Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Before the war

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Before the war


「Yo. I heard that Natsume is attacking here」
「Tagawa and Kushitani-san, huh?」
「We are the few reincarnated people who have combat ability here. So, if the barrier breaks, we will also participate」
「I actually want to hide though」
「You two have act as adventurers, right?」
「Yes. This idiot says something incomprehensible that it’s a royal road to become an adventurer if you are reincarnated with cheats」
「And, I distinguish myself since the days when I’m a rookie adventurer, I raise my rank at a dash and attract attention, and someday, I will leave my name in this world!」
「See, he’s an idiot, right?」
「You two are childhood friends?」
「Yeah. Even in the previous life and this world. It can be said as an inseparable relationship」
「What’s with that. Aren’t we in a relationship?」
「Shut up!」
「Err, are you dating?」
「Little by little」
「There’s no need to be embarrassed」
「Shut up!」
「Ah, well, may you be happy」
「What’s with that lukewarm eyes?」
「It’s because you are an idiot」
「Isn’t it harsh?」
「I think that it’s an appropriate evaluation though」
「I love such cold Asaka」
「Aren’t you stupid?」
「Um, because it looks like I’m a hindrance, I will return」



「What’s wrong? You looked depressed」
「Hyrinth-san. No, it’s nothing」
「That’s not the face that it’s nothing. What’s wrong? Did something happen?」
「I have been hated by everyone of the student」
「What do you mean?」


「Fumu. I see」
「I’m sorry to have you to hear such complaints」
「No. Oka-san has been holding this alone all along without being able to talk to anyone, right? It’s important to speak out like this sometimes」
「When you say so, I feel ease a little」
「However, the “Student List”, huh? I have neither heard nor seen such a skill before」
「That’s right. Shun-kun’s “Divine Protection of Heaven” is also the same, but the skills that we, reincarnated people have, are unique ones that are not seen normally. The reincarnated people who are being protected here mostly have either high rank skills or other unique skills that no one has it」
「The skills by nature, skill points, and the knowledge and mind of the previous life. Certainly, if there are such factors, it’s possible to become an owner of the world eminent power if it’s trained since young」
「Yes. As for the reincarnated people who was not able to be protected here, all of them have considerable power」
「Then, the uneasy one is the words “death by skill deprivation”」
「I don’t know exactly what does it mean. But, I think that it’s certain that something will happen」
「And, that “something” is not understood, huh?」
「Yes. Because only the reincarnated people who have a lot of skills have the description, it’s a reincarnated person who have the strength more than a certain level like Shun-kun and Katia-chan who are aimed」
「And, Oka-san protected the reincarnated people in order to prevent that, and gave them an environment that’s hard to raise the skills」
「Yes. But, there’s probably also the Elves’ circumstances」
「Elves’ circumstances, huh? Is there a chance to win against the Administrator?」
「I don’t know. At any rate, it’s a fact that the reincarnated people are being protected by the Elves. Leaving aside whether they can win or not, I must protect them」
「Even in this fight, huh? It would be good if the barrier don’t break」
「From my judgment, the barrier will probably break」
「The reason is?」
「Yuugo will die in this fight. It’s written as “death in action” in the “Student List”」
「I see. If the barrier breaks and it doesn’t become a fight, it can’t be a death in action. However, the existence with the Ruler skill may overturn the prediction of the “Student List”, right?」
「Yes. That’s why, I will kill Yuugo with my hands」
「Don’t brood over it so much. Oka-san is too responsible」
「Not at all. I am a useless teacher who can’t even take the responsibility」
「Such part is what called brooding over. Let out the tension, and relax. I can at least give advice」
「Thank you」



「Patriarch. The preparation for that thing is completed」
「Well done」
「However, is it necessary?」
「Then, the barrier will break?」
「Well, the army’s magic at the outside can’t break the barrier. However, it’s my intuition after living for many years. The barrier will break」
「Am I hard to understand because I judge with a vague thing called intuition?」
「Ah, no, never」
「There’s no need to gloss over it. I find myself ridiculous that I need to rely on such an uncertain thing」
「Then, why?」
「It’s something that I understand after living for a long time. The world is not necessarily according to the theory. And, there’s also thing that can be seen at the point beyond the theory」
「Anyhow, I have a bad feeling. So, I thought that I should use all the means that I can use」
「However, when those are used, I feel that it’s an excessive forces」
「I am a timid person. I will be very careful even if it’s crushing insects」



「Free time, huh?」
「It can’t be helped」
「Because you are free, make me laugh with a gag」
「What an absurd swing」
「You can’t do it?」
「I can’t do it even if you said it suddenly」
「Tch. How incompetent」
「Then, can you do it?」
「Ha! Why should this me make such lowly person laugh?」
「You can’t, huh?」
「It’s not that I can’t, it’s just that there’s no meaning to do it」
「Yeah yeah. So, who will kill Natsume-kun?」
「Do as you please. I’m not interested in such small things」
「Oh, really. I also don’t care though」
「Make them to add the experience points」
「Well, depending on the situation」


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    4. None of however many people in the last conversation care about Yuugo, which will probably piss him off, make him try to control them only to get killed by what is essentially waving the pest away motion.

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