Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 12

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12 A moving reunion(lol)

Ah, I’m hungry.
But if there’s no prey caught in my web, then eating is impossible.
It’s inevitable so I will sleep for now.
I need to sleep to preserve my stamina.
Un, it’s not that I am lazy.

Just when I thought I can sleep to my heart’s content, I end up waking up forcibly.
This is because there’s a vibration was transmitted through my threads.

Did a prey got caught?
My joy turned into impatience immediately after knowing that.
I know the state of my web connected by my threads very clearly.
It was a different feeling from before.

Something is touching the web.
It’s certain.
It’s not caught in the web.
After all, it’s moving on the web.

Though I thought before that there might be someone who can breakthrough the web, but it didn’t expect that someone can move calmly on the web.

I became confused due to the unexpected situation and it was too late to start moving.
It has already climb over the web and it’s invading my home.

This is bad.
Though I have decided that when there’s someone who can breakthrough the web, I would escape without hesitation, but I’m confronting it now.
I was careless.
With my brain not functioning well after just waking up, I’m confused.
This is the first time I felt the danger of my life since I stay in my home.

『Small Lesser Taratect』

The one that appeared was the same spider as me.
Because of being the same species, it broke through my web without difficulty.

Hello brother. (TL note: she uses English here)
I think this guy is probably my sibling.
But I don’t know whether it is an older brother or an older sister or a younger brother or a younger sister.
A moving reunion with my lifelong separated sibling.
However, there’s danger of my life.

Wait wait wait.
Calm down.
It’s not decided yet whether this guy is an enemy or not.
Even if they preying on each other after they’re born, it might overlook me because of our relationship as siblings.

Kichikichikichi. Sha!

Ah, un.
It’s an enemy.
But it’s only threatening me and haven’t attack me yet.
Looks like it’s looking around here.

What should I do?
Running away doesn’t seem to be the best plan.
The same species as me. That means that it has the same physical abilities like me.
So far, I managed to get to this point with my running speed, but there’s no guarantee that I can run away from someone who have the same speed as me.
In addition, I’m worried about my safety if I managed to run away from it.
Because the outside is overflowed with the monster’s threat.
In my current hunger state, escaping at full speed, consuming all my stamina, I will be insecure if I am to go outside.
Building a new home will worn me out and above all, it’s is necessary to look for a good location.
In an exhausted condition, wandering around looking for such location is a suicidal action.
It’s terrifying when I think about it.

Then, exactly what should I do? Of course all that’s left is to defeat this guy.
Can I do it?
I have a hunch that I’m slightly disadvantage.
Because of being the same species, there should not be so much of a difference in physical abilities.
However, that is, if our level are the same.

If this guy is born at the same time as me, then there should be no much difference in our level.
Perhaps the same level or maybe 1 level higher.
Because this guy has traveled all the way from the outside and reached here.
I should think that its level is higher than me.

The worst possibility is that this guy was born before me and it’s an old-timer.
In that case, its level should be much more higher than me.
It has reached a level where it can move boldly in the place I’m heading for in the future.
There’s no chance to win.

Either way, it’s a life-or-death fight.
If that’s the case then I won’t think about my opponent’s strength anymore.
I will do my best.
If it’s still useless, then it’s just the end of this spider’s short life.
Though I don’t want to die, this world has reincarnation in it, so it’s not like I can abandon the concept of the world after death.

Let’s resolve myself.
I concentrate for the fight.
I clear my thoughts.
I fix my eyes only on the enemy.

The enemy and me seemed to understand that both of us are ready to fight so I stand ready.
The back slightly inclined.
It’s as if the start of an approach run.

The enemy jump vigorously just as I predicted it.
It jumped.
I glanced my enemy with pity who is currently in the air brandishing its claw.

I back step to the back while releasing threads towards the enemy in the air.
This guy took the wrong choice.
It chose to jump up into the air and attack with its claw rather than using our greatest weapon, poison fangs.
The claw attack is not bad either.
Though it’s not bad, you should use it for restraining only.
It’s not suitable to make it as the main weapon.
Our weapon are the thread and poison fangs.
I won’t be defeated by this guy who did not understand it.

My brother who got caught easily in the air.
It got entangled by the threads and falls to the ground.
I rush over immediately.


I bite into its body with my poison fangs mercilessly.
As the same as me, this guy should have “Poison Resistance”
But such a thing doesn’t matter.
When it is restricted by the threads, the outcome of the fight is already decided.
What’s left is I just need to inject more poison to surpass the “Poison Resistance”.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Poison Fang LV2』 has became 『Poison Fang LV3』》

The “Poison Fang” skill leveled up probably due to the fact that I continued injecting a large amount of poison into the spider.
Around the same time, my brother stopped moving.
I won’t forget you, brother.
As the fool who invaded my home for the first time.

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