Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 21

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Blood 21 Three years

A lot of things happened in these three years.
Every day moving from town to town repeatedly and when moving, we avoided the proper path and advance the trackless path.
Master who becomes drunk when reaching a town every day.
There was no day that I rested physically and mentally.

Why are we not using the highway?
I have the rough expectation to the answer in these three years.
It’s because Master hates grown humans.
In order to not meet with people, we pass through the place where people don’t come.
Although her expression doesn’t change, I understand somehow that she will be in a bad mood in the crowd of people by the atmosphere.
Otherwise, I don’t think that she would use magic to deceive her own appearance.

Master came to conceal her appearance by magic before I know it.
Because I who was always with her noticed that too late, I don’t know when she used the magic.
The effect of the magic makes Master to only be recognized as 「White」.
As long as a person with good intuition doesn’t observe her very carefully, it seems that only the impression of white comes out.
So, even if she passed the people in the town, they will only think 「She’s white」, and the face details and the impression annexed to it don’t come out.
Thanks to the effect, it didn’t become the situation like before using the magic, the people passed her will stare at her fixedly, but they lose their interest in her immediately after glancing her.
Because I have already recognized Master from the beginning, this magic doesn’t seem to have an effect on me.

Master hates human to the extent to use such a magic.
She tends to avoid the contact with human as much as possible.
The exception is Ariel-san and me. Although Merazofis is better compared with the others, I feel that his treatment is slightly rougher than us.
Or perhaps I should say, ignoring half of his existence.

Well, we who are made to advanced the steep path because such a picky individual are not the endured ones, but the stamina and skill rose by advancing the steep path.
She might have aimed this a little.
I understood that Master is trying to train me to become strong in these three years.

I think that I have strengthened considerably in these three years.
“I think” is because I have not experience a combat yet, and it’s only the date seen objectively from the skills and status.
The monsters hardly approaches because of Ariel-san’s Intimidation, and because we advance the trackless path off from the highway, we hardly encounter bandits.
Even if we do encounter one, Master or Ariel-san will deal with it immediately.

Although I have the awareness that I have become strong in these three years, still, the vision of winning Master and Ariel-san doesn’t comes to my mind.
Those two were strangely strong to that extent.
Master is the sacred beast, and Ariel-san is the Demon King.
The fact that there’s no lie in the words was clearly shown.
I think that I don’t accept the fact somewhere in my heart.
But, the power of the two of them was a real thing.
I can’t help but to accept it.

Even if I appraise them, their strength is unknown.
Master is 『Impossible to appraise』, and Ariel-san is 『Appraisal was obstructed』.
I developed the skill level of the Appraisal to 9 in these three years.
It’s the result of penance that always activate the Appraisal to raise the skill level was leaked when Master is drunk.

When Master gets drunk, she gives advice occasionally, and talks about her own past.
Although most of the stories are not useful, among that, there are advice that are really useful.
Appraisal is also one of it, and Master said that her life had been saved by the Appraisal many times.

So, I tried to always activate the Appraisal as Master says.
I thought that my head was going to break.
I was attacked by a terrible headache, and in the end, I can’t activate the Appraisal all the time.
Maybe it’s because I persist to do it many times until the very limit, I acquired the Divinity Area Expansion skill newly, but at that time, I was on the verge of fainting, so I don’t have the time for that.
Because I continued such penance, I can raise it to level 9 at a short period of three years.
Although I hear that Master raised the Appraisal to level 10 without taking as much as one year, it can’t be a reference because the standard is strange.

I must hear only half of the story of Master’s past stories and advice.
It’s not that Master is telling a lie in particular, but half of it can’t become a reference because it’s too non-standard.
Something like bathing the lava to raise the Fire Resistance, and raising the skill level by activating it always.
Although Master says 「Try and do it」 lightly, the only one who can do it is Master.

The place named the Elro Great Labyrinth seemed to be a considerable demon boundary(魔境).
As long as I don’t even do the absurd Master’s level raising usually, I can’t survive.
I don’t know how many times I heard the words, 「I thought that I was going to die」 when she’s drunk.
She might have really experienced the feeling to die that much.

When thinking from there, I think that I’m blessed.
I can stay alive is because of Master, and although I had to do many unreasonable things, I was able to become fairly strong.
I must express my gratitude for that point.

But, but!
I want her to stop eating my body whenever she’s drunk!
Why must I perform a life or death struggle staking my body every evening!?
Moreover, I’m defeated in every struggles!
Moreover, moreover, when the morning comes, that has been forgotten completely!
Why must I spend my time in a dangerous night in the town rather than the outside where alcohol can’t be drank!
Isn’t it strange!?

Ah, seriously.
If there’s no such thing, I can express my gratitude honestly.
Although the lost part can be restored by recovery magic, the fear and the pain when I’m minced won’t disappear.

Even though she only licked me at first, it gradually becomes play-biting, then, the biting strength becomes stronger little by little, finally, the flesh came to be taken.
Why did it become like this?
Recently, whenever she drinks alcohol, somewhere of me will definitely be eaten in the end.
If Ariel-san didn’t put up a barrier, the inn would be destroyed by the fierce battle repeated every evening.
I wonder if this can be called as a combat?
I’m still level 1 though.

Although we continued the travel with such feelings, we finally enter the Demons territory.
I follow Master and Ariel-san even though I said this and that, and I decided to enter the Demons territory.
Yes, I stopped thinking about the small conclusion like the Humans or the Demons.
Because I know that there’s an impossible to understand and unreasonable existence with my own body in this world.
I have come this far after this and that, so I can get on in the Demons territory.
I feel like that.


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  1. RoflCat says:

    Being vampire girl is suffering.

    By day it’s spartan training by night it’s being eaten alive.

  2. That must have been awful (being eaten i mean)

    • Anonymous says:

      The amount of mental disorders these people accumulate must be at the dozens.
      Being eaten alone is nightmare-level horror, although they do have ways to nullify the pain of it.

      I can only imagine Mera’s despondency when he saw his mistress being gobbled up.
      It’s kind of eerie how easy it is to giggle at “I’m being eaten! Nai waaa!”, but it’s actually quite horrifying once you really think about it. *fridge horror*

  3. For Academic Purposes says:

    Fuck that made me laugh!

    Poor Vampi

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