Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Q&A 3

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Q&A Corner 3

Q, Isn’t it standard that the spider shines it’s body with digestive fluids because it’s internal organs are weak and soft? (TL note: 蜘蛛って内臓が弱くて柔らかいから外殻が柔らかくなってる代わりに、消化液を射して体外消化でチュルチュルが基本じゃなかったっけ? not sure with this)
A, I have avoided any detailed description about the predation scene.
It will be nasty if I write in detail.
Because the MC doesn’t know about the spider’s ecology, perhaps, she just bite usually.
I’ll leave it to the reader’s imaginations.

Q, About “Detect”
A, There’s various opinions and expectations given on this, but I have no comment about it because explaining will include spoilers.

Q, Didn’t spiders sense the surroundings by wind and vibration?
A, Because there are skills, the MC tends to rely on it.
So, she didn’t notice about her high enemy searching ability.
She evade danger using it shrewdly despite not noticing it.
It’s an evidence to have never received a surprise attack in the dungeon which is full of monsters.

Q, 24 Weak
>Up until now, the highest level I have seen was level 4.

18 Complete recovery after staying at the inn is only in game
>『Elro Basilisk LV6』

A, I have corrected the basilisk level to 4. (TL note: it’s fixed before I translate it)
Thank you for pointing out.

Q, >the numerical value        differs
Is there a need to put a blank space here?
A, I failed magnificently to adjust the position of the parenthesis.
I made corrections.

Q, It’s hard to see the status
You don’t need to put a strange blank space
Why don’t you think about the display with the feature phone and the smartphone?
A, I’m sorry, but I give priorities on the display of the PC.
It becomes hard to see with other models, but I don’t intend to use the status much, so please acknowledge it.

Q, The spider from Earth eat its thread to make raw materials. Is that right?
A, I have stated it above that the MC doesn’t know about the spider’s ecology.
It can be understood by instinct to some extent, but the idea of eating what she produce won’t be accepted because she still has the sense as a human.

Fast update, interesting and so forth. I got a lot of impressions.

I want to continue this update speed in the future.
Because it’s my selling point(Lol)
When you said that it’s interesting, it motivates me to continue writing.
Thank you very much.
Will be in your care from now on.

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