Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 37

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37 Struggles

After the Earth Dragon left, I watched the surroundings excessively for a long time.
Even if I do that much, I still can’t feel relieved.
I can’t be relieved but it won’t begin unless I start acting.

I extend a thread with “Thread Manipulation” towards the bee which was left restrained.
Ugh, my back hurts.
But it doesn’t seem that I have any problem to release the thread.
The thread extends slowly and finally, it’s connects to the bee.

The bee is still struggling, but when it comes to this, I don’t matter already.
Moreover, I better recover it quickly before it draws a different monster.
My wound hurts whenever I pull it.
I want to think that it’s all right because my HP didn’t decrease anymore even though the pain is intense.

Finally, the bee is recovered.
I drive in my “Poison Fang” immediately to kill it.
When thinking that the “Poison Fang” is effective against monster that uses poison, isn’t my skill level for “Poison Fang” and “Poison Resistance” is considerably high compared to the other monsters?
Well, I don’t care about such thing now.

The problem now is what should I do from now on.
To be frank, I think that it’s a suicidal act to explore this area.
When I think that there are other monsters like the Earth Dragon, I won’t be able to survive.

That is not good.
Even though I have crossed various dangerous bridges up until now, but that one, the danger is not equal.

Even after saying this and that, I take pride in being able to fight.
Though now, I wander around the dungeon and use the surprise attack strategy, my original style was to make a nest and withstand a siege.
I understood that the simple home was able to overthrow the snake, so if I make a nest seriously assuming a defensive battle, there’s no monster who can breakthrough it.
It should be.

‘That’ will most likely breakthrough it.
Moreover, with great ease.
‘That’ has the power to that extent.

Thread, Poison Fang, Surprise Attack, Speed.
My distinctive characteristics too becomes petty tricks in front of ‘that’.
Such petty tricks will be kicked about before the overwhelming power.
I can imagine the figure easily.
‘That’ was the second monster that I can’t win no matter how I struggle after being born as a spider.
By the way, the first one was my mother (father?) which is a huge spider.

Though it’s a problem that I can’t win, it’s a big problem that its speed is faster than me.
Even if the nest is broken through, I can still escape in the meantime.
Perhaps, I would be seething with anger but in the end, I will surely escape with my life.
It’s possible with my speed.
But, ‘that’ will exceed my speed.

I can’t win even if I fight it.
It’s impossible to escape.
It becomes hopeless once I’m marked down.

What an absurd existence.
If I know that there’s ‘that’, charging to the snake knowing that it’s impossible was way much better.
Moreover, ‘that’ might not be the only one in this area.

I’m scared.
Up until now, this is the closes one to death.
I’m surprised to learn that there’s still feelings of being scared in myself.
Even if I have various absurd experience, I never felt nervous and fearful before. So I thought that I have put away such feelings somewhere long ago.
I understood it after I’m in this situation.
Up until now, the dangers was only that much. It didn’t reached the level that I would feel fear.
It’s not because my feelings have died, but it’s because that it’s not necessary to feel so.

It’s too late to understand it.
I wanted to realize it before I’m checkmated.
Then, I might be able to aware about the dangers a little.

Let’s stop regretting here.
Let’s think about what should I do to survive.

First of all, securing safety.
I will make a nest around this rocky area even though it’s useless against the Earth Dragon.
In the present condition, my state is not good to move.
Since it became this way, there’s no use holding grudge.
The third home will be made here.

And, if possible, I want to draw weak monsters like the bee and kill it.
Aiming for the recovery by level up.
It can’t be helped until this wound recovered.
With my current state, it’s possible to die with a poke by a small fry monster.
I better not expect for natural recovery.
When it becomes so, I should have acquired the “Automatic HP Recovery” skill.
There’s no help for it even if I regret it.
I should give up resolutely here and switch my feelings.

For the time being, let’s build a base with this aim.
To be frank, it’s not a good plan to build a base here.
It will only stand out if I build a base here and when a strong monster of the Earth Dragon class found it, it would be the end.
But, this is the only way I can take for the current me who’s wounded.
After that, I have no choice but to bet on my bad luck.

I will aim for leveling now.
After my wound has cured by level up, I will think about escaping from this dangerous area.

Either I break through the army of bees and go to the top, or explore the bottom knowing its dangers.
Either way, I will experience hell.
But now that I have fallen into the bottom, ultimately, there’s only 2 choices either to live or die.
Live fortunately or die unfortunately.
Presently, the scale inclines towards the death.
Will it continue fall or will it make a recovery?

Let’s act to make a recovery.
Fortunately, I still have the stamina to make the nest.
Because the bee is considerably big, it’s very helpful for a food.
Let’s turn all the stamina that is obtained from this body to make the nest.
From there ahead is up to my skills and luck.

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