Island: Volume 1 Chapter 5

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Chapter 05: Bloat, Bloat is the Dispersion Type

It’s that troublesome? Chen Luonian opened his mouth to speak but was tongue-tied: “Tha……”

“Malian is over-exaggerating a bit.” Qiya said: “But it’s pretty much like that.”

What kind of organization is this, why the heck would the government help them investigate? That said, they subjugate monsters everywhere yet barely anyone notices, so that’s probably due to a connection with the government, just don’t know……

“And, if you violate the regulations, doing things such as breaking the law and committing crimes, using force to bully the weak, the sect’s punishment will be very severe.” Malian said with a serious look.

“Understood.” Chen Luonian nodded.

“You don’t have any spirit at all!” Malian scowled: “Stop being so sluggish!”

But Chen Luonian had this kind of lackadaisical personality from the start, wanting him to act earnest might be pretty difficult. He reluctantly sat up a bit straighter, wrinkled his eyebrows, and said: “Ok.”

“Have some enthusiasm! The other offical oaths, you’ll make during the joining ceremony.” Malian wasn’t very happy, turned around and asked Qiya: “That’s it, right?”

“Sect history.” Qiya said.

“That’s right, there’s still this……” Seeing Chen Luonian bored, Malian also seemed to feel a bit reluctant, crinkling her brows, said: “We’re the younger generation of the Bai Sect of the Martial Dao School.”

“Bai Sect? Martial Dao School?” Chen Luonian said.

“Right, because the surname of the master that founded the sect was Bai.” Malian continued: “The current Zong Zhang, is a descendant of that founder.”

“Surname is Bai so you just call it Bai Sect?” Chen Luonian nodded, this is pretty easy to understand.

“Bai Sect is one of the branches of Martial Dao School.” Malian said: “The founder established it after he followed the Nationalist government to Taiwan.”

“So the original school is still in mainland China?” Chen Luonian asked.

“Yeah.” Malian said: “But that side went through a period of massive upheaval, during that time we lost touch and later also got no news. It might be that the main school has already gone extinct, but there are probably other sect branches that still exist.”

“Oh.” Chen Luonian nodded.

“Martial Dao School came from Daoism. The founder was from Sichuan Province’s Heming Mountain, that’s…… That’s right, during the end of the Han Dynasty.” Malian thought for a while before continuing: “That time the whole country was in rebellion and monsters rampaged. The master roamed the realm, studying Jian Xiu Martial Dao. Later he found a way to cultivate Martial Dao, established the Martial Dao School, which to this day has been passed on for one thousand eight hundred years.”

That long? For real? Chen Luonian was unconvinced.

“You think I’m lying?” Malian saw that Chen Luonian’s expression was dubious, and gave a humph.

“I was just wondering…… why I never heard of this before?” Chen Luonian did his best to appear earnest.

“I heard that at one time there were a lot of people learning studying the arts of Martial Dao, but for some reason it became less and less. Later, for the sake for avoiding attracting attention, the passing on of teachings became more and more secretive.” Malian said: “It was only until a year ago, when the Zong Zhangs of Tawian’s San Men met and found out that the monster miasma was increasing, that he changed the policy, and wanted to accept more disciples in order to prepare for the future events…… I heard the prophecy said, in the future the world will experience really really huge turmoil!”

“San Men? Monster miasma? Prophecy?” Chen Luonian frowned.

“Aiya, the more we talk the more we’re straying from the topic. If you don’t understand, just skip it.” Malian said impatiently.

Chen Luonian could only reply yes.

“Back to the Martial Dao School.” Malian counted on her fingers: “The passed down Martial Dao School are He, Li, and Bai, these three Sects. Our Bai Sect’s practice style is Zhuan Xiu Pai, while He and Li’s way is the Jian Xiu Pai1.”

