Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 13

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レングザント = Rengzant
ユーゴー・バン・レングザンド = Yuugo Van Rengzand


S13 Saint and Sword Empreror

The entrance ceremony ended without trouble.
After that, each students breakup, and most of the students either return to their dormitory where they will live or inspect the school.
This academy uses the system where all students live in dormitories.
I’m not an exception as well, and it’s necessary to live in the dormitory when I attend this academy.
A student can’t go outside of the academy unless something great happens or a long term holiday.

「What shall we do after this?」

Katia talks in her ojou-sama mode.
As for us, the preparations for the dormitory are already made.
If possible, I want to see the school grounds.

「Because Sensei wants to meet someone, should we go together?」
「Someone you want to meet?」
「Haii. The future Saint and Sword Emperor. Sensei thinks that there’s no loss even if you meet them」

Saint and Sword Emperor.
Speaking of Saint, it’s the symbolic existence of the neighboring country, Saint Aleius.
Also called as the Hero’s pair, and the Saint appointed from the country for generations is obligated to act with the Hero.
Julius nii-sama should be accompanied by the present Saint.

And, the Sword Emperor is the emperor of the Kasanagara continent’s largest Human race nation, Rengzant Empire.
Because of the Rengzant Empire is close to the territory of the Demon race, it’s a country where battle doesn’t stop.
For a person to become the emperor of the country, strength is the first requirement.
From that, the emperor for generations are said to be called similar as the first generation emperor which is Sword Emperor.

Although the Saint is said to be elected from the candidates who have the qualities, the Sword Emperor is completely by lineage.
In other words, the present Sword Emperor’s son has enroll in this academy.

「Ah, it’s the crown prince of the Rengzant Empire. I heard it from the rumors. If I’m not mistaken, he is entering this academy this year in the same way as us. I heard that he’s a sword genius that has close resemblance of the first generation」

Eh, Katia knows it?
I don’t know such information, you know?

「Shun, you must learn the ways of the world a little more」

Katia says it with an amazed face while I wonder did she guess anything with my face.
Gu, I can’t object her.

「But, Sensei. The reason why Sensei wants to meet them purposely, is it ‘that’?」
「It’s ‘that’」
「Then, we must surely meet them」

For some reasons, the talk advances among the two.
Sue and I can’t follow the talk, and we can only look at the exchange.

「Now Shun, let’s go, what’s with that face?」
「No, I just can’t follow the talk…」
「Apart from Sue, why you….」

Katia and Sensei make a disappointed face at the same time.
Th-There no need to make such a face.

「Ah, it seems that we don’t have to go」

I was attracted by Sensei’s words and if I see there, a boy and a girl are approaching here.
The boy has a tough look with brown hair that’s close to black and has the same color on his pupil.
The girl has blue eyes and wavy blond hair. There’s a mysterious loveliness somewhere.

「Yo. That tiny elf is Oka-chan?」
「Natsume-kun. That’s impolite towards Sensei. It’s been a long time, Sensei」

The boy and the girl speaks in Japanese.
And, I finally understand the content of the conversation between Sensei and Katia.
These two person are also the same as us who reincarnated.

「Long time no see. Sensei is glad that Natsume-kun and Hasebe-san are in good health」

In Sensei’s words, their former name is known.
The boy’s former name is Natsume Kengo. He is the man who was the center of the boys in the class.
However, I didn’t like this Natsume so much.
His reflexes are good, and physical strength is strong.
Although he didn’t actually use violence, he shows his power to make people follow him.
He has such a strong pressure character.
Therefore, there are those who follow Natsume and those who oppose him in the class.
I was a man from the opposing side.
Well, although I say that I opposed him, I only did nothing but not getting near him.

「Haha! Although Oka-chan was originally small, she shrank all the more! How funny!」

The one who rebuke Natsume was the former next seat, Hasebe Yuika.
Hasebe was unlike Natsume. She was a girl who doesn’t have anything good and bad.
Although she should have the easy to set adrift character, when saying that she has something in her that makes her into a Saint candidate, I can’t think of it.

「It can’t be helped that elves are small. Besides, Natsume-kun is not a great difference now」
「I will grow up even more from now on, so it’s okay. And, the one over there is the prince of this country, right? Who’s inside?」

Natsume’s glance turn towards me.
Those eyes are like staring at a prey, there’s a ferocious light dwelling in it.
The dazzling light that seems to be going to attack me soon.
Although this guy was certainly a nasty guy in the previous life, was he a guy who had such dangerous eyes?

「Yamada Shunsuke」
「Ooshima Kanata. Long time no see」

The me who answers briefly, and Katia who step forward unnaturally to appeal herself.

「Eh? Ooshima-kun?」
「That’s right. Me, Ooshima. Surprised, aren’t you? I became a woman after getting reborn」

Hasebe gets into Katia’s introduction.
The talk rises there, and Natsume’s glance was averted from me.
Thank you, Katia.
At any rate, I must be cautious of Natsume who’s current name is Yuugo Van Rengzand.


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