Kuro no Maou Chapter 113

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Chapter 113 – The Night on the 2nd of Hatsubi Month

Looks like the Crusader’s have completely retreated, the white large army that attacked, is nowhere to be seen right now.

Only some small groups might be hiding on the opposite shore to observe us.

The main force should have returned back to Vato Village.

“We somehow made it today.”

I murmured and closed my eyes.

In truth I didn’t want to sleep in the guild room, but Mossan persuaded me saying ‘Relaxation is also an important part of work’.

To stop the advance of enemy soldiers the main fire powers like me who can use bullet arts and the machine gun shouldn’t be away from the gates. In near future, either me or Mossan will have to stand near the gates as guards.

This guarding system is difficult for an ordinary human to pull off, but my body is a lot more tough than that of an ordinary human and Mossan is also near an demonic beast. We both can move without any rest for at least 1 week.

But like normal humans, many other races also can’t do work without any rest. If they don’t take any rest then it will only accumulate fatigue and will result in the decline of war potential.

Though I say that, the ones present here are adventurers. It won’t be a problem if everyone takes rest by turns. They are happy that they will be able to rest on the bed inside guild rather than sleeping outdoors which is the inevitable process during quests.

Of course, there are not sufficient number of beds and more than half are sleeping on the floor.

“But, when the casualties increase, it won’t remain the same……”

The total number of casualties today were only 2. They died by having spear struck into them when the enemy approached the defensive walls.

Seeing from the results, that just a group of 100 people stopped a large army with a really low loss percentage, from the standpoint of plan progressing it is unbelievably good.

Even if it’s like this, it is not easy to break the defenses.

When an adventurer dies it is their own responsibility, but if they died under my commands, the level of responsibility is different.

Just by making a single mistake, others can die easily, that is something which is unbelievably fearful. I once again realized it after hearing the casualty report.

“—I will worry about it later, I have already made up my mind. I and everyone too will make sacrifices to buy time for completing the evacuation.”

Right now there is no time to worry about other things or thinking or even getting shocked by them.

The thing I need to think right now is only about are the tactics for the plan. How will the enemy move, attack and how will we take advantage over their actions.

There are a lot of things to think about. Furthermore, the data I’ve earned today is valuable. After all, this is the first head on collision battle against the Crusaders. I now know the number of people on the their side and how they fight.


“Just from the results it is superb, it’s on the level of overwhelming victory. We have 2 casualties but it won’t be strange for their side to have casualties exceeding 1000.”

There is healing magic present, so many injured will be revived in full power and be ready to face off tomorrow. But the people who have died are also in great numbers.

There is no doubt that we were able to reduce the military force of Crusaders exponentially.

However, I know that it’s not enough for the collapse of the army. Even including the casualties and injured ones it won’t even reach to one-third of their whole force.

But still, there is no doubt that nothing went wrong from the trap of breaking the bridge to controlling the flow of battle, No, rather it went just too smoothly.

The battle is not over with this, looking at the long term we will have to retreat in near future and the enemy will not let us do that.

If the commander of the enemy has a lot of pride, then right now his face might be red from anger. After all, he couldn’t siege a small village after mobilizing a large number of soldiers.

If we assume that, then it won’t be strange for him to attack without taking the casualties into consideration.

It’s simple but with 100% success rate. If he takes a step forward than my tactics then Alsace will fall into the hands of enemy.

“The time limit of continuing cross fire is really bad, but nothing can be done now. How will I be able to stop them during the cooling time……In the end, it comes to crushing them with power, huh”

The solution is only all of us giving our all to stop them. I can’t think of any plan in this short amount of time to overturn tables on them.

No, in the first place, the god gave us luck that we were able to continue the cross fire without any difficulties.

The Crusaders are already pretty tough. If they had charged without caring about the bullets fired from the machine gun, then our plan would’ve already been overturned.

Even if the protective walls are wrapped with barbed wires, but it will eventually break against them. It was only due to the fact that I have cross-fire system, that I can say it is possible to defend Alsace Village for 1 week.

And today, the power of machine gun was demonstrated and to cover it up we showed our power and guts. It is a pretty good war progression.

