Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 28

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28 Eat eat eat

I eat earnestly in order to recover the stamina that became empty after evolving.
First is the remaining part of the snake.
The remainder of the snake which I had a hard time to finish eating it is now inside my stomach.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Poison Resistance LV6』 has become 『Poison Resistance LV7』》

The “Poison Resistance” skill leveled up right after I finish eating the snake.
Thanks to this snake, my “Poison Resistance” went up by 2 levels.

Before I evolved, if I ate this much, my stomach would have bulged like a balloon but now, I wonder whether the food that I eat disappear in a different space or not because my stomach doesn’t bulge.
It’s really like whatever I ate seems to disappear.
On the contrary, the red total stamina gauge is recovering rapidly.
After coming to this world, I have encountered a lot of mysterious phenomenon but it seems that my current stomach is the most mysterious one.
What’s going on in my stomach?
( どうなってんだこれ?TL note: not sure about this)

Well, there’s no help for it even if I think deeply.
I clearly get that this is that sort of world.
Let’s leave it to a scholar to clarify such a mysterious phenomenon.

Therefore, my stomach didn’t bulge even after I finish eating the snake.
It didn’t bulge so there’s no way that it’s sufficient.
The red total stamina gauge is still far from full.

Fortunately, there’s a mountain of monster’s corpses in the home.
There’s the quantity that I was troubled with how to finish it before I evolved.
As expected, with this much, my different dimension stomach will surely be satisfied.

Thus, itadakimasu.
I eat earnestly.
Umu, I was a person with a small appetite in my previous life, but now, in this world, I am glutton.
Now, I don’t feel like I would lose to any food fighter! ( TL note: Food fighter = competitive eater)

No, seriously, what’s going on in my stomach?
It’s obvious that I’m eating something that’s more than my body’s volume and yet I can still eat more.
Don’t tell me that it’s real that my stomach is connected with another dimension?
Though I know that there’s no help even if I think so, but I’m worried when it comes to my body.
I won’t understand anything even if I’m worried but I’m getting impatient.
( 気になっても答えがわからないのがこう、ムズムズするというかなんというか。TL note: not sure about this)
Da! ( ダー!)
Don’t think!
I shouldn’t think about anything now and I should continue eating!

Eat, ah, there’s nothing to eat anymore.
Hae? ( ハエ?)
Did I ate all the food here?
….I ate them all.
There’s nothing left.
My stomach is in eight-tenth though.
The red total stamina gauge is also the same.
I don’t become full even if I ate that much.

Don’t tell me from now on, it’s always like this?
It is just this time only right because I used up my energy for my evolution?
Otherwise, I’m sure that I will starve to death.
That is troubling.
That is very troubling
No right? There’s no such thing right? (https://vulcanpost.com/)
If it is so then evolution is an outrageous land mine.

No, when thinking properly, isn’t it that evolution is relatively a land mine?
I would lose consciousness and my energy becomes approximately empty.
I don’t know how long passed since I lost my consciousness and during that time, I would be defenseless.
Though I don’t had any problems because I’m inside the home, but for other monsters, isn’t evolution quite life-threatening?
I am really lucky.

In addition, even if I succeed in the evolution, it’s dangerous because I’ll run out of energy.
If they don’t have any stored food like me, they would need to hunt in such a worn-out state.
Won’t it get defeated if it hunt in such state?
I am really lucky.
Is this the protagonist revision or opportunism?
( こういうのって、主人公補正とかご都合主義とかいうのかな?TL note: not sure too)
Well, there’s no way a spider can be a protagonist.
Up until now, my spider life was not peaceful to the extent that I need to count on my good luck.

I should start preparing when I’m around level 9 if the next evolution occurs at level 10.
This time, I manage to evolve in a perfect state but normally, it won’t go as well as this without any preparations.
Ah, it was really good that I was able to kill that snake.
If the snake was not there, I won’t build the home and there won’t be a mountain of food.
Snake-sama, Thank you!

Though it has recovered to some degree, my stomach is still not satisfied.
Now that I have finished eating all the food, there’s no reason to stay in this home anymore.
Here’s the start of the De-Hikki plan!
Therefore, I leave this home that I’m indebted to and start my aimless journey again.

Thank you, my second home.
Unexpectedly, I have stayed for a long time even though it’s just a temporary inn.

I depart triumphantly.
For the time being, let’s find a prey to fill my stomach.
After that, well, I want to head towards the dungeon’s exit even though I will wander aimlessly as usual.

If there’s a next evolution, I think that my body will grow bigger.
My appearance didn’t change after this evolution but it has such an effect. So it’s not impossible that there’s a pattern where I would become big immediately after evolution.
Then, in this passage now, I’m a little uneasy with the size.
If possible, I want to go to a bigger passage.
I think the best choice is to go outside.
It’s possible that if I grow bigger inside the dungeon, I might not be able to get out if the exit is small.
Indeed, living in this dungeon throughout my life is a bit too much.

Well, anyway, let’s find a prey.
The talk starts after that.

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