Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 89

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89 Changes due to evolution

Speaking of what changed in my status, my skill points increased extremely.
Even though it should increase by 20 per level, it increased by 280 from the last time I saw it.
Assuming that 60 are from 3 level ups, where did the remaining 220 come from?
Is there a bonus when evolving?
Then, I’m convinced that the calculation of the skill points doesn’t match.

Well, if you give, then I will take it.
There are 500, so good skills might be found.
Let’s look at the acquirable skill list carefully later.

There’s something that caught my eyes now.
Although I noticed it since the time when I’m peeling the eel’s scale off, my body shape has somewhat changed.

My two forefeet that were sharp claws became the shape of thin sickles.
Besides, this sickle is incredibly sharp.
The scale peeling that I had a hard time during the snake’s case, ended in a short time.
Although I can’t cut the scales, I can cut quickly between the scale and the skin.
Is it because of my offensive ability that rose? Or, is it because this sickle is sharp?

In addition, my body color blackened.
Although I was blackish, I’m completely black now.
The black that doesn’t reflect light at all.
It’s black, pitch black!

Although it’s impossible to confirm my whole body because there’s no mirror, I think that these are the great changes.
I don’t feel that there’s any changes in my size.
But, perhaps, I’m not conscious of it that many small parts changed.

Up until now, I was the Taratect species, so my appearance didn’t change even though I evolved.
But, my species changed in this evolution.
If I compare it, I think that there are surely some differences in some parts.
It’s inconvenient that there’s no mirror at such time.
I can’t even confirm my appearance.

Well, at present, there’s no uncomfortable feeling when moving.
It doesn’t seems that my overall parts have changed, so it seems that I can move the same as always.
Before I evolve, I have never thought about body changes.
I felt relieved because I didn’t changed much.

However, this sickle is different.
How should I say it? A sound seems to be heard if I take a stance.
I mean, this sickle, no matter how I think, it’s imaged from the god of death(Shinigami).
The explanation stated that it’s the symbol of sinister and it has “Corrosion Attack”, so it should be like that.
Although it doesn’t change that it’s the ninja style, it seems to become the god of death style.

Let’s confirm the skills that leveled up.
I’m happy that “Herculean Strength” and “Solid” rose.
With this, the growth correction increases again.
Although my status has strengthened considerably, still, it’s fairly low if the opponent is like the eel.

The others, “Poison Synthesis”, “Poison Magic and “Shadow Magic” also leveled up.
Because magic can’t be used, I leave it, so let’s examine “Poison Synthesis” to see what’s added in it.

Attribute Endowment「Paralysis」:Paralysis attribute is added』

I-I might have obtained an outrageous thing!?
“Poison Synthesis” that played an active part in the middle layer has evolved further!
I must try this immediately.

Thus, I try to add paralysis attribute to the Deadly Spider Poison.
Let’s try how effective it is at the next chance without rushing.
Ah, but, most opponents will die immediately if it’s the Deadly Spider Poison.
Here, I should add paralysis attribute to Weak Poison, un, OK.
Let’s strike this Weak Poison added with paralysis attribute to my next opponent.
Ah, I’m looking forward to it.

Ah, let’s appraise the newly added one in “Shadow Magic” and “Poison Magic” just in case.

Poison Resist:Boosts the poison resistance temporarily』

A magic that boost my poison resistance.
It’s unnecessary for me.
I mean, a person who uses poison, won’t most of them have high “Poison Resistance”?
Isn’t this magic not needed?
Either way, I can’t use it.
Ah, wait.
This, is this something that’s used on comrades?
If a person use this magic on all comrades when the opponent is a poison user, then it should make the fight advantageous.
Because I was a loner, I never thought of such thing.
If that’s the case, then it’s a magic that can be used normally.
I mean, this magic becomes a trump card according to the opponent.
I see.
Well, either way, it’s unrelated to me!

But, wait for a moment.
Is it really impossible for me to use magic?

The level of “Parallel Thought” and “Calculation Processing” rose considerably.
Isn’t it that I can use “Detection” any time now?
Let’s try it after a long time.

Suu, haa.

“Detection”, on!


《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Calculation Processing LV7』 has become 『Calculation Processing LV8』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Parallel Thought LV5』 has become 『Parallel Thought LV6』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Detection LV6』 has become 『Detection LV7』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Heresy Resistance LV3』 has become 『Heresy Resistance LV4』》


It was hard.
But, I can endure it better than last time.
Because enduring is the best I can do, I have advanced forward.
That means, I’m not going the wrong way.
Although it’s still far from mastering it, a little hope comes into view.


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