Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Human-Demon Great War 2

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Before this I used Technique Perception because I don’t know anything about the magic formula thing. So I changed it to Magic Formula Perception.

Human-Demon Great War ②

Author note: This becomes the third person point of view

【Dazaro Fort】

In the Dazaro Fort, the shooting of intense magic was developed.

The Human who control the Dazaro Fort is the Elder Ronant who’s the best Human magician besides the Elf.
And, it’s the Elder Ronant’s apprentices who have been deployed.
It was good to say that the Human’s best magic combat group is concentrated in this fort.

On the other hand, the Demon army is the Sixth Army led by Hyuui.
Hyuui is also the leading magician in the Demon armies.
Naturally, the army corps leaded by Hyuui are also good in magic combat.

The fight was rivaled.
The Humans make the best use of the geographical advantages to fight against the Demons who are superior in race.
Demons using their own power, Humans using the geographical advantage, both were excellent.

However, the flashy shooting of magic is just a pretense.
Both were planning to fire a great magic at the timing that becomes the trump card.

In the large-scale war that the army clash with another army, an anti-army great magic has an important meaning.
Those magics exist among the high rank magic, and if the magician is not excellent, it can’t be activated alone.
Therefore, some assistants that have magic formula assistance skills will assist the magician and transfer magical power to the magician using magical power transfer skills, then it becomes possible to use for the first time.

And, in case of a large-scale magic formula to that extent, it can only be seen through by a first-class magician who has Magic Formula Perception.
As long as the magician knows what kind of magic the opponent tries to shoot, it’s possible to intercept or defend.
Gathering magicians of all kind of attributes is indispensable to move the armies.
Therefore, even if the great magic is proud of its tremendous power, it’s often prevented when it’s shot casually.

Because the great magic has intense consumption, it can’t be shot many times.
To make the great magic effective, the magician must bring out the power exceed the opponent’s expectation and penetrate the defense, or complete the magic formula construction at the speed that the defense can’t be made in time and fire it, or outsmart the opponent. It’s necessary to satisfy one of that.
However, power is not something that can be raise easily.
The speed of the magic formula construction is also the same. If a person becomes a magician that can be called first-class, the speed will roughly become similar.
It rarely succeeds unless both opponent is quite low rank.
Then, there’s no choice but to outsmart the opponent.

The use of the anti-army magic is the way to drive the great magic into the opponent.
And, in order to drive in the great magic, it’s necessary to read the opponent’s great magic and make sure that the great magic of oneself is not read.
This back fight where both plans are read is the true battlefield of the army corps that mains in magic to fight.

It should be like that.

When Hyuui noticed the fact, the situation had inclined considerably.
Hyuui who has the high ability as a magician has concentrated on reading the opponent’s great magic rather than commanding.
It was right if it’s the usual.
However, the opponent is the experienced magician who’s called as the best in the Humans.
Hyuui who has a child face and looks youthful and he’s a Demon that has longer life than the Human, has lived for a long time.
But still, the opponent this time was bad.

Elder Ronant uses the great magic as a decoy and snipe with low rank magic, gradually reducing the Demon army’s forces.
Elder Ronant and his apprentices have devote themselves to study the way to raise the power of low rank magic.
Usually, the power of low rank magic don’t go that far.
It’s because the magic formula can’t endure the power.
And, it’s impossible to completely surpass the opponent’s resistance with a magic that has low power.
Not more than an injury.

And, that common sense was broke by Elder Ronant.
He has devoted in studying the strengthening of magic formula.
The strengthened magic formula can use stronger magic, and the raising of the low rank magic power that can’t be done so far becomes possible.
As a result, it’s possible to inflict a fatal wound to the Demons who have high resistance even if it’s low rank magic.

Elder Ronant train his apprentices by using this method, and they were able to draw out high power with the low rank magic.
The magic attack that’s thought to be a feint actually had a fatal power.
And, Elder Ronant makes the great magic to the limit that it can’t be perceived as a decoy to make Hyuui to concentrate at there.
When Hyuui noticed it, the damage of the level that can’t be ignored began to appear.

「Hyuui-sama, the withdrawal!」

Hyuui thinks.
If he withdraw here, will that Demon King forgive him?
When it’s that Demon King, it’s impossible.
The enemy’s damage is insignificant compared with the damage here.
It’s hard to say that he has achieved the quota.
Then, the compensation for that amount will be demanded.
That Demon King is such an existence.

「Withdrawal is impossible」
「Why!? Damage will only increase if this keeps up!」
「What’s impossible is impossible!」

The adjutant doesn’t know the circumstances.
Because he doesn’t know, he can speak of withdrawal.

「I will use the great magic. Assistance」
「Even if the great magic is used now, it’s meaningless! Withdrawal!」
「Assist me」

The surroundings fall silent to Hyuui who doesn’t says “Yes”.

「Assist me quick!」

He gets enraged and stamps the ground.
That was the last action taken by Hyuui.

A sniping magic from a long distance pierces Hyuui’s forehead.
A high power sniping that aimed only at the general accurately.
The Elder Ronant’s attack after seeing through the enemy’s confusion.
It was the long distance sniping magic that can even rival the great magic if one were to judge it by power, magical power and the difficulty of magic formula construction.

Hyuui’s life comes to an end by the mysteries of Elder Ronant.


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