Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Y1

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Y1 Hero and the king

「Here. It’s the local sake of the Budie province」
「Oh. I never drink that before. I look forward on what it taste like」

Although it’s clean, the room has a lot of documents mixed up in it.
Thereupon, I passed the sake that I brought as a souvenir to father.
Father is a big drinker.
Usually when working alone, he drinks sake while working secretly, and it’s becoming an open secret.
That’s why I bring back unusual sake whenever I return.
From the standpoint of the king who can’t go outside freely, this is a souvenir enough to make my father happy.
And, it’s a custom to have a drinking bout together with the sake.

「Father, is your work going to be alright?」
「There’s no problem. I can just reduce my sleeping time if there’s a problem. The time together with my son who returns once in a while is more important than work」

I smiled wryly to father’s answer.
The king’s work is not as light as it can be said.

「Besides, Cyris have become accustomed to his position. Even if something happens to me by any chance, the country will be peace」
「Father, I admit that Brother is excellent, but this country still needs you. Please don’t say such ominous thing」

I sigh quietly to Father who apologizes lightly.
Father took out two glasses from the shelf, and pour the sake into each glasses.

「Fumu. An unique smell」
「Yes. I bought it because I also like the smell. You will surely be pleased by it」

A mellow smell fills the room.
When our glasses touch, we drink the sake.

「Umu. The feeling of the sake going down my throat is soft. If it’s like this, I can drink as much as I like」
「It’s also popular among the woman in the local. I heard that the flavor becomes better if you drink it with fruits. Thus, please have this」

I present the prepared fruits.
Father puts it into his mouth, and drink the sake.

「Delicious. This is not bad once in a while because I usually drink strong sake」

I feel relieved because father is satisfied this time.
This time, I wonder whether this sake is suitable or not because Father likes to drink strong sake.
Apparently, I worried for nothing.

We continue to drink the sake for a while.
My mouth loosened unintentionally when I recalled the daytime.

「What’s wrong?」
「No, I went to see Shun and Sue during daytime. I just recalled that time」

The younger brother and the younger sister who displayed a shocking talent even though I’m the Hero.

Although I trained with Shun, it’s fairly difficult to pretend to be compose.
I shouldn’t have thought that I should show off by fighting with one hand.
Let’s use both hands on the next time I train him.

「Fumu. In Julius’s point of view, how are those two?」
「They are both frightening talents. Especially, Shun. If he’s born a little more early, the one who holds the Hero title might not be me but Shun」

Without a word of lie.
Actually, Shun and Sue is far higher than me in talents.
I’m this superior is because I have the Hero title that reinforce my status.
If I don’t have the Hero title, I still won’t be defeated, but I will be surpassed soon.
No, he has talent to that extent.
Perhaps, he can even catch up with me who have the Hero title, and maybe surpass me.
I want to avoid that because my honor as the older brother will collapse.
Especially, Shun who seems to respect me. He might not be able to recover from the shock if he know that he’s disillusioned.
This is a grave situation.
I should train over again, so that I won’t lose to my younger brother and younger sister.
Let’s do so.

「What are you agreeing alone?」
「I can’t say it, it’s not easy to keep the older brother’s dignity」

Come to think of it, Shun also seems to try to keep his dignity to Sue.
That’s succeeded.
Sue is actually clinging to Shun, and she’s even jealous of me.
Although she will part with her older brother once she reaches the appropriate age, she is very cute that she becomes angry whenever her loved older brother was taken away.

「I did a terrible thing on them」

Bitterness floats on Father’s face.
Both of them are born immediately after the death of the previous Hero-sama.
I succeeded the Hero title at the same time.
The previous Hero-sama which no one knows his whereabouts and his activity was a mystery, suddenly dies.
I became the new Hero.
The increase of the Demons’ movement suddenly.
Those come in succession, so Father didn’t have the time to accompany those two.
Although Father is a person who values family, before that, he is the king.
It’s necessary to give priorities to the country.
Father worries about that.

「It can’t be helped. At that time, various things come in succession, so there’s nothing that can be done」
「However, those two have never hug me once.
I think that’s the precise answer」
「It’s alright. Those two will surely understand once time passed」
「I hope so」

Father drinks the sake with a sad face.

「To be honest, there are times when I’m irritated by this position as the king. Not only those two. Julius, it’s the same for you. I don’t want you who’s my son to shoulder such important title called Hero. However, as a king, I have no choice but to tell you to go. Although it might be correct as the king, I’m disqualified as a father」

Father spits out his accumulated feelings together with a really heavy sigh.

「Father. I’m proud of being the Hero. Therefore, please don’t say that in such manner. In the first place, if you take away the Hero from me, nothing will remain in me」
「That’s not true」
「No. I don’t have the knowledge to be related to the politics like Brother, I don’t have the belief that pierce myself like Leston and I can’t marry into a family like Sister.
Speaking of what I can do, I can only swing my sword as the Hero for the people. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about it. Because I’m doing the best I can do for myself」
「Leston is just living his life on his own way」
「Sure is」

Both of us leaked a smile.
Father, you are a very great father from my point of view.
Therefore, I will keep working as the Hero to become Father’s help.


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