Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 83

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83 Spider vs Fire Drake ④

I avoid the fireball spitted by the eel.
The following fireball flies towards the point where I avoided.
Like this, I can’t even escape.

My HP decreases a little by the aftermath of the explosion.
Although it can be avoided if I use my top speed, my yellow gauge decreases fast.
If I keep my best speed, my yellow gauge will be exhausted in the blink of an eye and I will lose my breath.
It would be the end if that happens.

I predict the trajectory of the fireball by the power of “Foresight” and “Thought Acceleration”, anticipate it and dodge it.
But, the eel reads that I will forestall it, and the trajectory is corrected.
Which one will outsmart the other party?
It’s the tension like reading the back until the back.
Although it’s not a big deal even if the other side misses, I will die if I miss even once. There’s a big difference.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Thought Acceleration LV1』 has become 『Thought Acceleration LV2』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Foresight LV1』 has become 『Foresight LV2』》

The skill level ups in this timing is very welcome.
The movement of the flying fireball can be felt a little slower than before.
Because my speed also will become slower, I must be careful about it.

The fireball is avoided.
Then, a different movement from the current eel was seen in “Foresight”.
Although there’s no difference in the action of the breath, it stores more than the current.

I lift off the top speed that I saved.
I run through at the speed that leaves the scenery.
An intense flame burnt the rear.

Flame Breath:Breathe out a long breath of flame that burns a wide range』

It’s the technique that becomes usable at the skill level 4 of “Fire Drake”.
Although I’m sure that I didn’t receive a direct hit, my back is hot even it’s just the remaining heat.
My HP also decreases gradually.
The situation is getting gradually worse and worse, if I receive even one direct hit, I won’t survive.
Having said that, I don’t have an effective breakthrough solution.
I can only continue to avoid now, and wait for the chance.
There’s an uneasiness feeling from my gradually whittling life.

A fireball flies again.
Because of the eel’s “Accuracy” skill at level 10 and the “Probability Correction” skill, the aim is unexpectedly accurate.
If I don’t have the combo of “Evasion”, “Thought Acceleration” and “Foresight”, then it’s doubtful that I can avoid it.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Evasion LV5』 has become 『Evasion LV6』》

Although the situation can’t be reversed, I want even a little advantage now.

The eel’s remaining MP is confirmed while I avoided the fireball.
Although it decreased considerably, it still remains more than half.
The “Flame Breath” is only a wide range technique, and the MP consumption is more intense than the fireball.
If it can’t be fired continuously, then it’s good, but I want it to keep it as it is.
“Foresight” doesn’t activate always, so if that happens, I’m not confident that I can avoid it.
I must confirm the eel’s state as long as I can.

Just when I thought about it, “Foresight” caught the appearance of the eel breathing out “Flame Breath”.
I run through at top speed once again.
But, this time, the eel doesn’t breathe out the breath straight, it shakes it’s head to the side, and breathe out sweeping sideways!
The already wide “Flame Breath” attack range expands more.

It grazed me a little.
Even though it’s just grazed, my HP decrease by 10.
The parts that got grazed were a part of my back and one of my hind-legs.
Although there’s a slight pain in my hind-leg, it seems to be okay to move.
However, there might be a small delay in my speed.
This is bad.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Fire Resistance LV1』 has become 『Fire Resistance LV2』》

After coming so far, the “Fire Resistance” that never rose, finally rose.
Good timing.
If “Fire Resistance” rises, the automatic recovery should exceed the amount of the terrain damage.
Although the amount of recovery might be insignificant, there’s a wide difference between it exist and it doesn’t exist.

I see the eel’s MP.
It reached half.
The consumption of MP for fireball is roughly 10, and the “Flame Breath” is about 50.
Even though it reached half, if the eel thinks to do it, it can breathe out 4 “Flame Breath”.
I don’t want that.

I move to take distance with the eel.
When doing so, the eel spits out fireballs while pursuing me.
As planned.
I don’t think it can breathe out that “Flame Breath” while moving.
Now, I only need to keep it running while spitting out fireballs until its MP is exhausted.
As long as that’s overcome, there should be a chance.

Now, I avoid earnestly.
Falling back as much as possible, but move with avoiding as the highest priority.
I carefully choose the escape route, so that I don’t get cornered to the edge of the magma.
I will die if I make a mistake.
Feeling like taking a risk.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Automatic HP Recovery LV5』 has become 『Automatic HP Recovery LV6』》

Yosh yosh!
As expected, I need to concentrate in a combat, so my skill level rises quickly.
The skill that I have waited for it to level as well as the “Fire Resistance” rose in this timing.

It’s only an instant that I become happy.
But, that instant is fatal.

The eel’s neck moves like the action of the breath.
It’s completely unexpected.
“Foresight” never activated.
I can’t avoid this.

A breath gushes out from the eel’s mouth.
Immediately, I kick the ground with all my strength, and jump up into the air.
The breath snatches my legs.
While enduring the pain, I extend a thread towards the ceiling.
I pull myself in a hurry and lands on the ceiling.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『3D-Maneuver LV4』 has become 『3D-Maneuver LV5』》

I, who look down at the eel from the ceiling.
The eel that looks up at me from within the magma.
Although I manage to avoid the breath somehow, what should I do after this….


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