Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 31

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31 I gained new skills

Let’s try the newly acquired skills.

First of all, “Thread Manipulation”.
If it’s as the same as its name, then the convenience of my “Spider Thread” should increase a lot.
The invincible and wonderful “Spider Thread” becomes stronger is surely the best.
For the time being, I try to release a thread.

The problem is beyond that point.
If I don’t know the way to manipulate the thread, then it’s useless to choose this skill.
Like the “Appraisal”, I think about it in my mind.

Move, move.
Oh, there’s a slight sense of discomfort on the thread.
What’s this?
It’s like something entered the thread, it’s a strange feeling that’s hard to describe.
If I were to compare it, it’s like a nerve entered the thread.
Can this work?
I try to send an order to move after entering the thread.

Gugugugugu. ( ぐぐぐぐぐ。)

The thread moves a little in a slow movement.

It moved.
No matter how hard I try, I can’t make it usable in battle…..

Ah, I understood it!
I have prepared for this!
I thought of such possibility!
For me, it’s still better for it to move!
I didn’t had any expectations. I really didn’t!

My MP decrease a little?
I have never seen my MP decrease so far, but this is the influence of “Thread Manipulation” right?
Hee, “Thread Manipulation” consumes MP.
Well, I didn’t use MP so far and I’m particularly good with it.
For the time being, I should use my MP when I’m free to level my skill.
Let’s believe that this is surely useful in the long term.

I pull myself together, and the next is “Detect”.
I don’t hold expectations on it.
At any rate, this has a higher gambling element than “Thread Manipulation”.
I don’t whether it’s usable or not.
To be frank, it’s uncertain whether there’s the function for enemy searching that I want or not.
There’s a possibility that the skill will be completely different.
In addition, the “Thread Manipulation” is like that and “Appraisal” too the same. To be honest, I shouldn’t expect much from level 1 skills.
I must think that it’s a congratulatory matter if it has the function I want and I understand the way to use it.
( 目当ての機能があって、使い方もわかれば万々歳だと思わないと TL note: not sure with this)

For the time being, let’s do the same as the “Appraisal”.
I somehow imaged the feeling of meditating and it looks like it’s a right on the mark.
Up until now, I can’t sense anything, and yet suddenly, I can sense various things.

What’s this?

The information is extremely thin and I can’t distinguish what is there.
But, the quantity is not ordinary.
Various information flows into my head from many places.


Like the time when I use a large amount of “Appraisal”, a shock hit my head hard.
I sever the “Detect” in a hurry.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Detect LV1』 has become 『Detect LV2』》

Isn’t it too fast?
Eh, seriously, did it just level because of that?
No, certainly it did pick up an outrageous amount of information, but, err, really?

Let’s wait for a moment.
To begin with, what’s that?
It’s totally different from the “Detect” that I imagined and I want to scream about the mysterious phenomenon that occurred. Voice of heaven-san, can I request an explanation for this? It’s useless right? I knew it.

I need to calm down.
I try using “Detect” once again to confirm that mysterious phenomenon.
I need to to be mentally prepared for this, after all, it’s dangerous.
Suu Haa. ( すーはー。)
Yosh, “Detect” start.

Information than I don’t understand well flows into my head even more than the previous one.

《Skill proficiency reach. Skill 『Detect LV2』 has become 『Detect LV3』》

It’s too fast!
Gu, I’m reaching my limit soon.
I sever the “Detect”.
Ah, this is tiresome.

But, I somehow understand it.
Yes, about “Detect”.
The skill’s name is Detect.
It didn’t say what it detects.
This “Detect” skill, if my thoughts are right, then the effect is more than I imagined.
Or rather, it has the effect more than I imagined that makes it doesn’t seem usable.

In other words, I think that the “Detect” skill detects everything that exists around and the information is sent to the user.

Then, it becomes impossible to process the excessive information in the head.
Certainly, it has the enemy searching function in it, but to pick up that specific information from that amount is impossible for me who have a tiny brain.
It’s impossible to do it unless I have the processing capacity at the same level as a super computer.

Uwa, certainly, I didn’t not imagine that the skill will not be usable because of the skill was too high-performance.
What kind of pitfall is this?
What is this?
The guy who thought of this, is he the guy who won’t be satisfied unless he set up a trap in it?

At any rate, “Detect” is not usable.
It can’t work out somehow even if its level rises unlike “Thread Manipulation”.
Or rather, won’t my head explode if I raise its level?
I already need to shelved it forever.
Nai waa.

Can’t I return the skill back?
It’s impossible right.
Uaa, it looks like I really don’t have any talents in gambling.
The feeling that I have done it is horrible.
Haa, I’m losing strength.

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