Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 33

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33 The seriousness of Appraisal-san

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Appraisal LV5』 has become 『Appraisal LV6』》

With this, victory is mine!
When thinking that the maximum level is 10, a usable function should appear soon!
I try to see my appraisal result while throbbing.

『Small Taratect LV2 No name 
 Average Offensive Ability:19
 Average Defensive Ability:19
 Average Magic Ability:18
 Average Resistance Ability:18
 Average Speed Ability:348』

Who are you!? ( 貴様誰だ!?TL note: is this a reference?)
You’re not the Appraisal-san that I know!?
The Appraisal-san I know should be a useless child that’s overflowing with disappointing feelings!
It’s absolutely not a competent cool beauty like you!
Where’s the real Appraisal-san!?
What should I do with the word 「It’s useless」 that I prepared secretly!?
You let me hold expectations every time, and when a new feature is added, didn’t we made a promise that I will say 「It’s useless」 in the end!
Why do you have to betray my expectations for the promise?
Say, say something!

Haa, haa, haa!
I lose control of myself for just a moment.
I should take a deep breath and calm down here.
Fuu, fuu, haa.
Yosh, I returned to sanity!

Didn’t Appraisal-san evolve too much?
The difference is extreme so far.
No, this is one of the things which I wanted from Appraisal-san.
But somehow I don’t feel satisfied.
If I were to say it, it’s like the same person that graduated from the same middle school as you, made his high school debut shrewdly.
No, it’s incomprehensible even if I do say so myself.

Anyway, this functional enhancement of “Appraisal” is terrific.
My strength that I didn’t know up until now has become obvious.
Specific numerical value has appeared and it seems that I can verify various things from now on.

Before that, just to be sure, let’s examine the word with double appraisal.

『Small Taratect:Hatchling of the spider-type monster called the Taratect. Carnivorous and has poison in its fang』
『Average Offensive Ability:Displays the individual’s average physical offensive ability. Although it’s the average, the numerical value differs according to the body parts』
『Average Defensive Ability:Displays the individual’s average physical defensive ability. Although it’s the average, the numerical value differs according to the body parts』
『Average Magic Ability:Displays the individual’s average magic application(運用) ability. Although it’s average, the numerical value differs according to the operation』
『Average Resistance Ability:Displays the individual’s average magic defensive ability. Although it’s average, the numerical value differs according to the attribute』
『Average Speed Ability:Displays the individual’s average speed ability. Although it’s average, the numerical value differs according to the body parts』

Even the explanation has become longer and easier to understand.
Appraisal-san, to become so excellent….

Differ according to body parts should mean that if it’s human, then it’s the difference between hand and leg.
The offensive ability changes in the hand and leg.
The numerical value that appeared in the status probably is the average of all the body parts.

However, that.
My status, no matter how you look at it, it’s low right?
I don’t know how low my stats are because I can’t compare it. But I have raise my level to 10 once and evolve. What’s with this number?
And among those stats, the speed stands out the most.
Isn’t is strange?
Only the numerical value of the speed is 10 times higher than the others.
What a speed specialized character am I.

When it become so, I want to compare it with other monsters.
Predicting the result so far, the probability to fail is high when “Appraisal” is used on others.
Rather than high, it never succeed in appraising other status except the level.
Perhaps, I think that it doesn’t change much even if the skill level rose.
However, I think that it’s worth trying.

Therefore, let’s look for a prey.
Is there a good prey somewhere?

Found you!
Yosh, appraise at once!

『Elro Greim LV2 Failed to appraise its status』

As expected, the “Appraisal” of the another person’s status is difficult.
There’s no help for it.

For the time being, seems it’s a monster that I see for the first time, let’s appraise it’s species.

『Elro Greim:The mouse-type monster that inhabit in the Elro Great Labyrinth. Omnivorous and has poison in its fang』

Wait a minute.
There’s a word in the explanation of the monster that can’t be ignored.

『Elro Great Labyrinth:The world’s largest labyrinth that connects the Daztoldia continent and Kasanagara continent underground』

I confirm my location from an unexpected point.
It seems the dungeon I am in is called the Elro Great Labyrinth.
Certainly, I have thought before what’s the ‘Elro’ that’s attached to the monster’s name, so it’s the dungeon’s name.
The world’s largest labyrinth.
That explains why it’s this wide.
What does it mean by connecting continents underground?
In other words, the top of the dungeon is the sea?
Then, it’s wide.
I mean is it possible for me to go out from this huge labyrinth?
Ah, I don’t want to think about it.

While I’m at it, I appraise the name of the continents.

『Daztoldia Continent:It’s a continent called as the land of the Human race. Human race nation exists in great numbers』
『Kasanagara Continent:The central continent of the world. Proud of its world’s largest area』

That’s the only impression that comes out.
If I were to escape, I would like to avoid the Daztoldia continent that is roamed by humans. But I don’t seem to have the composure to choose.

For the time being, I was able to recognize anew the current condition and I was able to obtain some useful information.

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