Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 4

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4 Exploring a dungeon for the first time

Now now.
It’s no use standing on the same place for a long time so I should start moving.
Seems there are human footprints here means that there are people in here and I have a feeling that if we were to bump into each other, it would be troublesome.
For the time being, let’s move towards the opposite direction of the footprints.

However, this cave sure is wide!

The height of this cave is probably around 100 meters and the width should be approximately the same.
I had a mixed feeling due to the uneven rocks scattered everywhere in the cave and yet this cave is considerably spacious.
( デコボコした岩があちこちにあるおかげで、ちょっと雑多な感じはするけど、それでも洞窟としてはかなり広々としてる。 TL note: Not sure about this part)
The wide path branches extending even further.
Here is a Y-shaped intersection where there’s the path where I come from, the path where the people go through and the path that I am heading to.
The path I’m going to is the one going downwards from the Y-shaped intersection.

I climb the rock nearby and I peek at the path ahead quietly.

Something is there….!

There are monsters lurking throughout the path.

『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Deer』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Bat』『Wolf』『Wolf』『Wolf』『Wolf』『Wolf』『Wolf』『Dinosaur』…… ( TL note: Ugh!!!)

The “Appraisal” skill has gone rampaged.
No, it looks like a deer but the deer I know did not had a shining sword-like horn.
The bats are also different. It looks like an ugly rodent with devil wings.
The wolf looks relatively normal or so I thought, but it has six legs.
At the back, there is a dinosaur lying down.
It’s like a T-rex that has a horn and scales.
Rather than dinosaur, isn’t it a dragon?

Must I breakthrough here?
Isn’t it impossible?
No, doing something absurd might be good thing for a newborn small spider.
The difficulty is lunatic.

I stealthily descend from the rock.
What to do.
The front is a monster hazard.
The back, one being a spider hell and another one is human.
Am I being checkmated?

Well. wait.
Calm down.
I have prepared a solution just in case something like this might happen.
Well, it not an exaggerated thing. I just happen to found another path.

Because of the huge Y-shape intersection, it didn’t stand out but there is definitely a path.
The passage was a hole in the wall.
Still, the height of the hole is around 3 meters and the width is approximately the same.
If there is a problem, it is the footprints of human that came out from the passage.

If a person came out from the passage, doesn’t that means that beyond this passage is the cave or rather the dungeon’s exit?
The exit.

Should I really go out?
If I am a normal human being, I won’t hesitate to go out.
After all, it’s obvious that this dungeon is way too high-leveled.
I don’t know how strong am I as a monster and the moment I thought that it’s impossible to win, the option to fight is excluded.
No. If this is a game then dying won’t be hard because I can revive but if it’s a reality then dying will practically be the end.
I don’t intend to stake my life into a suicide attack.
I want to take as many safety measures as I can.

When thinking like that, the choice to escape the dungeon doesn’t seem to be a bad choice.
Though the choice was not bad, I cannot say that it’s safe to go out.
After all, I am a monster.
At least if there’s people going in and out of the dungeon, that means that there’s a human population nearby.
If a monster spider were to show up in a human territory, obviously I would get hunted.
That’s the risk of going outside.

However, if I can settle down in a place where it’s hard to find, then it might work out.
It’s a matter of luck to skillfully avoid from humans or to continue to stay inside the dungeon.

Yosh, I have decided it!
For the time being, let’s head to the dungeon’s exit.
I should watch the dungeon’s exit and I should escape as soon as possible.
There’s a possibility that the humans may had pitch their tent at the entrance of the dungeon.
Now that it’s decided then Let’s Go!

I hesitated.(´∀`*)

Can I say it again?
This cave is way too WIDE!

What’s with this huge labyrinth?
The path seems to branch until I don’t even know where am I going.
The number of branch paths?
I gave up after I counted till 10.

I encountered a considerable amount of monsters.
The results of escaping from each encounter was me getting lost.
I have lost sight at such a thing long time ago.

Ahh, no way.
A map is needed if anyone wants to conquer this labyrinth.
Now’s not the time to find the exit.

My hunger is reaching it’s limit soon.
Somebody gimme rice please.

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