Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 124

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124 Upper layer, I have returned!

Like pulling a thread.
Slowly and carefully.
Chew it like taking a sip.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Satiation LV2』 has become 『Satiation LV3』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Divinity Area Expansion LV4』 has become 『Divinity Area Expansion LV5』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Taboo LV8』 has become 『Taboo LV9』》


I increase my pace and continue advancing for several days.
When I see the auto map drawn by Wisdom-sama, it’s understood that I have moved a considerable distance.
Apparently, this middle layer is meandering between the upper layer and the lower layer, and covered the whole thoroughly.
Although it’s good that it’s a one main path unlike the upper layer, it’s a very long path to the extent that I’m amazed.

Although I found several passages for Mother and pits, of course I didn’t approach it.
I must not get carried away just because I defeated the Fire Dragon.
I still don’t think that I can defeat Mother.
Rather than that, that the mysterious attack fired when I saw it in the middle layer, I start to think that it’s the breath of “Dragon Power”.
Although this is only a guess, if it’s that Mother, it shouldn’t be strange that it has “Dragon Power”.
Then, that means Mother has already achieved the Dragon Killer.
Like I can win.
Like I will approach the place where such thing might wander around.

Along the way, I advanced without meeting any danger-like danger.
Not only Fire Dragon, but there’s even no Fire Drake.
After all, generally, the monsters’ level in the middle layer falls considerably than the lower layer.
Strong monsters might not grow up because of that.

Although some eel-like shadows was detected, they didn’t come out from the magma.
I shot the breath and magics, but it only made them to stay in there even more.
The catfish is also the same.
I mean, even the seahorse that comes attacking me irritatingly runs away at the moment it saw me.
Although it’s possible to release a breath before it noticed to get one kill, if I do that, the consumption is huge and the corpse doesn’t remains.
Even if it remains, it’s useless because it will only sink into the magma.
Then, I can’t get my meal.
Although it becomes experience points, when thinking about cost-effectiveness, I don’t want to do it.

That’s why I only defeat the monster that gone up to the land by chance.
And, if I don’t consume my SP uselessly, it can last.
I saved the experience points little by little, and if I compared it with the time I fought the Fire Dragon, it became almost half.
But still, it’s half.
The distance until evolution is far.

Because I advanced while suppressing the consumption of my SP, SP related skills didn’t rose too much.
Well, it can’t be helped.
Although I don’t need to save this much if I can eat as much as I want, I make sure that I have enough SP so that I’m fine even if I meet a formidable enemy like the Fire Dragon.
Even if it’s not so, I may starve normally if there’s no monster on the land.
I can’t consume my SP inconstantly.

The MP related rose considerably instead.
Every magics, “Poison Synthesis”, “Magic Combat Act”, and every Evil Eyes.

As for magic, “Shadow Magic” became level 10.
As expected, the derived skill was “Dark Magic”.
Because the “Shadow Magic” is still strange even though it has reached max level, I think that I will train the “Dark Magic” from now on.
Although “Space Magic” rose fairly well, Teleport is still not learned.
Although there’s no need to rush because it’s rising steadily, the growth is slower than the other magics, so it makes me anxious.

“Poison Synthesis” and “Poison Magic” have reached max level too.
Should I say it as unexpected? The derived skills are similar types that are “Medicine Synthesis” and “Treatment Magic”.
Is it that?
That poison can also become medicine.
At any rate, I have finally obtained a recovery means.
Up until now, because I have relied on automatic recovery and level up to recover, it’s great that I can recover wounds by myself.
Well, the level is still low, and the effect can’t be confirmed yet because I’m not in a HP decreasing situation.
I think that I will try reducing my HP when I have the time sooner or later.

“Heresy Magic” also reached max level.
And, the derived skill of this guy was a big problem.
It was “Taboo”.
Fortunately, the level didn’t rose, but I thought that my heart was going to stop.
No, although it didn’t rose at that time, it became level 9 before I know.
One more to max level.
This might be slightly dangerous.

Some Evil Eyes have reached max level too.
“Evil Eye of Curse” evolved into “Evil Eye of Grudge”.
This Evil Eye, the decreased HP, etc, by the curse are returned to me.
Because the pure offensive ability rises, the effect is absolutely higher than before evolution.
Although I can’t absorb the status, it’s great that I can absorb the SP.
Absorb with the Evil Eye, and the effect is accelerated by the meal!

“Evil Eye of Paralysis” also evolved into “Evil Eye of Stasis”.
It looks like this not only has the paralysis, it has the attribute that’s close to time stop.
The monster that trembled by the paralysis became stationary suddenly with this Evil Eye.
I think that it probably the attribute is a mix of paralysis and an attribute that I don’t know.
Because there’s no similar attribute even if I see the skill list, there’s no positive proof.
Well, because my win is decided when my opponent caught it as usual, it simply became stronger.

Although “Evil Eye of Heaviness” rose, as expected, it didn’t reached max level.
I acquired a resistance called “Heavy Resistance” instead because I continued putting it on me all the time.
However, it was a miscalculation that acquiring made my muscle training efficiency fall.

Lastly, “Telephoto”.
This evolved into “Clairvoyance”.
As for the effect, it has an enhanced effect of “Telephoto”, and the see-through effect is added.
I can see the scenery behind the wall.
However, it’s slightly different from the “Clairvoyance” that I heard that it can see everywhere in the world.
It’s simply an extension of “Telephoto”.

A certain thing reflected in that “Clairvoyance” a while ago.
The long slope to the top.
It was long.
I had a terrible experience until here.
Finally, I can relax.
It’s time to say farewell to this ridiculously hot place.

I’m home, Upper Layer.


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