Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 73

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Changed Solid Movement → 3D-Maneuver

73 Death flag suddenly

That’s right, let’s go to the middle layer.
Make hay while the sun shines.
If it’s my current speed, it’s likely that I will be able to run away from most enemies, and up until now, I have acted while carrying death wounds.
Nothing can be done if I’m scared of wounds.
I depend too much on recovery.
I know it well.

Usually, it’s better to raise the level a little more properly,but I think that I should get away from here quick.
I feeling somewhat uneasy.

Thus, let’s leave the fourth home after today.
Goodbye, my fourth home.
I’m indebted to you.
Stay healthy.

In the next moment, my fourth home bursts and scatters.

It was blown off.
I rolled and stop near the center of the slope.
My HP has decreased slightly.
It became like this because I was at the outside, but what if I’m inside the home.

I see the person who caused this disastrous scene.

『Earth Dragon Kaguna LV26
Failed to appraise its status』

That’s a dragon.
Compared with the Earth Dragon Alaba, it gives an impression of short and stout.
That being the case, the power looks strong.
There are no wings.

I run.
I run at full speed towards the top of the slope.
I keep on running even after I cross the top of the slope.
My yellow stamina gauge is exhausted, but still, my legs will not stop.
My legs that exceeded its limit screams.
It’s painful.
But, my legs will not stop.
Avoiding the magma, and I run at full speed on the small land.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『SP Consumption Down LV2』 has become 『SP Consumption Down LV3』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Fear Resistance LV6』 has become 『Fear Resistance LV7』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Agility LV7』 has become 『Agility LV8』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Endurance LV7』 has become 『Endurance LV8』》

I wonder how far did I ran, and as expected, my legs stopped after reaching its limit.
Although I have the urge to fall down, I strain my willpower and look back.
The Earth Dragon didn’t chase after me.

I was saved.
I sink down to the floor after confirming that there’s no monster in the surroundings.

Nai wa.
An attack from the Earth Dragon without any advance warnings, seriously nai wa.
I thought I was gonna die.
No, actually, if I ran a little later, then I might have died.
That uneasy feeling was this.

However, what’s that?
Is it a rule that the Earth Dragon have to use the breath whenever it sees a cobweb?
What’s that? Scary.
Is the lower layer the den of the Earth Dragons?
What’s that? Scary.
No no.
As expected, there’s shouldn’t be a place where those guys are all over the place.

I recalled the status that was manage to be appraised.
All of them were 4-digits.
It’s strange, right?
There’s no way I can win.
And what’s more is that even after it destroyed my home, it still has a lot of MP and SP.
In other words, that attack is not one shot at a time, but it can be fired in rapid succession.

Impossible impossible.
What’s with that monster?
Earth Dragon, scary.

Nevertheless, that Earth Dragon seems to be a different kind from the previously seen Earth Dragon Alaba.
Although its level is lower than the Earth Dragon Alaba, I don’t know which one is stronger because I can’t appraise Alaba.
But, either way, it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t win against them.

Are Alaba and Kaguna somehow related to the Earth Dragon?
Something like it’s the same kind but different branch of evolution.
Ah, that’s possible.
Dragons are the symbol of the high ranked species, so it’s not strange that it has many evolution line.

Or, the Earth Dragon exists only one of a kind respectively.
That’s also possible.
Although there’s not much of it because it’s a high ranked species, each individual is very powerful.
It’s all right to say that status is very powerful.
If that’s the case, the probability to encounter it is low.
No, wait a second.
In that case, it would mean that I was attacked twice by the Earth Dragon that has a low probability to encounter.
Isn’t my luck very bad?

I-I-I-It shouldn’t be like th-th-that….
Although I have experienced a lot of near-death experiences, I always ended up surviving, so my luck should be good.
But, in the first place, will a person with good luck experience near-death experiences several times?
… This is not good.
I should not think any further.

It’s really a paper-thin difference.
Thank god that I didn’t thought of leveling more.
Bad luck still haven’t abandon me.
Let’s decide it to be like that.
Someone please say so.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Prediction LV8』 has become 『Prediction LV9』》

I never asked you!!
What’s with that perfect timing!
Waiting to retort!?
Voice of heaven sure have the talents of a comedian!?

I got agitated for a moment just because of a foolish thing.

Although it’s the worst start, let’s start capturing the middle layer little by little.
I want to part from the Earth Dragon as soon as possible.


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