Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 8

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S8 Skill encyclopedia

I’m unable to take my eyes from the book in front of me.

「How is it? It’s amazing, right?」

The one saying it with a self-satisfied look is Kanata aka Katia, the Duke’s daughter.
Since the appraisal ceremony, Katia came to play with me frequently.
At first, I called her Kanata, but it was said to be unnatural, so I was told to call her current name.
Carnatia, nickname Katia.

But, Katia calls me Shun as usual.
There was no strange feeling when she call me Shun because my name is Shurein, thus, it seems that it’s decided to call me as it is.
Although I don’t mind it, the problem is that the people around us thinks that Katia and I are intimate enough to call each other with nicknames.
Although it’s a fact that we are intimate, Katia is a girl now.
There are those who considered such meaning of intimate too.

The first on the list is the younger sister, Sue who place herself between Katia and me.
Whenever Katia comes to play, she will scowl at her with a frightful look and she will enter between Katia and me.
Katia showed a wry smile each time.
Although I have aimed to become an ideal brother, why did it become like this…..

「This is the skill encyclopedia that the Duke’s house holds. This detailed one has not appeared in the markets yet」

The details of the skills that is confirmed were written in the book in detail.
Not to mention the effect, even the acquisition condition is covered.
It’s like a playing guide book.

By the way, the Katia’s tone changes the atmosphere considerably when she speaks in Japanese or this world’s language.
In contrast to the Japanese of a man’s tone, because of being a noble, her tone sounds like a ojou-sama.
As I knew the who’s inside, at first I almost burst into laughter because of the gap, but now, I have become accustomed it.

「Amazing. If I have this, I can acquire any skill I want」
「It’s not so. Time is limited. You must decide the skills that you should acquire in priority, and you must use the limited time efficiently」

I’m somewhat excited and I turn the page one after another.
If there are known skills, then there are also unknown skills.
When I saw there’s an unknown skill that seemed to have a high effect, my hand stopped unconsciously.

「Shun and Sue, both of you have already acquired all the basic status skills, am I right? Then, it’s necessary to raise it while it’s still early」

The basic status skills are skills that raise status represented by “Life”, “Magic Amount”, “Powerful”, etc.

「The basic status skills will evolve once reaching level 10. The effect will rise one stage, and on top of that, the growth correction continues when level up. Currently, our level is 1 because we still haven’t fight against monsters yet. If we acquire these skills that has growth corrections before leveling up, then it will surely be useful in the future」

Our level is still 1.
Level rises not only by killing monsters only but it also rises by killing a creature.
Because we still haven’t got the permission to fight monsters, I mean, we also haven’t got the permission to go out, for the present, our level won’t increase.

Still, the status gradually improves by growth and training.
However, the status only change extremely when level up.

「If possible, I would like to evolve the skills twice, but as expected, that’s a little ambitious」

When the skill level becomes 10, the skill will evolve and derived skill can be acquired. There are various benefits.
However, the higher the level, the harder to increase. The necessary skill proficiency to increases per level, so raising to level 10 is quite hard.

「The status will start to change greatly when the skill has evolved to “Fortitude”, “Fortress”, “Idaten”, etc. It’s quite satisfying if it evolves to there. I would like to reach its former stage by all means」
「That’s right. But, it’s unexpected that there’s no skills that can improve the experience points or skill proficiency gaining」

In case of RPG, it’s a useful companion for growth. There’s no skills like “Experience Point Increment”.

「Yes. And, did you noticed it?」

I see the skill recorded in the skill encyclopedia roughly, and I understood what Katia wanted to say.
Although Sue looked at the skill encyclopedia with me, Sue didn’t seem to notice it.
Seems mysterious and even though Katia and I understood it, I seem to be dissatisfied.

「There are no production-type skills」
「On the contrary, there are only skills for combat」

Yes, despite having that amount of skills that are recorded into a book, the production-type or the so-called non-combat skills doesn’t exist at all.
There are skills that seem to be a production-type skill if it’s used, but all of them are only the secondary effect of the combat skill.
Despite having this much skills, there’s a strange feeling that all the skills have one-sided contents only.

It’s the strange feeling that we were able to notice probably because Katia and me have played games in Japan.
The people who live in this world originally must be convinced that skill is such a thing.

「As if this is the world for fight」

I felt fear in myself to the words I muttered.
A world where level doesn’t increase unless something is killed.
Only the combat-type skills.
It’s like the world is really encouraging the fight.

「Although this is something not well known yet, the Demon King forces seem to be increasing their armaments rapidly」
「It’s likely to fight someday. Until then, we have to become stronger as much as possible」

I nod on Katia’s words silently.

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