Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 10

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10 Level Up!

There was a reaction on the thread when I was sleeping.
Looks like my second prey is here.
Just when I started to feel hungry. What a perfect timing.
I skip towards the prey.
….The skip of the spider is surreal.

Because I was attacked previously, I approach it carefully this time.
Now, what kind prey did I caught?

『Elro Frog』 ( エルローフロッグ )

It was a frog.
It’s YOU again!
This dungeon should have other monsters than this!
What kind of probability to get the same prey twice in a row!?

Haa! Haa!
My pseudo Kansai dialect came out unintentionally.
Good grief, what to do….



I received the frog’s spit attack when I did a stupid one-man comedy.
The surprising fact that is only revealed on the second life.
I am a fool!

Ah, un.
I was able to calm down due to the pain.
This time the resistance skill never leveled up.
Looks like the skill proficiency is not enough.
Well, I don’t mind.

I wrapped the frog with my threads so that it can’t put up a resistance.
I bite it from above.
This frog didn’t die from a bite last time, probably because it has “Poison Resistance”.
Still, it should be weakened if it’s bitten.

I quickly bring back the frog to my home.
After that, I return back to restore the web.
Alright, now it’s perfect.

When I return to the frog, the frog was struggling to get out from my web.
Look’s like one bite is not enough.


I bite it.
Last time, it was defeated after so many bites, but now that I think about it, there’s no need to bite that much.
I just need to keep on injecting poison without releasing my fangs.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Poison Fang LV1』 has become 『Poison Fang LV2』》

A skill leveled up!
A skill that I heard for the first time.

The skill leveled up at the same time as the movement of the frog stopped.
Things happen to sudden till it startled me.
Ah, looks like the power of my poison have increased because of my “Poison Fang” skill has leveled up.
Sounds great.

《Experience points has reached a certain point. Individual, Small Lesser Taratect LV1 has become LV2》

Ah, somehow my body is strange!?
What’s this!?
My skin is ripping off!?
Shedding? Is this shedding of skin!?

《Every basic ability rose》
《『Skill Proficiency Level Up Bonus』acquired 》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Poison Resistance LV2』 has become 『Poison Resistance LV3』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Spider Thread LV3』 has become 『Spider Thread LV4』》
《Skill point gained》

Wa, Wait a moment!?
Just now, I feel that I was skimming through an extremely important thing!?
Say it once more!



Let’s recall it calmly.
Didn’t it mentioned level up?
It did say it right?
Ah, I didn’t heard it due to the shedding of my skin that started suddenly.
N, no, isn’t it weird that I suddenly shed skin?
Is it because of the level up that my body had to reform?

For the time being, let’s peel off the skin that’s still sticking on me.
Uwa, looks like my back is injured.
This was the place where I received the frog’s saliva.
Though I can’t see it, it was a severe injury.
Come to think of it, the part of my destroyed view was restored!
A complete recovery after level up. What a considerate thing to do.

This is certainly a level up.
Somehow my body feels light and in an excellent condition.

The reason was because I defeated the frog and gain experience points right?
For the time being, let’s think while eating the frog.

Well, let’s recall it one by one.
First was it said something like my level went up.
Then the shedding of skin starts immediately and when I was confused, I had a feeling that the voice of heaven said various things smoothly.
Recalling, skill, that’s right, the skill leveled up right?
Furthermore, it’s not only one right?
2 skills leveled up at the same time?

That’s right, it said something before the skills.
Well, isn’t it the “Skill Proficiency Level Up Bonus” skill?
That’s it!
That’s right, it said so!
In other words, there will be skill proficiency bonus point added to every time I level up.
That’s why 2 skills leveled up at the same time.

The skill that leveled up were “Poison Resistance” and “Spider Thread”?
Huh, so the thread was a skill too.
I failed to hear it’s level.
But, won’t it be easy to level “Spider Thread” if I keep on producing it?
Looks like I obtained useful information.

To summarize it, level up recovers physical strength completely.
I think that my status have rose.
And the most important is a bonus point will be included in each skill proficiency.
I don’t know how many points have been collected but seems that 2 skills leveled up, it should be quite an amount right?
That means that I might be able to strengthen my skill efficiently by leveling up.

Even so, level up.
Though there’s skills here, I thought before about whether level up exist or not but it really exist now.
Though I tried not to think that way, but this world is really like a game.
When it becomes like this, I was scared that I will live here with my game sense but it’s already too late.
Well, I’m starting to feel a little excited.
Looks like I can’t go against a gamer’s soul.

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