Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 47

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47 Poison poison

Today, I’m moving stealthily again.
Although the labyrinth zone in the upper layer has a lot of forked road, this passage is a straight road all this time.
It’s good that I won’t get lost, but if this passage leads to the bottom layer, will I be able to return?
Ah, let’s put away the unpleasant imagination.
It surely leads to the middle layer!
Let’s believe so!

Well then, the red gauge will decrease soon.
Though I ate the snail insect last time, I want to make it as the last resort.
Although there are several of them moving slowly on the wall, I don’t think I want to eat it willingly.
With that taste, other monsters won’t be eager to eat it.

That’s why, I want to find a normal meal somehow while the gauge still have time.
Let’s put away whether the monsters with poison are normal or not.
Well, I have eaten a lot of monsters with poison.
It’s that guy now.
I didn’t think that I want to eat something delicious.
…I miss the cup noodles.

Now then, front, all clear!
Rear, all clear!
No dangers around!
Yosh yosh.

『Elro Randanel LV8 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Randanel LV7 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Randanel LV7 Failed to appraise its status』

It’s the three intimate friend monsters that appeared before my eyes.
These guys really comes in 3 anywhere and anytime.
However, should I say it’s as expected from the lower layer, their level is quite high.
If I assume that evolution occurs at level 10, then, that level 8 guy might be able to evolve soon.
Well, such future will never come.

I go around to their rear stealthily.
And here, the appearance of the new weapon, Cast Net!
Eh, it’s just as its name?
Who cares. It’s not like I can think of an exquisite name every time.
Even though I grinned when I thought of the Kumorning Star.
I would be troubled if that quality is demanded every time.

Therefore, Cast Net, go!

Don’t think that it’s just a mere cast net.
This new weapon, un, it’s a little lonely without a name, ah, explanation?
Yeah, yeah. This guy, even though it becomes a lump immediately after throwing it, the moment it reaches the target, a cobweb spreads and wraps it’s target!
This is made delicately with the dream combo of the “Spider Thread” and “Thread Manipulation”.

The three monsters are wrapped in the net without being able to do anything.
Big catch, big catch!
Now, I just need to kill them with my “Poison Fang” as usual.
Hai, chomp!

《Conditions met. Title 『Poison Technique User』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the title 『Poison Technique User』, skill 『Poison Synthesis LV1』『Poison Magic LV1』 was acquired》

I get a title!
Is it poison? It is poison!
No, finally, after I have been using poison all this time since I was born.
Isn’t it hard to acquire this title?
I mean, the titles I have acquired up until now, all of the conditions are considerably strict.
Is the title that difficult to acquire?
Well, I acquired it so it’s fine.

And the skills are “Poison Synthesis” and “Poison Magic”.
The “Poison Magic” is as usual, I don’t know how to use it, so I’m leaving it as it is.
My magic increased again.
As for the “Poison Synthesis”, I don’t know what kind of effect it has.
“Poison Synthesis”, does it mean I can make poison?
However, because I’m a spider, poison is made involuntarily.

For the time being, let’s postpone the verification of the skills.
First of all, I must kill the remaining two quickly.
Therefore, I bite them with “Poison Fang”.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Poison Fang LV7』 has become 『Poison Fang LV8』》

Is today the poison day?
Good good.
If I assume that level 10 is the highest, isn’t level 8 a considerably deadly poison?
It was quite effective against the bee that should have poison in it.
This one is more pleasant than acquiring the title.

I carry the dead three monsters to the shade of a rock.
Ugu, with my weak status, carrying 3 at once is tough.
It might be better if I carry it one by one.
Didn’t I do the same thing previously?
At that time, didn’t I regret that I should have carry it one by one?
I don’t remember!
I don’t remember such past!
It’s not that my memory is bad!
There’s no such past!

For the time being, let’s try “Poison Synthesis” while eating.
Even if I say so, I don’t know how to use it, so I should just try pray silently.
Thus, I whisper and pray silently, “Poison Synthesis”!

Something appear when I pray silently.
It’s the feeling that an image is displayed in the head like the “Appraisal”.

『Poison Synthesis Menu』
『Weak Poison』
『Spider Poison LV8』

What’s this?
Ah, but it’s displayed in this way, so “Appraisal” should work.

『Poison Synthesis Menu:Poison can be synthesized』
『Weak Poison:Very weak poison』
『Spider Poison LV8:Lethal poison secreted by the spider. LV8 is very powerful』

“Spider Poison” is my original poison.
And, perhaps, the “Poison Synthesis” level 1 can only make weak poison.
I select weak poison for trial.
A ball of water rose in front of me and it drops to the ground and forms a puddle.
Is this the pattern where there must be a container?
I appraise the puddle just in case.

『Puddle of Weak Poison』

It seems to be weak poison.
I see.
In other words, this “Poison Synthesis” skill can create poison without any material.
Although it seems convenient for a human, I’m a spider.
It might be useful depending on how I use it.
Producing poison with no cost is surely great.

Ah, no, wait a minute?
My MP has decrease.
It’s not for free.
Ah, the doubtful degree increased at a stretch.
Although the poison that can be synthesize might increase when a level rises, I can already make powerful poison that is called the “Spider Poison”.
I don’t feel the charm from it.
But, it’s good that there’s use to it.
It’s entirely better than the annihilation of magic-related skills.

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