“And for Lily to have actually stopped the whole Pegasus Knights alone……this was the most lucky things that happened for us”

I did know that Lily was strong, but I never thought she would be able to stop the whole Pegasus Knight Squad by herself.

And the work of dealing with the Pegasus Knights who escaped from Lily was of Simon and the archers stationed in the Guild.

As a matter of fact, I predicted that there will be a lot of casualties on our side during that time.

Fighting head on against a group of elite soldiers wearing first-class equipment and are attacking from mid-air. It won’t end up with just some scratches for us.

But looking at the reports, the casualties in the guild were 0. The Pegasus Knights in the first place didn’t come near them, after all Lily stopped them all by herself.


And during the time Lily was fighting, the ground forces started to retreat and so the Pegasus Knights retreated as well.

Though it happened in reality, it’s difficult to really digest this fact. I never thought Lily in her true form would be this strong. In the first place today was the first time I saw her fighting in her true form.

How should I say it, but perhaps her true form is Dragon rather than a Fairy. No, really wouldn’t it be better for Lily to be the leader in terms of power……

“But even Lily has her limits. Next time the Pegasus Knights attack, they will come near the Guild.”

After the enemy retreated, Lily came to me and spoke words of apology.

“Sorry, Kurono. I alone wasn’t able to annihilate the whole Pegasus Knight Squad. I can only defeat some of them with this body before it reaches the time limit. I increased the time to fight using the divine protection, but it isn’t something that will always work. Next time, I doubt I will be able to stop them all.”

Saying that, Lily changed to her little girl form, and maybe because she over worked herself, she suddenly went to sleep.

I immediately took her to Guild and laid her on the bed. Most probably, she is right now recovering her stamina.

“*Sigh* Don’t overwork yourself, Lily”

Though I am pretending to be calm. In truth my heart was aching like hell when I had to make Lily fight alone against the Pegasus Knights.

Or rather, was Lily thinking of really annihilating them. I believe I said just to stop their advance……

“No good, it’s not good to care much only about those close to me right now……but in the end, I’m still worried.”

For the time being, even if Pegasus Knights appear, with Liy here we can stop them completely for 30 minutes at most.

Today she defeated 7 people, and others too gained major or minor injuries. Next time will be on the same level.

Anyway, we will be able to reduce the war potential of Pegasus Knights thanks to Lily. We will have to make sacrifices, but it’s not impossible to annihilate them too.

“If we can stop the Pegasus Knights. The problem left is the ground forces.”

There is no other choice than to somehow pull it off, without any hope of getting reinforcements or without any plan to turn tables on them.

In truth, it was possible to kill of many soldiers thanks to the sniping from the guild gate and cover firing from inside the guild.

There numbers are great, so having arrows equipped with lightning being thrown at them is a good plan.

Even if the arrows don’t hit, they will get the electric shock due to water.

“Simon also worked hard today”

Simons, reduced the numbers of magicians being deployed on the opposite shore.

She took only some advice from me and created a sniper rifle. She really is a girl to be feared with her unmatched accuracy in sniping.

The pair of Simon and Suu-san gave better results than what I had expected.

During the time of preparations, seeing them practicing sniping gave a feeling of a really good pair. There was no wrong choice in choosing Suu-san as a spotter.

Now that I think about it, during the time I was fighting the heads of enemies around me were having their heads blown. It must be due to those two.

I can still understand about Simon, but Suu-san’s fighting style to cut enemies head while hiding her presence is more fearful. According to Vulcan it is the power of her divine protection……Rank 4 adventurers really are great.

“The adventurers are more powerful than I thought. We were able to protect the village today because everyone fought to their full extent.”

I have no words to thank them, but thinking that their blood will be flown on the battlefield from now on, I can’t help but feel dark anxiety inside my heart.

The ones to die next might be me, or the ones close to me.

The fact of losing everyone in Irz Village feels like a distant past already, but the anger, sadness and indescribable sense of loss I felt at that time, is still living in my heart.

I don’t want to feel like that anymore. No, maybe I just want to run away from everything by forgetting everyone and everything about this place.

“……Not good, Don’t think like that me. I now have the responsibility of others lives in my hands.”

That’s right, now there is no place to run, the battle has already begun.

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