(1) Assuming all the above things will be explained later, but San Men translates to 3 doors in chinese, and can mean 3 schools, so it’s probably refering to the 3 branches of Martial Dao schools. Zhuan Xiu Pai seems to mean specialized cultivation while the latter means double cultivation. The way I’m thinking about it is Zhuan Xiu Pai is like having single major in college while Jian Xiu Pai is like double majoring. Lastly, the traveling master Malian talked about practiced the latter.

Chen Luonian interrupted: “Zhuan Xiu is……”

“Don’t ask about that for now either, we’ll talk about it later!” Malian clapped her hands, turned back to Qiya and asked: “I’ve finished talking about the history, can we test if his physique is suitable now?”

“Mm……” Qiya looked at Chen Luonian: “It might be a bit uncomfortable.”

Chen Luonian didn’t like feeling uncomfortable so hurriedly asked: “What are you going to do?”

Qiya didn’t reply. From the pocket of her sports jacket she retrieved a small, simple silver metal bottle, about the length of one’s finger, and told Chen Luonian: “Hand palm up, on the table.”

Hand? Chen Luonian extended his right hand, and placed it on the table.

Qiya twisted open the bottle cap, tipped it towards Chen Luonian’s hand, and a mercury-like, silver white liquid dropped onto the hollow of his palm.

Chen Luonian felt a burst of cold, only to see that liquid rapidly permeate his hand. In a blink it was gone.

“Da heck? What happened?” Malian blurted out as she approached with her eyes wide: “It went in without the technique?”

Qiya who rarely expressed emotions also showed a surprised expression, and looked at Chen Luonian: “Do you feel anything?”

“Don’t feel anything.” Chen Luonian shook his head.

“Is there a bloat, bloat, or a tight, tight feeling?” Malian also asked.

“Hand?” Chen Luonian said.

“Of course, where else would I be asking about, dumbass!” Malian scowled.

“There doesn’t seem to be……” Chen Luonian thought it over, then said: “What do you mean by bloat or tight? What sort of feeling?”

“And you still don’t admit that you’re dumb! Bloat is just the bloat when your stomach is bloated, tight is the tight when your belt is tight. One pulls towards the inside while one pushes towards the outside.” Malian lectured: “This represents your basic attribute, whether it’s dispersion or congregation.”

“Calm down.” Qiya shook her head: “I still haven’t utilized the technique to guide the qi, how would there be any feeling?”

“That’s true……” Malian said with surprise: “A least we’ve confirmed that his body is suitable. But doesn’t it take at least half an hour for mixture to harmonize the first time? Qiya, have you ever heard of this happening before?”

“No.” Qiya shook her head, then thought for a moment: “I’ll try a different method.”

“Try again?” Malian asked.

“En.2″ Qiya nodded and said to Chen Luonian who had already withdrawn his hand: “Hand.”

(2) Sound of affirmation.

Chen Luonian could only extend his hand again, but Qiya shook her head and said: “Switch hands.”

Chen Luonian stared back blankly for a moment, then switched and offered up his left hand.

“There’s an injury?” Qiya saw the bandaid on the ring finger, and faintly frowned.

“That’s not good, right?” Malian also knitted her brows: “Use the right hand again?”

“Two times consecutively so close together is no good.” Qiya shook her head slightly.

“Wait……” Chen Luonian said: “This isn’t an injury, so it’s fine.”

“Then what are you sticking this on for?” Malian couldn’t help but scowl: “A fashion accessory? Are you some pervert sissy? It’s not like this bandage is even good looking!”

Before Chen Luonian could even get a chance to reply, Qiya already said unhurriedly: “If there’s no injury, take it off and let me see.”

Seeing no way out, Chen Luonian could only tear off the bandage and show the Blood Ice Ring beneath it.

Seeing the Blood Ice Ring, Qiya and Malian’s eyes lit up at the same time, both showed an unexpected type of expression. Malian asked first: “Wow! How pretty, where did you get it? How much did it cost? What kind of jade is it? How did they make it so thin? Won’t it break?”

“I…… I’m not too sure.” Chen Luonian was a bit surprised. Malian looked so rambunctious, he didn’t think she would also like jewelry.

