Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 150

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150 You’re just the Hero and the Demon King, don’t get cocky!

First, why did I reincarnate into this world?

『Ah. I will explain it in detail from the beginning. First of all, you died in the Earth’s Japan. Are you fine here?』

As expected, I have died.
I thought of it before.

『About the cause of the death, the previous Hero and Demon King are related to it』

Why can the Hero and the Demon King of this world interfere the Earth?

『Both the previous Hero and Demon King are genius that can use Dimension Magic. They modify the Dimension Magic, and a magic that can cross over the wall of the world was made』

Can such thing be done?

『It’s possible. There’s no reason that it can’t be done. However, The system assistance will not work on a technique outside of the system. The residents in this world that got accustomed to the system assistance can’t control such an advanced magic formula. As a result, the magic formula explodes accidentally. When the dimension is crossed, a part of the MA area is destroyed, and it exploded in a certain high school classroom in Japan after crossing the wall of the world』

What a nuisance to others.
Destroying the MA area, are they stupid?
Then, what am I who died because of that?

『Indeed. Thanks to that, I was made to check and repair the world system that I left it as it is after I made it』

Saying something like you left it.

『I have said it, right? That I’m an outsider in the world. The one who manage the world is only the world’s Administrators. Although I offered the system, I don’t do anything further』

Even though you say that, you have been interfering recently.

『It can’t be helped. Even though it’s the result of the reckless Hero and Demon King in the world, it killed the innocent high school students and drag them into the system after all. I’m a part of the cause, so I think that I should do the minimum follow-up as the system constructor』

A part of the cause?
High school students?

『There are 25 former earthlings that have reincarnated into the world now. The classroom is cruelly destroyed, and there was no survivor. And, by the impact at that time, the souls of the dead at that time flow backward by the world system and everyone was reincarnated in the world. I protect the dismantled souls, and I gave the n%I=W skill so that they can live in the world with their memories and the soul’s power. Then, I look at everyone’s suitability, give a suitable skill one by one, and mediate as much as possible to reincarnate everyone into the race that the soul’s wavelength is near. With this, I think that I have done the lowest follow-up』

Eh, seriously?
So, there were people other than me.
How many people was there in our class?
Certainly, it’s 25 people, right?
And, when the teacher is included, isn’t it 26 people?
One person insufficient?

『Ah. That’s me』

It’s you!?
Were you in that classroom?

『Yes. That’s why, the magic of the Hero and the Demon King opened in that classroom.』

By the way, what’s your name?

『That’s a secret.』

Was there such a person?

『Well, leaving aside my story. Because I who is the system’s top Administrator was in that classroom, that accident happened. That’s why, I also have a part of the cause. I interfere the world in this way to take the responsibility』

So that’s why I have the “Idaten” by nature.
But, what about “Wisdom”?
From what I heard so far, at the point when everyone was reincarnated, your responsibility seemed to be over from what you are saying.

『I have said it at that time. It’s a reward for working hard』

Ah, I see.
I will thank you just in case.
Thank you.

『You’re welcome』

So, why did you give me “Wisdom”, and after maxing my “Taboo”, you ask me to save this world?

『I never said such thing. It’s free for you to do anything you want in that world. I won’t stop you and direct you. I’m just an onlooker』

I hope that it’s so.

『There’s no trust』

After all, you’re the Evil God.

『You’re not wrong』

Ah, that’s right.
What did the Hero and the Demon King wanted to do until they do such a stupid thing?

『Probably, they want to defeat me』


『There seems to be a power that considers the Administrators to be an enemy. The previous Hero and Demon King might have been tempted by them』

The idiots that can’t be saved, huh?
To die because I was drag into the misfortune accident by those guys.
It’s the worst.

『Well, because I have done the follow-ups, it’s your choice to do whatever you want in the different world』

Ah, un.
Thank you for working at that area in spite of the Evil God.
Seriously, I was saved.

『You’re welcome』

So, who are the guys who tempt the Hero and the Demon King?

『Because it doesn’t seem to be interesting if I tell you, please confirm it with your eyes』

Keeping it in suspense there?

『Because it seems interesting that way』

How ill-natured.
By the way, you said that everyone is reincarnated into the race near to the soul’s wavelength, but I’m a spider, right?

『You’re a spider』

My soul is near the spider?

『Your wavelength must be very match. As for the others, most of them reincarnate into the Humans』

Why is it a spider!?
If possible, I also wanted to be born as a human!
A death survival from the moment I was born, it’s too eventful!

『However, because you are born as a spider, you have a head start to be possible to act like this, so it’s hard to say that it’s a failure』

Head start?

『Yes. The others are still babies』

I see.
So, not much time has passed since I was born.

『Although there’s that too, you were born earlier than the Humans. When saying from the calculations of years in the Earth, you were born roughly half a year earlier than them』

I see.
Then, that means I grow up quickly with a half year head start while they are saying “Babubabu” in baby.

『Yes. Do you have any other questions?』

Then, why did you make such a troublesome thing like the system?
Even if you don’t make such a thing, if it’s you, weren’t you able to do something?

『There’s no meaning to do something about it. I’m the Evil God after all』

Well, is that so?

