Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Q&A 6

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Q&A corner 6

Q, Can the detailed appraisal of the aptitude be seen?
A, I think that if you see properly, there’s a (Details) beside the prince’s status.
Various details can be seen when a double appraise is used here.

Q, Is it necessary to acquire “Magic Manipulation” in order to use magic?
A, That’s right.
In order to use magic, “Magic Perception” must be acquired to acquire the power to perceive magical powers, and “Magic Manipulation” must be acquired to acquire the power to manipulate magical powers.
When one of them is not there, magic is not usable.
Therefore, the day when the MC can use magic is……

Q, If there’s no plan to put it in the main story, then I want to know about the classmates which got reincarnated together.
A, Their story will start appearing little by little after the middle stage.
Please wait till then.

Q, The explanation of the ‘Poison’ says that it has a very powerful poison, but after evolving, she have only use Weak Poison.
The poison doesn’t powers up even by evolution?
A, The skill obtained by evolving to the ‘Poison’ is only the “Poison Attack LV5”.
Because “Poison Synthesis” only leveled up, it won’t become strong suddenly.

Q, This is a question. Does the humans also shed their skin when they level up?
Or is it only the characteristics of the arthropods and reptiles?
In the first place, does the other monsters recover completely by level up?
A, Humans shedding skins are scary, so they don’t shed(lol).
As for the complete recovery by level up, there’s a secret, so I will turn it down here.

Q, It seems to be slightly interesting if there’s a special evolution according to the acquired skills.
Even if there is, I’m not trying to say that the MC have to evolve to that….
A, To be honest, there is.
This will be confirmed in details in the future, so enjoy it.


Finally, the prince’s story is starting to move.
Up until now, it’s all about the explanations of the world, but now, it finally begins to move.
The prince who continues being told to be too blessed, but what will happen from now on? Thus, will be in your care from now on.


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4 Responses to Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Q&A 6

  1. Yama says:

    Yeah I was starting to wonder about the other classmates. I hope at least one of them is also a monster and will team up with him.

  2. ric3cak3s says:

    That would be terrifying if the humans shed their skin

  3. Jack Nathaniel Mikhail says:

    Dear Moonies, Thank you for the chapter my wonderful Author, Translator(s), (Editor), (donors)!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Prince’s story, eh…
    I hope Shun’s story will, at least, not start out with conspiracy, politics, hateful / jealous aristocrats and so on.

    There’s not a greater cock-blocker, than to completely put the entire plot on-hold to resolve some asshole’s dick-envy.

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