Qiya’s hand reached forward, but stopped after thinking about it. She lifted her head and asked: “Can I touch it?”

“You can.” Chen Luonian nodded.

Qiya extended her forefinger to gently touch the surface of the Blood Ice Ring while closely examining it.

“I also want to touch.” Malian’s hand also reached over. She definitely wasn’t as polite as Qiya, and pinched Chen Luonian’s finger turning it over and around to look. While laughing happily she said: “Cool jade? Cold jade? That’s not right. I’ve never seen this kind of material, is it really jade? Why is a guy like you wearing a red ring, sell it to me?”

If I could take it off I’d gift it to you…… Thinking over it, Chen Luonian couldn’t say this out loud, so could only laugh bitterly: “I can’t.”

“Eh, is there some special meaning behind it? It couldn’t be a engagement promise, right?” Malian knitted her borws: “Is this finger for engagement or marriage? Hm! I can’t remember.”

Seeing that both of them were staring at his finger, Chen Luonian felt a bit embarrassed as he said: “You’ve confirmed that there’s no injury now, I’m going to stick the bandage back on.”

“It’s so pretty, why cover it up?” Malian asked: “When it’s inconvenient you can just take it off. Especially when fighting remember not to wear it, it’d be such a waste if it breaks.”

“Understood.” Chen Luonian replied half-heartedly as he covered it up.

“As long as there’s no injury.” Qiya returned to being calm, reached out her left hand to lightly grasp Chen Luonian’s palm from below, her right hand holding that silver bottle, and said to Chen Luonian: “We’re starting, pay attention carefully to the feeling.”

“Okay.” Chen Luonian looked at her hand which was smaller by a size compared to his and felt a chill.

Suddenly, power seeped out from Qiya’s left hand, the power gradually increased, softly and slowly wrapped around Chen Luonian’s hand, then the right hand tipped, dripping out another drop of mercury-like liquid.

This time because of that power obstruct the way, the liquid didn’t directly come in contact with Chen Luonian’s palm, and hovered in the air a bit above his hand.

Qiya put down the silver bottle, moved her right hand closer, and released another portion of power. The two powers met above Chen Luonian’s hand, squeezing the liquid between them into a semitransparent layer of silver membrane. In a split second, Qiya removed the bottom layer of power, so the membrane dropped like this onto Chen Luonian’s palm.

The moment the two met, just like earlier, the membrane was immediately absorbed by Chen Luonian’s palm and faded away. At this time, Qiya’s power suddenly increased tremendously, the air around his palm seemed to change, as if there was a sort of strange atmosphere. Chen Luonian was unnerved, but he couldn’t figure out what caused it either, so he didn’t know what to do.

“The absorption rate is so fast! Hurry, do you feel bloated or tight? Is it pushing outwards or pulling inwards?” Malian shouted.

There’s no feeling……Then it occurred to Chen Luonian, perhaps because of the Original Chaos Breath, this type of technique might also be ineffective on him?

Chen Luonian was just about to reply honestly when he saw the expression on the two’s faces and felt like it was probably not a good idea. By the looks of it, they can’t accept failure and will probably keep trying until they succeed……

From what they said, this method was for finding out if his physique is the dispersion type or the congregation type. According to what Huai Zhen said, the Hun Dun Yuan Xi‘s nature is to disperse outwards, so it’s probably dispersion?

Chen Luonian hesitated over it for a moment, then finally said: “I think…… probably outwards……”

“Outwards? Bloat, bloat? Really? Wah!” Malian asked with her eyes wide.

Out of two choices he couldn’t have picked the wrong one again, right? Chen Luonian thought ‘crap’ inside, and with a lack of confidence, said: “Probably.”

“Ah——a male dispersion type, how rare.” Malian sat back down: “Then you might not stay in Weishan’s team for long.”

“Why?” Chen Luonian was curious.

“A team only needs one dispersion type.” Malian said: “Once you’re skilled enough, find another congregation type to work with you and start up another small group? This is more efficient.”

“I don’t get it.” Chen Luonian said.

