Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 17

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17 I use a dirty trick fair and square head-on

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Appraisal LV2』 has became 『Appraisal LV3』》

The skill level went up easily.
Not much time had passed since I started appraising.
So it increases this easy if I don’t shut myself indoors.
I’m having a complicated feeling.

Well, there’s nothing better than the level increasing.
Well, what will it show on level 3?
I appraise myself at once.

『Small Lesser Taratect LV5 No name』

There’s level in it.
Wai. ( わーい )
Well, it did added a new information.
But when will this skill be useful?

However, I wonder how strong is the Small Lesser Taratect, my species in this dungeon?
Something unexpected occurred when I thought of such a thing.

『Small Lesser Taratect:Hatchling of the Deteriorating Taratect Species』

Eh, is this the result of my appraisal after appraising my species name?
Double appraisal?
Didn’t I just discover an important trick?
That means, I have to try appraise things again.

『Taratect:A spider type species of monsters』

It was possible!
Isn’t this amazing!?
If I happen to appraise something and an unknown word comes out, I can also appraise the unknown word.
Uha! ( うは!)
The explanation is still short and it doesn’t give much information yet but won’t it be incredible if I level it up?
I might be able to gain various information from 1 appraisal.
Appraisal-san, I am sorry to say that you are useless!
From here on, I will do my best to level my skill up!

Well, it’s good that I keep on appraising, but by now, about 2 problems appeared.
That is I’m hungry and sleepy!
That’s what it is.
After escaped at full speed from the surprise attack at my home, I wander in the dungeon so it’s obvious that I will get hungry and sleepy.

Though I can still endure with it, but sooner or later, I would need to eat and sleep.
The existence of other monsters became the problem of the two.
To eat, I need to find a monster and defeat it.
On the contrary, I need to prevent being found by a monster when sleeping.
I’m in a dilemma, unable to satisfy both.

Well, there’s actually a plan to solve both.
I should make a simple home to sleep in it.
With this, I can sleep in peace and I can secure meals if a monster get caught in the trap. Killing two birds with a stone.

Since I have decided that I should fight a while ago, I want to kill my prey by my own hands as much as possible.
When I sleep, I would build a simple home because it’s inevitable. But I would like to fight at least once after waking up.
The simple home is not a place for hunting but it’s a place to secure a place to sleep.
Well, I would eat without reservation if there’s a monster caught in the trap.

For the time being, I will continue to wander around looking for monsters.

It’s there.

『Elro Frog LV3』

Ahead of the passage where I hide myself, there was a figure of the fated frog.
That guy turns his back towards my direction.
It has not noticed my existence yet.
Should I launch a surprise attack?
It noticed me when I thought about it.


First of all, I threaten it.

Pe! (Spitting sound)

You, it’s no fair suddenly spitting your saliva in a flash!
( ちょっとお前、間髪容れずにいきなり唾液ぶっぱなすこたないでしょうが!TL note: not sure about this)
I barely dodge it!

Pe! Pe! Pe!

Don’t spit consecutively!!!
Uwa, uwa, oufu!?
Like I can avoid that many at once!
Pain Pain!
Though it’s not that pain compared to the first time because of the resistance, but it’s still doesn’t change that I’m feeling pain!
Or rather you, I didn’t know that you are that energetic if I never restrain you with my threads!?

Pe! Pe! Pe!

Wait wait!
I failed to avoid one again!
This is bad, if this continues, I would get defeated one-sidedly!
Now that it’s come to this, there’s only suicide attack!

Pe! Pe! Pe!

Like I will receive the same attack after many times!
After being attack that much, I know that you can only spit 3 times!
Don’t underestimate the eyes of the gamer called Idaten and my avoiding technique!
I avoid the saliva!
I swing down my claw towards the frog.

Kuu, as expected, it was avoided and it jumped and uses its tongue!


I was nailed by the tongue as if I’m being smash by it.
Furthermore, the tongue had acid on it and it’s not just the pain from being nailed but also the pain of acid on my body.
This is a serious injury.
If there’s a stamina gauge, it would be in the dangerous zone.
If I receive another blow, I might die from it.

But that won’t happen.
The outcome has already been decided.
Because I have set up my threads around the place where the frog jumped.

The trick is simple.
I just release my thread on the ground while avoiding the spit attack.
As for me, it looks like I tend to release threads unconsciously on the ground when I’m moving.
I used it for this time.
I give the threads that I released unconsciously with adhesion.
After that, I just have to guide the frog to that place.
I adjusted the angle and the speed of my claw attack to make it jump to that place.
But I didn’t expect it to counterattack in the air….

The frog which got caught by the thread after landing.
I wind an additional thread without mercy on it.
After that, it’s obvious what I’m going to do.


My first battle ended up with a narrow victory.

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