Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 10

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S10 The second prince

Sue and Clevea are facing each other with the practice sword before my eyes.
Making use of her small build, Sue attacks from feet but Clevea repelled it easily.
After that, Sue attacks boldly, but everything was blocked by Clevea’s precise defense.

The small build Sue’s sword technique gives an impression of leaving all to strength, whereas the muscular Clevea’s sword technique reminds me of a flowing clear stream.
Both of their impression of the appearance and impression of the movement are the exact opposite.
Sue is not weak at all, but against the experienced Clevea, it looks unskillful by all means.
It’s only natural because Clevea has acquired the higher rank skill of 「Sword Talent」, 「Sword Prodigy」 to level 7.
Sue’s 「Sword Talent」 is on level 6.
There’s a difference that can’t be filled.

But still, the match didn’t end quickly is simply because of the status.
Sue activates “Magic Combat Act” and “Fighting Spirit” at the same time.
It’s the skills that consume MP and SP to raise status, but when Sue who has a huge amount of MP uses “Magic Combat Act”, the increase of the status is incredible.
Because the physical ability status rose considerably recently, Sue wins in the status.
However, Clevea doesn’t use “Fighting Spirit” for the handicap, but if she uses it, the situation will incline instantly.

But then, Clevea will still win even if she doesn’t use “Fighting Spirit”.
Although I say that Sue’s status is better, it’s only a little difference, and the basic that becomes strength is too different.
Sue has no way to reverse this situation.

It was as I expected that Sue received a counter and was defeated after getting tired.
Her body was strike with the back of the sword and she falls to the ground.

Anna who waited on the side, immediately rush over to Sue, and use “Recovery Magic”.
The recovered Sue stood up with a frustrating look while removing the soil on her clothes.

「I lost」
「You can surpass me soon if you can move this much at your age. Hime-sama’s talent is wonderful」
「Compliments are unnecessary」

An applause sounded immediately from the side when she approach the frustrated Sue.

「No, I think that’s not a compliment but it was a true feeling. It was a good movement」

Everyone who were in this place including me, opened their eyes wide in surprise.
Sue and I, even Clevea and Anna, didn’t notice that appearance.
Although I also stood at the side, I didn’t feel the presence at all.

「Julius nii-sama!」
「Yaa, were you surprised?」

That man is the second prince who is also my older brother born of the same mother, Julius nii-sama was smiling brightly that his mischief succeeded.

「When did you returned?」
「It was yesterday. I wanted to at least come to see you yesterday, but I didn’t have the time for it because I met father and older brother」

Julius nii-sama is way older than me, and he already acted variously outside the country.
So, it’s unusual to return to the country like this.

「Sue also became splendid during the time I’m not here. I’m surprised at the growth every time」

Julius nii-sama speaks to Sue kindly.
But, Sue didn’t answer back.
It seems that Sue dislike Julius nii-sama for some reasons.
Judging from me, Julius nii-sama is friendlier than the two older brothers.
Above all, I respect Julius nii-sama.
To be honest, I don’t like that my respected older brother and my lovely younger sister are on bad terms.

「Sue. What’s with that attitude towards Nii-sama?」
「Haha. It’s okay. Sue is in a difficult age」

Julius nii-sama who is guessing something.
If my previous life is included, I should be the older one here, but I don’t think I can win Julius nii-sama by mental age.

「Well then, how about Shun? Do you want me to train you?」
「Is it okay!? I would like it by all means!」

To have Julius nii-sama train me.
It’s the best I could ask for.

「Then, I will borrow it」

Julius nii-sama receives the practice sword from Clevea who has shrunk.
It’s unusual that Clevea is being this tense.
Well, it can’t be helped because it’s Julius nii-sama.

「Yosh. Anytime when you’re ready. (https://bobbergdesigns.com/) Attack me from anywhere」

I activate “Magic Combat Act” and “Fighting Spirit” immediately.
I will go serious against Julius nii-sama.
I concentrate all of my power.

I step nimbly and slash diagonally from the bottom.
Nii-sama stops it easily with one hand.
The single blow that I released with all of my power was easily stopped by the sword held with one hand.

But, it’s as expected.
There’s no way Nii-sama can’t stop this level of sword attack.
I pull my sword immediately and unleash the next attack.
It’s also stopped.

This is fun.
I can’t reach at all even if I use all of my power.
No matter how much I swing my sword, no matter how much power I put, no matter how many technique I use, it doesn’t reach Julius nii-sama at all.
I can’t even imagine how can I surpass that swordsmanship.
To be able to fight with such a strong person in this way.
It’s extremely fun.

But, contrary to the feelings that I want to continue it forever, the end comes.
My “Magic Combat Act” and “Fighting Spirit” wear off.
I get down on my knees while breathing heavily.

「Un. Shun’s sword is very straightforward and it’s pleasant. It’s just like Shun’s growing talent」

I thank him intermittently.
Even though I’m this exhausted, Julius nii-sama is fine.
As expected.
As expected from the Hero.
The world’s strongest human.

Will the day where I can be equal to this person comes?
One of my dreams in this world is to be equal to this person.
Now, I still can’t reach him at all, but surely one day, I will become someone who can protect the back of Julius nii-sama.
That is my aim.


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