“No rush.” Qiya said: “Weishan will arrange it.” As she put the silver bottle away.

“You really are strange.” Malian looked Chen Luonian up and down: “It takes everyone forever to absorb this Yao Zhi3, why do you soak it up like it’s water and you’re a sponge?”

(3) Tentatively defining Yao Zhi as Monster Essence. And Bian Ti translates to variant, but I think it’s more like transforming. 

“I don’t know.” Chen Luonian shook his head.

“If ‘Bian Ti’ goes just as smoothly, then it’ll be so much easier.” Malian turned back to ask Qiya: “Qiya! Did we do everything we needed to do?”

“En.” Qiya gently pushed back her sleeve, looked at her watched: “Still early.”

“Yeah, because we didn’t have to force in the Yao Zhi.” Malian scratched her head then said: “Hey! Brat, do you still have anything you want to ask?”

There’s so much he couldn’t understand, but where should he start? Chen Luonian thought for a moment, then asked: “What does ‘Bian Ti‘ mean? And earlier, that thing called ‘Yao Zhi‘, what was it?”

Malian was slightly taken back. She looked to Qiya and asked: “Can we tell him?”

Qiya also seemed a bit hesitant, but after considering it gave a slight nod.

“You sure know how to pick the questions.” Malian turned back towards him and explained: “Yao Zhi, is the monster’s original essence which we extract using Dao techniques after the monsters die. If we force a large amount of Yao Zhi into your body…… Heh heh…… we can make your body Yao-ize4, that’s called Bian Ti!”

(4) Yao = monster, supernatural creatures. The actual term was 妖化, but to say transform into a Yao was boring…

Yao-ize? Turning into a monster? No way……” Chen Luonian’s jaw dropped.

Seeing Chen Luonian shocked as she had predicted, Malian grinned, pleased: “Even though it’s called Yao-ize, but it’s just strengthening the insides and outside of the body. There’s no side effects so don’t worry lil’ bro.”

“So my hand……” Chen Luonian looked at his hands, a little disturbed.

“With just that tiny bit the effects are really short.” Malian said: “It needs to reach a certain amount before it can produce a permanent change.”

“Is this the so-called cultivating of Martial Dao?” Chen Luonian couldn’t help frowning. Isn’t this more like becoming Frankenstein?

“Of course not.” Malian said: “This is just the process. The goal is for ‘Na Qi’.”

“Na ‘氣’?” Chen Luonian asked.

“Not ‘氣’, it’s ‘炁’! They sound the same but they’re not the same word, ‘納炁’(na qi)!” Malian said as she wrote on the table.

“炁? So this word and 氣 are actually read the same way?5” Chen Luonian had never seen this word before and was a bit baffled.

(5) I’m not slacking off, it makes more sense this way, doesn’t it?

“Ufufu, this is stuff only educated people know, let big sis tell you.” Malian said with glee: “On top of the character 炁(qi) is 旡(ji), in archaic times it was written as 元(yuan), the character yuan meaning emptiness, ‘炁’ (qi) is formless fire, and is also incorporeal power. It’s actually what the martial arts practitioners call nei gong. Later this word and the ‘氣’ (qi) which meant breathing got muddied, so everyone always called it 氣功(qi gong), not knowing the original meaning.”

(6) Gong is like shortening of Kungfu, basically martial arts. Nei gong and Qi gong are both types of Chinese martial arts. Wikipedia calls Qigong “Life Energy Cultivation”. Both of them focuses on slow steady movements combined with breathing and meditation. Old people practice this a lot. Btw, the info given above by Malian seems to be actually true.
Thank god for google-sama! Banzai! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

“You’ll get qi if you change your physique?” Chen Luonian asked.

“This and that are two entirely different things.” Malian waved her hand: “Why would you put them together.”

“Huh?” Chen Luonian was confused again.

“Have you read wuxia novels or watched martial arts movies before? Heard of 氣功(qi gong)?” Malian questioned.

