(susu)

“Of course not.”(kurono)

“There was the case with Lily so I thought that this might actually be more credible.”(susu)

“………That’s true.”(Simon)

“Don’t agree with her Simon. Or rather, stop putting the label of a weird fetish on me already.”

Do you have some kind of grudge against me Su-san?

“fumu, then I won’t pursue this topic any further.”

Do you really have no interest in big boobs? She looked at me with gaze that implied that question as she wrapped her huge breasts around Simon’s head.

That’s, really something that most men would never forget.

“haa, Whenever I look at big breasts, I end up remembering her……”

My mom. She really had a huge chest. Since I had seen them from when I was a child, I had already lost any interest in them by the time I grew up.

I wonder whether that’s a good thing or a bad one. Well, since I never really looked at people with big breasts with impolite eyes due to that, it must have been a good thing.

“Ah, Onii-san’s eyes have become distant suddenly.”

“fuumu, it seems our leader is a really stoic man.”

For the time being, it’s all good since the topic ended with the fact that I have no abnormal sexual fetish. I drank the remaining milk while thinking that.

But still, due to thinking about my home, I ended up feeling like eating white rice suddenly.

Here, the main grain is wheat so bread is the staple food. I know, after going to Spada, I’ll search for some rice, yeah let’s do that.

While I was indulging myself in nostalgia, at that moment,

“Oh no, it’s an attack!”

Just as Su-san shouted, I heard the start of chanting.

“What the hell is that!?”

From the forest, pillars of flame rose, No, those are balls of flames. They are falling towards here in a parabola while leaving a trail of smoke and flames behind them.

A total of 5 of them.

“Lie down, Simon!    كيكو هيروشي منع تجميد الباردة درع الجليد الصلب—[Ice Armour Shield]!”

Su-san covered Simon with her whole body and above her, an intermediate level defensive ice magic deployed to protect them.

“[Black Shield]!”(kurono)

I also deployed a shield to protect myself for the time being.

The instant the black shield was deployed,


Shock waves and heat waves ran through.

One of the fire balls had i=unfortunately hit the roof of the building.

“Is everyone alright!?”(kurono)

“We are, but—-“(susu)

Without even listening to her words, I saw the archers that were standing on the roof as many of them had their bodies swallowed in flames.


I, who could only use black magic, had no efficient way to extinguish the flames.

As I thought what to do, Su-san and the other safe adventurers moved first.

They quickly used ice and water type magics to extinguish the flames on those who were burning.

“Oi, you alright?”

Jumping down from the pedestal, I ran towards the adventurers.

“haahaa, we’re alive somehow.”

Even though their hair ends had been burned off, one of the beast type adventurers answered with a smile.

Others who had been burnt raised cries of pain and agony sometimes but were already using potions to heal themselves.

Seriously, all these adventurers are really tough. Thanks to that, everyone was still calm.

“I didn’t think they’ll use a bombardment like that. But its power doesn’t seem to be very high.”

The place where the fireball had landed felt a bit scorched but since I had already blackened the whole building, it really was difficult to distinguish it much.

If it had been as it was originally, that is, made of wood, it would have caught fire but with just this level of attack the guild now would never catch fire.

“For the time being, retreat back inside the guild! Su-san, I leave the treatment of the injured and evacuation to you. I’m going down.”(kurono)

“Roger that.”(susu)

I was heading towards the protective wall. There were more adventurers there to act as guards. I need to quickly tell them to go back inside the guild as well.

“Oi, another round is coming!!”

From behind, someone’s voice came, and once again another fireball appeared.

“Shit! To use bombarding attacks from such a long range—-[Anchor Hand].”

I didn’t even have the time to normally go down the steps. The best and shortest way was to jump down directly from the roof.

It was the improved version of the [anchor] I used back at Deadalus to climb the castle walls. It looks pretty much the same as that time but it had become able to change its shape freely like a tentacle allowing for even more complicated maneuvers.

The black wire-like tentacles that stretched out of both my hands fixed themselves on the railing of the roof and I threw myself in the air.

At the same time, another fireball hit the roof and exploded.

But the heat waves and shock waves didn’t reach me as I was already running vertically on the walls of the guild.


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