Kuro No Maou Chapter 114

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Chapter 114 – The night on the Second of Hatsubi Month (2)


The ones in charge of night guard are the beast men who can see in the night or the the thieves with skills or magic to see in the darkness.

Simon is the one specialised in long-distance attacks, but that is useless without any night-vision goggles.

He has the greatest concentration power but he lacks in the physical areas such as stamina and endurance. So he is taking a rest right now.

Simon can sleep for one whole night as the enemy is not going to attack in night, but after coming down from the rooftop he heads towards the room Kurono was sleeping in rather than his allotted room.

“Is Onii-san already asleep”

The resting time are the same for Simon and Kurono, but Kurono decided to again go towards the protective wall after taking a nap.

When Simons moves his line of sight towards the passage in front of Kurono’s bedroom.

“Ah, Lily-san……”

Lily is small, but one can identify her thanks to her two pair of wings.

In the first place, the ones with the appearance of a child within the adventurer alliance are only Simon and Lily.

“Nh, What are you doing here?”

(Crap, her mind right now is that of her original self……It would have been better if she had the child’s mind but this one is really scary……)

It is already a common knowledge between the adventurer alliance about Lily’s dual personalities. Simon is also not an exception.

But rather he learnt it fast that Lily has dual personalities.

The face of Lily has already become a trauma for the lad named Simon. And that has been so since the day he met Kurono and Lily broke into his laboratory with an angry face.

“E-Erm nothing much……”

Simon speaks evasive words while avoiding looking in her eyes. However, Lily already has a rough estimation for his actions without even using Telepathy.

But, there is obligation for her to show that she understands his actions.

“I see, Kurono is already sleeping so come later. Kurono is tired due to overworking, if you’re going to disturb his sleep, I won’t allow it.”

“Eh, then Lily-san is—”

“I’m not disturbing his sleep. I just came to sleep together with him.”

“I-Is that so”

(I heard that Lilu-san was sleeping in another room after coming back. So it means that she came to Onii-san’s room with some motive, right?)

Simon thinks that for what reason would Lily need to sleep together with Kurono.

“If you understand it, then return back to your room.”

“Uu. Yeah”

Simon thinks ‘There are always people who never give up’ while looking at Lily’s round and cute eyes full of will power.


Simon after seeing off Lily, who went inside Kurono’s room, returned back.

“I had so much to talk.”

“—In  other words, did you want to get praised by Kurono?”

“Aaah!? Susu-san how did you—-”

Simon leaked out a loud voice due to a sudden intervention while he was talking to himself. Susu-san quickly covers his mouth before alarming others.

“If you don’t be quiet, Kurono won’t get angry, but Lily-san definitely will.”

Simon agrees to her words by nodding his head.

“It was unfortunate that she beat you in getting Kurono. Try to get praised a lot by Kurono tomorrow.”

“Eh. I don’t want that—-I used the rifle and machine gun for the first time in a battle, so I wanted to ask how it was and……”

“I’ll leave it at that”

“I’m saying the truth!!”

Simon objects with blushing cheeks. Seeing those actions anyone can know whether the words Susu said were wrong or right.

What Simon is saying is also right but it’s just an extra to cover his real intentions. He wants to hear ‘You did really good’ from Kurono. [ET: I’m writing it later, but many were speaking shit about Gender this and that now have fun with ‘He’ and ‘his’ relation with Kurono.]

“But still, when I saw you heading towards Kurono’s room. I thought you were going to sneak in with some ulterior motives.”

“Sneaking in, Eeeeh!? I-I won’t do that that ever, furthermore we both are men! Or rather do you see me as a person with that sort of hobby!”

At least, Kurono is still thinking about Simon as a girl, but for good or for bad, Simon has yet to realize it.

“But still, you’re already of the age to have a lover. And seeing you staring at Kurono with considerably lovely eyes, so I thought that maybe…you know”

“I’m a straight!”

He objects with all his energy. Surely he thinks highly of Kurono, but he doesn’t love Kurono like that at all.

“Hmm, who knows. We have the three hunting princesses and the magician Fiona and many girls with good face, but you don’t seem like you have any interest in them.”

“If I look at them with those eyes, won’t I be just a pervert.”

Simon accepts the fact that the girls Susu recommended are beautiful, but he doesn’t have any crooked aesthetic feelings.

“Then maybe Lily-san. That person does look beautiful and all, but I won’t recommend her.”

“Lily-san. Please, no way in hell!”

No matter how much beautiful she is, it’s natural for anyone to to not like her if they are glared at everytime they meet her.

“Hmm, then—Whoa, I got it”

“Please stop this topic right now, I’m no good with talk about love and all—”

“So you don’t like the ones with small chests.”

“Please listen to me……”

Simon drops her shoulders while sighing.

He looks down at his feet while thinking of a way to escape from this strange talk. Then looks up with an idea in his mind.