“I did.” Chen Luonian hurriedly nodded. For a while, he used to read wuxia novels often to pass the time.

“Though the novels exaggerate it a little, but in reality, practicing 炁功(qi gong) is actually just like the way it’s depicted in the novels. It takes a long time.” Malian said: “But our Jian Xiu Martial Dao Founder discovered that the qi that martial arts practitioners cultivate and the techniques that Daoists pursue, though the forms are different, the nature of it is actually the same…… Even though it seems to come from all the living things in the universe, actually before that, it came from the Dao Jing that exists in the mist of nothingness.”

Dao Jing?” Chen Luonian’s head felt like it was swelling. Was it related to the Immortal World that Huai Zhen talked about?

“It’s just a noun, if I go more in depth you won’t understand anyways. To put it simply, you can use Dao techniques to get a large quantity of qi from the Dao Jing!” Malian said.

“Get a large quantity of qi?” Chen Luonian asked: “So there’s no need to train?”

“That’s right!” Malian slapped the table: “When the Founder discovered this, he immediately set out to test it. But the disciple whom it was tested on immediately started bleeding from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, then died from his veins warping.”

“Hah?” Chen Luonian was alarmed again.

“Hahaha!” Malian laughed loudly: “Your expression is hilarious.”

Chen Luonian paused, embarrassed: “Are you tricking me?”

“No.” Malian laughed: “Because of that Senior’s sacrifice the Founder was able to find the cause. In the normal cultivation process, one doesn’t just accumulate qi, they also borrow the stockpile of qi to continuously adjust and change their bodies…… Even though the Founder discovered a shortcut to acquire qi, an ordinary person who had never cultivated before can’t bear receiving such a strong energy, and for the people that can stand it, they no longer need the shortcut…… So the best method was……”

When Malian got to this point, she purposefully paused, waiting for Chen Luonian to interrupt. Sure enough, Chen Luonian understood and interjected: “So first strengthen the physique, then introduce the qi?”

“Right. This is actually the most highly classified information, you must never tell others. Later if this technique is passed down to you, of course you must never divulge it to outsiders.” Malian hardened her expression as she said: “This is the great secret of the Martial Dao school. As a disciple of the Martial Dao school, in a short period of time, you can gain the power which takes an ordinary cultivator a lifetime of hard work. It was due to this that even in this time period in which martial arts has declined, the school was still able to be passed down.”

No wonder Huai Zhen would say that Lai and Ye seemed to have cultivated for decades……. Realizing this, Chen Luonian couldn’t help asking: “Then why aren’t they famous? Since they are strong, is it really necessary to be so covert?”

“Eh?” Malian couldn’t think of an answer and could only turn to ask Qiya: “Why?”

“There’s too little yao zhi.” Qiya said.

“Right!” Malian slapped her forehead and faced Chen Luonian: “In the past it was difficult to find monsters, so it was hard to get disciples. It only suddenly became easier to find monsters during these last two months. This is a long story so don’t ask about that right now.”

Perhaps this is the reason that the Martial Dao school declined instead of flourishing? Chen Luonian had a vague idea regarding this point so he just nodded.

“Since you’re a dispersion type, you can’t choose a heavy weapon.” Malian suddenly grinned: “Then just like Qiya and Weishan, pick a pretty dagger?”

“Pretty dagger?” Chen Luonian recalled what he saw at Banqiao station, and said as he looked at Qiya: “What I saw last time, was that magic?”

Qiya only shook her head slightly. Malian laughed: “No, that’s a dao technique.”

“Talk about the details after Bian Ti.” Qiya took out that beautiful dagger from her pocket and handed it to Chen Luonian: “Want to look?”

Such a delicate knife. Chen Luonian received it and carefully examined it. Though it was called a dagger, its shape was slender, the blade and handle were forged from the same metal, it’s exterior didn’t seem to be much different than a letter opener blade. Except for the edge of the blade, all the other areas had gone through tempering and the back part even had some elaborate decorative carvings.

The handle seems a bit small for him though. Chen Luonian felt its weight: “Pretty light.”

