Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 103

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103 Magical Kumoko☆Returns

I thought that I was gonna die.
I mean, I should have died with my HP.
I would have died if I don’t have “Patience”.
If I died foolishly like this, I won’t die brilliantly.
Administrator-san, if you saw it just now, please erase it from the log.

Incidentally, I was able to confirm the effect of “Patience”.
Rather than I will revive even if my HP is reduced to zero, it feels more like my HP becomes 0 and my MP becomes the substitute to it and it’s possible to act without change.
Judging from the decrease of MP when I caught a fire, I think that it temporarily choose MP as the HP.
Therefore, the damage that should be received in HP becomes the decrease of MP.
It’s like the HP and MP sticks together.
Therefore, when I received an overkill attack, my MP might decrease all at once.

Because my MP increased abnormally thanks to “Divine Magic”, it can be said that I became considerably tough.
But, because even it’s original use uses MP, I should take it like an insurance.

And, thanks to “Divine Magic”, my magic-type status increased excessively, but it’s a loss when I don’t use this status, right?
It appears there, “Magic Extremity”!
This skill is the skill that can be said the final development type of the “Magic Manipulation” skill that I wanted!
In addition, the MP related convenient skills come in a set, and it’s a bargain!
If it’s now, the price is free because it’s Wisdom-sama’s extra!
It’s already bought, so please don’t worry!

Well then, this “Magic Extremity”.
It’s seriously an amazing skill.
At any rate, it’s like I acquired 「Magic Manipulation」「MP Recovery Speed」「MP Consumption Down」 at max level.
My MP that was decreased to half a while ago has already recovered completely.
Because it recovers 2 or 3 in a second, it will recover completely in about ten minutes.
What’s that? I can use my MP as much as I want.
Besides, because there’s also the effect of “MP Consumption Down”, the amount of consumption should decrease other than “Patience”.
I can use as much as I want even if I don’t use it poorly.
Even if I keep the Evil Eye activated, there’s no consumption, so there’s no change.
Let’s change it to continuous activation at once.

Well, if it’s prepared here, of course I want to use magic.
But, I don’t know how to use it.
That’s only said a long time ago!
I finally learned the way to use magic!

It became clear by Wisdom-sama’s new function, search.
Although it’s not equal for a certain great teacher, when I search the word related to the skill system, the explanation will be displayed. (TL note: Google-sensei)
The manual function that I didn’t stop demanding was implemented at last.
Therefore, I searched the way to use magic.
According to it, it seems that I have to pass through some stages to use magic.

First of all, recognition of magical power.
This corresponds to the so-called “Magic Perception”.
If you can’t recognize the existence of magical power, it’s impossible to use magic using the magical power as the fuel to activate it.
So, this becomes the main premise to use magic.
As for me, “Magic Perception” is in the effect of Wisdom-sama.

Next, manipulation of magic.
The image of magical power in me is a thick liquid.
Move this liquid at your will.
This becomes “Magic Manipulation”.
Moving it faster and if complex movement can be done, it’s good.
Usually, a person needs to train and will become able to move it gradually, but thanks to “Magic Extremity”, I can move it freely.

And, the construction of magic formula.
Every magic skills have this and it will be constructed automatically by selecting the corresponding magic.
The image of the constructed magic formula is a pipe, I wonder?
This construction speed also changes according to the status.
Because my Magic Formula Construction Speed is at maximum value, I can activate it at the moment I select it.

Lastly, if magical power is poured into the constructed magic formula, the magic will be completed.
Like pouring a liquid into the pipe.
When the liquid reaches the end of the pipe, it becomes the phenomenon to have influence in this world as magic for the first time.

At this time, if the amount of the liquid poured into the pipe increases, the offensive ability of the magic rises and if the pouring speed is made faster, the time until activation is shortened.
However, an extra burden will be added on the pipe to that extent.
There’s a limit in the amount that can be poured according to the thickness of the pipe, so if it’s not firmly made, it will explode because of the water pressure.
The magic formula will end with a misfire without being able to endure the burden, and the worst case, it might explode.
Because high rank magic has a complex and long magic formula, the tendency of that is strong.
It’s necessary to make a bigger and stronger pipe to stabilize the magic formula.
As for this, I don’t have any problems thanks to “Magic Extremity”.

You must pass through such a process just to use one magic.
I who have “Magic Extremity” don’t have to think about such tedious thing!
“Magic Manipulation” can be done with the same sense as moving my body, and as for the magic formula construction, the best one is completed in an instant after I select a magic.
I can activate magic with ease like pouring water into a glass!

Therefore, let’s activate the one that has the effect that can be understand at a glance because there’s no monster in the surroundings now.
Ah, come to think of it, I completely forgot to appraise “Shadow Magic.

Shadow Surface(影表):Shadow can be generated in the light』

This is also strange.
Even it becomes level 3, it still has such effect.
“Shadow Magic” is useless if it’s level doesn’t increase more.

Then, let’s use magic.
“Poison Bullet” is good here after all.
Even if I activate “Heresy Magic”, there’s no significance because there’s no opponent, and even if I succeed in using “Shadow Magic”, it doesn’t seem that I will be impressed.
As for the “Abyss Magic”, un, the hurdle seems to be high to use it suddenly.

Magic Formula Deployment!
Magical Power Filling completed!
Poison Bullet activate!

After taking stance, a black round thing appeared in front of me, and it flies vigorously.

Although it succeeded too quick, it’s magic.
I was impressed a little.

But, this Poison Bullet don’t have much power.
Because this poison is not Deadly Spider Poison.
The Poison Bullet that can be used by “Poison Magic” is not a magic that fires my own poison, and it seems that it’s one magic that fires poison.
So, the poison is this magic exclusive poison, and it’s different from the Deadly Spider Poison.
And, it’s inferior to the power of Deadly Spider Poison even if I have my Magic Offensive Ability.
Although the power can be raised if I consume a lot of magical power, if that’s the case, then I should just synthesis poison obediently.
The magic that I was able to acquire with much efforts might don’t have a lot of chances to use it….


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