Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 130

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130 Taboo

… Good morning.
This is the worst.
Ah, really the worst.
What “Taboo”.
Certainly a “Taboo”.
I shouldn’t have let such a thing to reach max level.
It’s better if I don’t know about it.
D, what a person with a bad personality.
What do you want me to do, telling me such information when I’m a person who violates the taboo?
This is the worst.

I shouldn’t have helped the adventurers a while ago.
This is sickening.
It’s the worst.
This is the worst.
All of the Humans and the Demons should just perish.
I feel sick.

What did Administrator Gyuriedistodiez do so far?
Why did you spoil them until it became like this?
There’s no need to give such mercy to those guys.
It’s not enough even if you exterminate them.

Ah, I understand it.
Such a thing can’t be done.
Although I understand, I will get irritated when I think including it.

What should I do?
Now that I know this, it can’t be said that I’m unrelated.
There’s no more time either.
I must take actions.
For that reason, I need power.
My status rose considerably by this evolution.
But, such thing is meaningless.
The power in the W system is only a power that works in the system after all.
If I start my actions now, it’s necessary to acquire the power that can only interfere the MA area.
Although I have three authority of the Ruler class, it’s insufficient with just those.
It must be the power of the Administrator class.

Then, I have no choice but to reach the Administrator class by force.
D foresaw it.
That fellow.
So, that’s why it’s the n%I=W skill.
Although it might be her own way of showing sincerity, I can’t think other than she aimed at this to happen.
After all, everything is on top of her palm.
Although it’s the worst, I have no choice but to get on her palm.
There’s no other choices.

Ah, damn.
I’m feeling irritated.

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Anger LV1』》

Ah, yeah.
It doesn’t matter.
Even if I have such skill, it doesn’t have any meaning.

… No, if I devote to skills, maybe,
Will it work?
It seems to work.
If that’s the case, I will raise my level as usual, and develop my skills.
But, I can’t say carefree things anymore.

Let’s resolve myself.
Now that it become like this, it can’t be helped.
If it’s true, it’s quick to keep killing the Humans and the Demons, but if I do that, as expected, Gyuriedistodiez will not remain silent.
Even though he’s restrained by D, that guy will definitely come and obstruct me.
If it’s the current me, I can’t win against Gyuriedistodiez even if he does a handstand.
In order to make him not to obstruct me, I must become more stronger than him.
Even if I can’t be so strong, I must at least acquire the power at the level that he will hesitate to interfere me.

I eat the snake’s corpse that I left.
I must restore my SP that decreased because of evolution first of all.

I finish eating the snake.
I can’t say that I can eat the other one slowly anymore.
I will eat it quickly.

The destination is the lower layer.
If it’s here, I don’t have to worry about the monsters.
Although I have made the upper layer as a base in consideration of safety up until now, I can’t afford to say such thing anymore.
I will hunt every monster that’s caught in my eyes.
And, how many level will rise?
And, how much is the effect?
I have no choice but to do it.

Found a monster.
A monster of the eel class in strength.
But, it’s no longer my enemy.

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Ede Saine LV1 has become LV2》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill points gained》

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Ede Saine LV2 has become LV3》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill points gained》

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Ede Saine LV3 has become LV4》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Evil Eye of Extinction LV1』 has become 『Evil Eye of Extinction LV2』》
《Skill points gained》

3 level up.
Only one skill rose.
Not enough.
It’s not enough at all.
Let’s go with the intention to kill all the monsters in the lower layer.

If the Earth Dragon appears, I will kill it without hesitation.
It’s fine to kill such a worthless vanguard.
Rather than secluding themselves in such a labyrinth where no one comes, it’s better for them to be my food and they can prove their use for a long time.
There shouldn’t be a Dragon in the upper layer and the middle layer anymore.
There are four in the lower layer, and there are nine in the bottom layer.
I will kill everything.

Ah, I wonder why did I reincarnate to such a world.
It would be better if this world will just perish.
Why, for such a world….
Ah, I understand.
I must do it.
But, it’s not for this world.
It’s only for me.
I will do it only for me.
Otherwise, who will do it for such a shitty world?
This is the worst.
It’s the worst.
Let’s kill the life of this world widely.
Although it’s a troublesome thing, let’s acquire power to ruin this world.


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  1. HapUgMata says:

    thanks for the chapter…

  2. HapUgMata says:

    just what did kumoko see with the taboo skill?!?!?!

    is the carefree kumoko really gone?!?!?!

