Kuro no Maou Chapter 92 & 93 out

Kuro no Maou Chapter 92 and Chapter 93 are out!.

Today only 2 chapter release. Both chapters are crap and full of preparations.

ET: (Seriously, I was even thinking of letting this volume end by SK but then I thought if I let him do it….I will forget TL’ing ….So i kept on it.)

SK(by ET): (Most probably thinks the same but with names reversed.)

Alright then without any wait, onto chapters

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Just some boy from somewhere in this world trying to translate some WN's and LN's. For letting readers have fun and I kill m extra time.....Somehow I am even able to gain money too.

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  1. pocscz06 says:


  2. Naszrador says:

    Thanks for the Chapter.
    I want more Lily. Who cares about the other characters? Stupid Author.

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