Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Q&A 10

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Q&A corner 10

Q, Regarding q&a corner 9
>Q, The resistance endowment of “Omnipotent Thread”….
A, Such carelessness is Kumoko’s quality.

Even though she has confirm, consider and verify the skills properly in such a harsh monster life up until now, the suddenly appeared, careless attribute.
I felt that this careless attribute is a negative attribute that’s attached to Kumoko-san by force in order to make the development in the convenience of the author.
Will she become natural airhead and thickheaded type from now on?

A, Kumoko is comparatively careless when she get carried away. In addition, there’s a belief that she can’t use threads in the middle layer. Kumoko thinks like this 「Although my threads evolved, it’s impossible to use it or experiment it in the middle layer. For the time being, let’s confirm the reason why “Severing Thread” disappeared」. Therefore, her eyes are attracted towards the Attribute Endowment at the very beginning, and the Resistance Endowment next to it was not noticed. It was the result of various misfortune that happen at the same time.

Q, Kumoko-san has surely forgotten that there’s the 「Dinosaur」 in the upper layer….
A, She might have forgotten about it.

Q, The Resistance Endowment in “Universal Thread”, in other words, can I recognize that it can make a thread that can’t be burned by adding Heat Resistance?
A, It was revealed at chapter 102, but the resistance only increases the defensive ability of the attribute. Therefore, if you’re weak in that attribute originally, the resistance won’t skyrockets suddenly even if the resistance is endowed.

Q, Come to think of it, it looks like it’s not a spider, but does the nickname remains as Kumoko?
A, Because she still keeps the spider form, Kumoko is fine.

Q, When “Detection” is activated, only “Thought Acceleration” doesn’t rose. Is it unrelated to “Detection”?
A, Because the effect of “Thought Acceleration” is accelerates the perceivable time, the skill proficiency can only be accumulated in the passage of time under activation.

Q, I feel that she will acquire the Fortitude of the cardinal virtue sooner or later.
A, Actually, the initial plan was not Patience but Fortitude. At the end of worrying, I pick the virtues and so it became Patience.

Q, When she has 500 points, is the reason she didn’t acquire the skills that can be acquired without skill points like “Enhanced Vision” because she forgot about it after evolving? Or, there’s no skill to acquire?
Does the necessary experience points for the level up after evolving gets reset?
Does the necessary experience points increase whenever she evolves?
A, Although this is lightly mentioned in the story, the skills are postponed because she wants to give priority to capture the middle layer. And, the experience points reset to some extent, but it’s not completely reset.

Q, If I say my personal impression of Kumoko-san, Pride rather than Humility. Charity rather than Wrath. Diligence rather than Sloth. Chastity rather than Lust. Gluttony rather than Temperance. I don’t know whether she’s Envy or Kindness, but the one I don’t understand is why Patience when she’s Greed-like?
( TL note: Somehow the reader seems made a mistake. Patience is suppose to be opposing Wrath and Greed opposing Charity.)

A, Although she seemed greedy, she actually doesn’t have much greed. Although it’s said before when she shut herself in her first home, she feels that just by living is relatively a happiness, so she’s unselfish. The reason she’s greedy to become stronger is because she won’t be able to live if she don’t do it, and she’s a person who thinks that living peacefully and spending time leisurely is acceptable. Therefore, rather than Diligence, Sloth is closer.

Q, How is curse different from heresy?
Is it like curse is an attack to spiritual body and heresy is an attack to the soul?
A, Although it will be revealed in the future, heresy attribute is a considerably special attribute. However, it’s all right to recognize it as a mind attack.

Q, Are there training-type skills like 「Taming」?
A, There is. However, Kumoko will never acquire this skill. Because she doesn’t have the talent….

Q, Isn’t it because of “Pride” that the correction became double?
Isn’t it 1220?
A, The correction of “Pride” is only the growth correction by level up. In the 1120 of the increase, 1000 is from “Star Magic”, 100 is from “Ruler of Wisdom”, and 20 is from the previous level up. So it’s 1120.

Q, If her resistance increase by 1000, the paralysis seems to end quickly, so she won’t die of being covered with flames, right?
Even with the current status.
A, If the attribute offensive ability increases, the power also becomes higher, so it might surpass the resistance even if the resistance is higher. In addition, because Kumoko’s Fire Resistance is abnormally low, if she’s covered with flames, she will receive a considerable damage.

Q, It seems that the Earth’s spider thread with the thickness of a pencil can stop a flying Boeing 747 plane, but can Kumo-san’s thread do that much?
A, Please think that “Spider Thread LV1” has the same ability as the spider thread in this world.

Q, Hokkaido──while moving such a long distance, when thinking about the number of combats up until now, it’s kinda smooth.
A, In the lower layer, she evade with all of her power, and because she also evade combat relatively in the other layer, number of combat is not equal to the number of monster.

Q, Won’t “Poison Magic” become the target of “Poison Synthesis”?
A, It won’t. “Poison Magic” is not a magic that makes poison, but it makes magic to become poison attribute. So it’s not registered as a physical poison.

Q, ….Eh? Is Google-sensei higher than Wisdom-sama?
A, Wisdom-sama can only search skill related things. It can’t match with the great sensei who can search anything.


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