Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 96

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96 I think, therefore I am. I move, therefore I am. I am me and me, therefore it is me.

A little while passed after my level rose.
Although I concentrate my eyes with my strength and look at the things, the “Enhanced Vision” skill doesn’t rise easily.
After all, when it becomes level 9, it will be hard to raise its level.
Though the other skills rose considerably!

First of all, “Silent” became level 3.
You’ve done it, Kumo-chan! Stealth nature increases!

Both “Thought Acceleration” and “Foresight” rose to level 5.
You’ve done it, Kumo-chan! Evasion nature increases!

“Fire Resistance” also rose by 1, and finally became level 3.
Thanks to “Patience”, the speed that I can acquire should increase, but still, it took a lot of time.
I wonder how weak am I to fire.
I mean, even if my species changed, I’m still vulnerable to fire.
Perhaps, the resistances other than fire also changed.
Because I can’t try that part, I can’t say anything about it.
Well, because my former defensive ability was weak, even if my resistances changed a little, I think that there’s not much change.
But, my defensive ability increased from now on, so it might be better to know about my resistance.
There might be an attribute that I’m weak besides the fire.
Though I don’t have the method to check it….

And, last is “Parallel Thought”.
This became level 10 and evolved.
The name is “Parallel Will”.(並列意思)
This is interesting.
As shown in the name, my will increases.
In “Parallel Thought”, it was the feeling to think multiple things at the same time in the same will, this “Parallel Will” completely divides the will.
Like a pseudo split personality.
Although both are me, it’s possible to think as another will respectively.
And in addition to that, it has the “Parallel Thought”.
It’s simply like my thinking ability doubled.
Very convenient.
The number of parallel wills might increase if its level rose.

However, only one of the will can move the body.
That’s why, one side of me is in charge of my body, and the other side of me is in charge of the information arrangement of Appraisal-sama and Detection-san.
Thus, I’ll leave it to you, Body in charge!
Leave it to me, Information in charge!
Like that, it’s possible to do a one person conversation.
The information sharing is also perfect on both wills for me just in case.

This will has neither main nor sub.
Both are me.
I am me for the sake of me!
Un, I don’t know what I’m saying.
Although I somehow become this, the self existence definition seems to be vague depending on the person.
Something like lose sight of oneself wondering which one is the true self.
It seems possible.
I mean, I who can master this normally might be special.
As expected, that won’t be.

While Information in charge is thinking, the Body in charge defeated a monster.
Good Job, me.
But, I’m not to that extent.

Although I tried the newly added “Corrosion Attack” this time, this is not useable.
No, the offensive ability itself is an amazing thing.
Even though it’s only a level 1, it’s amazing.
It’s too amazing.

After all, the monsters become dust at a hit, you know?

Isn’t it strange?
Did corrosion had such meaning?
Isn’t it something like rotting?
It goes beyond rotting and weathers.
The attribute controlling the decay of death is too dangerous.
It’s already an overkill at level 1.
I wonder what will happen if its level rises.

And, there are two reasons why I said that it’s not usable.
First of all, the corpse of the monster doesn’t remain.
In other words, meal doesn’t remain.
Using this to accumulate experience points is excellent, but it becomes impossible to achieve half of my monster hunting’s reason.
That’s unacceptable.
It’s unacceptable in a double meaning.

And, the another one is a big problem.
I receive damage too.

I look at the sickle that’s clad in “Corrosion Attack”.
The blade of the sickle crumbled.
My HP also decreases.
This is a suicide attack!?
Therefore, the power is high, but the recoil is huge.
If it’s a fierce battle where I need to use all my power, I will use it when there’s an opportunity, but it would be better to not use in a battle against small fry.
Especially, while I’m in the middle layer where automatic recovery is becoming slower.

Ah, how much will this sickle recover?
Because it seems that I will level up soon, it will recover at that time, but in that case, I can’t use my sickle in the next battle.
Well, even if I don’t have my sickle, I have “Poison Synthesis”, so there’s no effect to me as long as the next enemy is not a formidable enemy like the eel.

In the first place, although I started to use my sickle recently, my main weapon in this middle layer is “Poison Synthesis”.
After all, the monsters in the middle layer receive damage just by touching it.
Although “Enhanced Slashing” will rise if I use my sickle, I will receive damage plainly.
In addition, the contents will spill if I cut it with my sickle, and it’s hard to eat.

Thus, Body in charge, let’s kill the next prey with “Poison Synthesis”.
Ou, understood, Information in charge.

“Parallel Will” is really convenient.
With this, if there are two bodies, I can do the shadow clone that I dreamed.
Ah, but in that case, both are the main bodies, so harming either one is painful.
Ah, I don’t want that.
Although I will survive if one of them remains, doesn’t that means that I will experience a pseudo death?
I don’t want to experience it.
I probably have experience it once, but because it’s not in my memory, it’s not counted.

Therefore, Body in charge, don’t do anything that can lead to death, okay?
No no.
Information in charge, as expected, I won’t do that.


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