『I will look at your actions interestingly from now on』

No, don’t see.

『Of course I will see. I look at you while playing game with potato chips on one of my hand』

What’s with that luxury
Are you still in Japan?


I’m jealous!

『Potato chips are delicious. Ah, there was a new ice cream. I will eat it later』

Just die!
Ice cream!

『See you later』

The smartphone disappears.
She only chatted, and disappeared.


『Zana Horowa LV1 No name
HP:4293/4293(Green)+1800(Details)(1801 up)
MP:13292/13292(Blue)+1800(Details)(4182 up)
SP:2873/2873(Yellow)(Details)(1060 up)
:1445/2873(Red)+0(Details)(1060 up)
Average Offensive Ability:2833(Details)(1141 up)
Average Defensive Ability:2904(Details)(1141 up)
Average Magic Ability:12599(Details)(3841 up)
Average Resistance Ability:12545(Details)(3841 up)
Average Speed Ability:8361(Details)(2821 up)
「High-speed HP Recovery LV9 (2 up)」 「Magic Extremity」 「Magic God Act LV3 (1 up)」 「Magic Granting LV8 (1 up)」 「Offensive Magic Power LV1 (new)」 「High-speed SP Recovery LV2 (1 up)」 「Great SP Consumption Down LV2 (1 up)」 「Enhanced Destruction LV7 (1 up)」 「Enhanced Slashing LV9 (1 up)」 「Great Enhanced Abnormal Condition LV2 (1 up)」 「War God Spirit LV1 (new)」 「Vitality Granting LV6 (1 up)」 「Dragon Power LV8 (1 up)」 「Deadly Poison Attack LV7 (1 up)」 「Corrosion Attack LV5 (1 up)」 「Heresy Attack LV6」 「Poison Synthesis LV10」 「Medicine Synthesis LV8 (1 up)」 「Thread Genius LV1 (new)」 「Universal Thread LV7 (1 up)」 「Thread Manipulation LV10」 「Telekinesis LV3 (2 up)」 「Throw LV10」 「Shoot LV4 (2 up)」 「Space Maneuver LV9 (1 up)」 「Concentration LV10」 「Super Thought Acceleration LV1 (new)」 「Future Vision LV1 (new)」 「Parallel Will LV8 (1 up)」 「High-speed Calculation LV7 (1 up)」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV10」 「Probability Correction LV9 (2 up)」 「Stealth LV10」 「Camouflage LV3 (2 up)」 「Silent LV9 (1 up)」 「Tyrant LV2 (1 up)」 「Conviction」 「Hell」 「Degeneration」 「Immortality (new)」 「Heresy Magic LV10」 「Wind Magic LV1 (new)」 「Soil Magic LV2 (new)」 「Shadow Magic LV10」 「Dark Magic LV10」 「Darkness Magic LV5 (3 up)」 「Poison Magic LV10」 「Treatment Magic LV10」 「Space Magic LV10」 「Dimension Magic LV5 (1 up)」 「Abyss Magic LV10」 「Patience」 「Pride」 「Anger LV4 (2 up)」 「Satiation LV8 (1 up)」 「Sloth」 「Wisdom」 「Destruction Resistance LV6 (1 up)」 「Blunt Resistance LV7 (2 up)」 「Slash Resistance LV7 (2 up)」 「Flame Resistance LV3 (1 up)」 「Soil Resistance LV1 (new)」 「Great Heavy Resistance LV2 (1 up)」 「Abnormal Condition Nullity (new)」 「Acid Resistance LV7 (1 up)」 「Paralysis Resistance LV8 (1 up)」 「Faint Resistance LV6 (1 up)」 「Great Fear Resistance LV1 (new)」 「Heresy Nullity」 「Pain Nullity」 「Great Pain Alleviation LV5」 「Night Vision LV10」 「Clairvoyance LV8」 「Evil Eye of Grudge LV7 (1 up)」 「Evil Eye of Stasis LV6 (1 up)」 「Evil Eye of Magnetism LV3 (2 up)」 「Evil Eye of Extinction LV4 (1 up)」 「Great Enhanced Five Senses LV2 (1 up)」 「Perception Range Expansion LV6 (1 up)」 「Divinity Area Expansion LV7 (1 up)」 「Divine Magic」 「Destiny LV3」 「Body Flicker LV8 (1 up)」 「Durability LV8 (1 up)」 「Fortitude LV3 (1 up)」 「Fortress LV3 (1 up)」 「Idaten LV7」 「Taboo LV10」 「n%I=W」
Skill points:3600
「Gross Feeder」 「Blood Relative Eater」 「Assassin」 「Monster Killer」 「Poison Technique User」 「Thread User」 「Merciless」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Ruler of Pride」 「Ruler of Patience」 「Ruler of Wisdom」 「Drake Killer」 「Fear Bringer」 「Dragon Killer」 「Ruler of Sloth」 「Natural Calamity of Monster」 「Conqueror (new)」』


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  1. GokubeatsSuperman says:

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      I also believe it hasn’t taken her 15~ years to get at this point in the story….

      And maybe that Demon King title is better foreshadowing than people may have noticed.

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