“How about this?”

Two mountains start swinging in front of Simon.

“E, Eeehhh!? How did you, how did your chests get larger!?”

“Oh, is it good to take that reaction as proof that I also have some hope?”

“I was just scared!”

Susu shows a somewhat nasty smile. Just some seconds before her chest was like the great plains, but now, as if they had gotten the blessings of Mother Earth, there are two large mountains present.

It’s size is about the size of Simon’s head. That mass which has already surpassed the level of large is bursting out of the thin shirt.

“What is this……”

“I’m a slime, so I keep my appearance as plain as possible, but if I want I can change the breasts and many more things just as you are seeing right now.”

When she says that, her breasts swing in a seductive manner. Simon instinctively stares on them, a man cannot look away from a good thing.

“That aside, what do you think?”

“Eh, erm, what do you mean……?”

Susu takes a forward-bent posture to look in Simon’s eyes as he is short in height. Just below her face, was the deep cleavage peeking out of her shirt.

Simon tries to avert his line of sight with his face completely red. Susu notices his innocent actions.

“What I mean is—”

But it is impossible for Simon, who is a noob in relationship experiences, to know what was going on Susu’s mind.

“—-This thing”

Before Simon knew it, his right hand was gripped and even before he could resist his hand touched the great mountains.

A soft and warm feeling reaches his palm. The only thing between is a thin shirt. The feeling alone is enough to shatter the calmness of a man into pieces.

“Waaaa!? S-Sorry, It’s already time for me to sleep! See you later!!”

However, looks like it was too much for Simon to handle.

Simon, in a panic, shakes Susu off and ran off with a really red face towards his room.

“Ahaha, he’s really cute—”

Susu sees Simon off with a smile,

“—I might get serious next time”

Saying that one phrase, Susu left from that place without making any sound.




The Crusaders stationed in Vato Village, in truth they should have occupied Alsace Village by now.

But they were obstructed by the defensive line of demons hiding in Alsace Village. Anyhow, now they will have to stay in Vato Village for some time.

That is the same for the Cyprus mercenaries too. They were, as usual, at the campsite away from Vato Village.

Cyprus who is always lazy should have been in the bed with his women subordinates in night but he is currently within the forest that is a little away from the camp site.

Cyprus is leaning against a long tree. In his hand is a short wand.

At one glance it looks like a branch of a black tree, but on it’s surface white colored geometrical pattern is drawn all over and it’s ends are sharp like that of a spear.

“Handing me a f*cking old version of ‘Aranea’, this is crap. It’s a hassle to activate its effects everyday, bastards!”

While saying complaints towards the person who handed the ‘Aranea’ to him he stabs the tip of the wand in the ground.

「مراقبة سرية لمعالجة الرقيق العنكبوت」

The wand reacts to Cyprus’s chant and the white geometrical pattern starts glowing.

Along with that the point where the wand is stabbed, the white pattern starts spreading on the ground.

The magic circle of 1 metre was created. It seems like a spider’s web.


The magic he used is Summon, the ones who came out are, just as the name says, Spider servant.

From inside the spider web, many black spiders crawl out as if coming out of water.

The sight of many large spiders gushing out from the ground will give an unpleasant feeling to any person instinctively.

But Cyprus, the summoner shows no expression as if saying that it is natural and sees off the spiders.

The spiders disappear towards the other side of the dark forest in the blink of an eye. However, they all come back within 1 minute.

“……Tsk, many have been reduced. this shitty product.”

Their appearance is the same as the ones he just summoned but they are the ones which were summoned yesterday. The work of ‘Aranea’ is observing. [ET: The spiders that came back were the ones he sent yesterday not the ones he summoned right now.]

The Cyprus mercenaries were ordered to remain in Vato Village and so he used this servant to observe the flow of fight.

“Demon this and that, these bastards came back after losing. Well then let’s see what happened there—”

Cyprus takes one spider on his hand.

And then the fragments of images and sounds emerge inside his mind.

To read from this demon, a skill is needed, but for Cyprus who summoned them it is really easy to read all the data recorded in them.

“—Whoa, Elf Girl discovered. This is good, this is what I was searching for.”

A picture of three elves with blond hair and blue eyes appears, the face of the three is really beautiful.

He then sees the scene of soldiers dying due to the lightning arrows fired by the three.

“Nh–but with just the demons, this much casualties—-”

Cyprus was going to say some foolish phrase but while he is watching the video in his mind his face color changed.

At first he was showing off a smile while looking for his prey, but now all the emotions have gone from his face.

“—-Hmm, I see, so that’s how it was”

Cyprus throws the spider in hand while murmuring.

The spider runs towards the magic circle and disappears like a frog jumping inside a pond.

“Interesting, now this is what i was waiting for. Hehe, it’s like the fate is guiding me.”

Just what might be giving him this much joy?

Cyprus returned back to the campsite in a good mood.

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