Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 6

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6 I didn’t regret after munching it

It looks like I dozed off after I felt relieved making the new home.
There’s a vibration transmitted through the thread that was tied to my leg and it woke me up.
All of this felt like a dream when I woke up but it was not a dream.
Well, un.
I already know that.

I stretched my body after waking up.
All my legs stretched briskly.
It’s kinda disgusting.

I pull myself together and I turn towards the thread that’s still vibrating.
In my point of view, the thread was on the left passage which spreads out to the lower half web.
Looks like something is caught there.
My first prey.

I approach it carefully.
Upon reaching the web, there’s something with a flashy rainbow color familiar figure caught in the web.


This is really shape of a frog.
Though the size is almost the same as me and it shines in rainbow color but it looks exactly like a frog.
This is the first time that I agree with the result of “Appraisal” skill.

A frog.
It’s not a bad first prey right?
Though it’s not eaten in Japan, but some area seemed to eat it normally.
It seems that it taste almost the same as chicken.
To continue living, I might need to eat strange things in the future. So, isn’t it a good start for now?
If I don’t eat it, I don’t think I can eat anything after this.

If there’s a problem, then this frog, no matter how you look at it, it looks like it has poison in it.
No, having such a malicious color, it’s impossible that it’s not poisonous.
What should I do?

When I was thinking leisurely, the frog launch a counterattack in desperation!
The frog spits out a malicious color liquid towards me!
Ah, this is bad!
Without enough time to avoid it, I took the liquid on myself.


Wa-, what’s this!?
Pain, pain!?
Is it poison?
Is it really poison!?
The part where I took the liquid is very painful!?

A second spit is coming!?
It hits again!?
Pain, this is not good!?
Retreat, Retreat!

I moved my entangled leg and somehow managed to evacuated from the spitting range of the frog.
It’s very painful.
Is this the feeling being pour with acid?
My body didn’t melt right?
Though I feel uneasy, but there’s no mirror so I can’t confirm my body.

I was defeated.
Even if it’s caught in the trap, but it’s still a monster. I should not have been careless.
Despair turns cowards courageous.
Even a frog won’t let itself get eaten by a snake without resistance.

Ah, the pain doesn’t seem to be deadly.
The venom had hit mainly at my left half of my body and my back.
Some of the venom hit my left eye causing me to lose a part of my view.
My left eye has been destroyed but only a part of my view is missing.
Is it because that I am a spider that I have a lot of eyes?
It’s probably so.
This is newly discovered.

Now’s not the time for it.
The pain doesn’t seem to fade.

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Acid Resistance LV1』》

Somehow the pain softens.
Can I acquire a skill even without using any skill points?
Then what’s the point of using 100 points for that “Appraisal” skill?
….I should not try to think deeply.

Anyways, it seems that I acquired an “Acid Resistance” skill.
The condition for the skill to be acquired was probably the attack from the frog.
Un. However, there seem to be other conditions because I didn’t acquire the skill after receiving the attack.
The most likely answer would probably be that I keep on receiving damage from the acid right?

Let’s postpone all the thoughts first.
The pain became better due to the “Acid Resistance”.
When I think about it, my anger towards the frog starts to blow out.
That frog, being just a food, sure have the nerves to attack me!
I have just decided it.
I don’t care if it has poison or not.
When it comes to this, I will eat it no matter what happens!

Now that it’s decided, it’s time to charge!
As long as I don’t lower my guard, that frog is just a pitiful prey caught up in the trap!

The frog that spits out venom three times.
Fu, it’s easy to avoid if I know it’s coming!
I dodge the approaching venom splendidly and charge at the frog.
Receive it, my killer technique!


I bite it!
Don’t think it’s just a mere bite!
I am a spider!
There’s poison in my fangs!
When I was able to produce threads, I was able to understand such information naturally.
Fufufu, be undermined by the poison and die!


Hogyaou!? ( ホギャオゥ!?)

It spitted venom in that kind of state!?
Pain Pain!?
It’s still painful even if I have resistance!

I pulled out my fangs unintentionally!

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Poison Resistance LV1』 has became 『Poison Resistance LV2』》

Ah, is that so.
Now’s not the time for it!
This frog, to spit this filthy venom on me not twice but thrice!

It’s unforgivable!
Though I don’t have the intention to forgive that frog but now that thing’s done for it!

Entrusting my anger, I attack it with a second bite.
The frog writhed in agony.
Suffer, suffer more!
I get carried away and I bite it over and over again.
The frog that was struggling a while ago gradually became weaker and finally ran out of strength.

At last, I defeated it.
With this as my first prey, I feel uneasy about the future.
But, I did it!

I taste it at once!
Munch Munch.
Zuryu Zuryu. ( ズリュズリュ TL note: no idea what sound is this)
Umu, it’s bitter and painful.

Is the poison the bitter one?
Is the pain from the ingredient of the acid?
Well, with resistance, I can endure it.
But, it’s not delicious.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill『Acid Resistance LV1』 has became 『Acid Resistance LV2』》

Though the frog is not delicious but the skill was delicious.

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