    • Ryoto says:

      I can feel the power of the shield of wrath here

    • Anonymous says:

      This is really a downer. One of the main fun aspects of this story was Kumoko’s nonsensical personality.
      Author-san, don’t fuck with us here. Don’t turn this story into something serious, it was never a serious story. C’mon.

  3. Wytchlord says:

    Now it sounds like the taboo is more of a world truth instead of something which should not be done …
    But this chapter shows that Kumuko will be the Demon King

  4. Gohankuten says:

    So it seems it really is the case that the side stories so far have been set in the future from the main story cause it seems obvious that Kumo will be the Maou we saw in the side stories.

  5. Tottiy says:

    Maybe thats true I have been wondering about the time difference between the two stories.

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    It’s not a bait-and-switch since the side stories has been hinting at this all along, but…

    Damn that escalated quickly!

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    tks for translation tho!

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    wtf did taboo do/say I wonder.

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    lordy lordy xD the birth of the demon lord is nigh xD

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    What the heck happened to Kumoko?!
    Was it an effect of Taboo or a revelation?!!
    I wander what will become of it, if it can be turned around and the most important, what did she see?

    • RoflCat says:

      Imagine there’s a company call “Gods”

      In it various employees try to maintain this thing called “World”

      Kumoko just joined the company by completing the resume(Taboo lv 10) , and now learned of its employees (or at least D…who might be Shiro and Gyu…Kuro) as well as the state of things.

      And with it she realizes World is in a bad shape, and because the other employee’s biases, they’re not doing the right things to fix it (like the dragons just hiding in the dungeon)…(*coughrealworldpoliticscough*)
      Thus she chose to rise in power and sortthisshitout.exe herself.

      On the plus side, this more or less confirms Maou = Kumoko (and that she gets an actual humanoid form as well as speech…also seriously her thread get to the point where she can control other people’s bodies or is the thread just for show and she’s using her ruler ability)

      The other good news from this, is that Mr.H(ero, in both H-ero from Lust and Hero(fake)) Yuugo is going to try to defeat the demon lord in attempt to gain power, and she’ll just casually rekt his arse.

      Maou Shoujo Kumoko \’w ‘/ (not mahou)

  11. Learning a name says:

    Did she learn the name “Gyuriedistodiez” from Taboo? The name hasn’t been mentioned in the main story.

  12. Aethersprite says:

    Looks like one more Deadly Sin for the collection!

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    And she was so sweet just a moment ago

  14. RoflCat says:

    Wait, I just thought of something.

    Remember how Oka deleted all of Mr.Asshole skills and warn him that gaining them doesn’t lead to a good thing?

    Maybe…she met Kumoko? And after seeing her so hellbent on killing human/demon, she doesn’t want other students to reach that max Taboo…
    In which case, I wonder who’s the 2 unconfirmed students she mentioned before…I wonder if that’ll become a key factor in this…

    • Tyizor says:

      I believe it was mentioned that one of those students was Kumoko. The other one is unknown but the people who’ve read ahead have a general idea of who it is (we still don’t know anything for sure… so many questions. Where are the answers?)

  15. ConMan says:

    anyone stop to think that the sweet laid back Kumoko is still the same and that now she’s just really really pissed?

  16. Rikeka says:

    I think some people jumped too quickly to conclusions.

    She is (most likely) not the Maou.

    Remember that her “web-ball” was taken by adventurers and eventually ended up used as a sort-of-scarf by the preious hero? Though there is some time-skip, i highly doubt it’s THAT long.

    Also, as far as we’ve seen, all reincarnees appear to be around the same age, if not of exact age. I think that includes the teacher, though, but maybe cause she’s an elf she is a special case (maybe the elves catched up pretty fast on who she was the moment she was born, or she told them, etc).

    • Aethersprite says:

      None of the above disproves a time skip. In fact, it is evidence in favor of a time skip.

      Kumoko made the silk within a few weeks of her hatching from an egg. The adventurers found the silk and the Queen made it into a scarf while pregnant with Shun. If one assumed that the reincarnated students were all conceived at the same time this is entirely consistent.

      Now, what does that tell us? It tells us that all but the first two Shun chapters are YEARS in Kunoko’s future. We’re not given her exact age since hatching, but it seems clear it’s on the order of months, not years. And since the Yulius chapters, Katia chapters, Demon King chapters and Great War chapters are all continuity-linked to Shun’s later chapters, we can accordingly conclude that all of these are set well over ten years in the future from the main storyline.

  17. Caelward says:

    Oh sweet Kumoku, what did you see to make you so serious?


  18. ConMan says:

    Well we can’t confirm nor deny anything as we can only guess as of now but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens

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