Malian said: “It’s better for dispersion types to use smaller weapons. The dagger type was made just in case, in order to maintain the minimum defense and offensive power. In reality, it’s rarely used unless the team members nearby are blanking out!”

“So it’s like that.” Chen Luonian handed the dagger back to Qiya.

“Let’s go.” Qiya said as she put away the dagger.

“Back home? That’s great, we get to get off work early.” Malian picked up her backpack.

“That’s it?” Chen Luonian asked, astounded.

“That’s it, you should remember to go find Weishan tomorrow.” Malian walked out while muttering: “Damn, looking after new recruits is such a pain, how are they not tired? Accepting one after another.”

Qiya nodded towards Chen Luonian, then also turned to leave.

They’re just leaving him here like this? Chen Luonain smiled bitterly, picked up his backpack and also left this Rainbow Leaves restaurant. Walking down the staircase, he saw that outside the arcade7 of the building, Qiya was currently straddling an offroad scooter vehicle that was completely black except for a pure white oil tank. By now the engine had started, she was putting on a safety helmet and Malian who was standing next to her had also just picked up a safety helmet to wear.

(7) Refering the architectural arcade.

Those two were always dressed in the pants fashion style so driving an offroad vehicle wasn’t really that strange. But just why does that oil tank have the black letters “Taipei Police Department Patrol Car” printed on it? Isn’t this organization’s relationship with the government too deep? Next time will there be someone driving a police car showing up?

As Malian got on the scooter she saw Chen Luonain and even gave him a wave. Chen Luonian approached, surprised, but before he even opened his mouth Malian already said: “This was brought when the police were making their purchase selections. Do you want to buy one after you graduate as well?”

“The age limit is at least twenty.” Qiya said emotionlessly: “It’s still early for him.”

“That’s right, this is a heavy motorcycle.” Malian waved: “You’re only seventeen, right? Take your time, Qiya only got her driver’s license a while ago as well.”

“This…… Why does it say Taipei Police Department Patrol Car? And the back even has a police siren?” Chen Luonian’s eyes widened.

“It’s more convenient this way.” Malian laugh with a ‘hehe’. Sitting steadily on the slightly elevated back seat, she set straight that slightly cumbersome large backpack, then tightly hugged Qiya’s waist. After thinking, she suddenly said with a serious face: “Brat, you have such a lazy personality, you better not drag Weishan and Yixin down!

“Got it.” Chen Luonian said.

“Goodbye.” Qiya lifted her left hand to give Chen Luonian a wave, then without further remarks, stepped on the gas pedal and drove off.


The next day, Chen Luonian remembered about yesterday’s appointment and afterschool started walking towards the room under the teacher’s building.

He remembered that place was a small lecture hall. Occasionally particular movies would be played there which students were allowed to watch, other times it was usually closed. Wonder why would they meet there?

Chen Luonian walked to the front of the building. Just as he was about to head down, from behind he came a voice: “Luonian?”

Chen Luonian turned around, startled, to see Ye Weishan appear behind him. Chen Luonian awkwardly smiled: “Senior sister…… Um, Weishan.” It was the first time he addressed her like it, he was still very unused to it.

“I heard you’re also a dispersion type?” Ye Weishan walked closer and headed down alongside Chen Luonian.

Actually it was a bit of a lie. Chen Luonian felt a little guilty as he said: “Seems so.”

“En, that’s great.” Ye Weishan said: “According to the usual practice, once you learn the foundation, you can start another small group…… But the future circumstances have changed, so you might not have to do that.”

“Oh?” Chen Luonian didn’t understand.

“We can talk about it when we get to it.” Ye Weishan gave a slight smile, and pushed open the door as she said: “I borrowed this place from the headmaster in order to train everyone. In the future you have to stay after to practice too, is that fine with your family?”

“It’s fine.” Chen Luonian walked into the basement and saw that all the chairs inside were already moved to make space. Lai Yixin, Hou Tianliang and the rest were all there. Besides Lai Yixin, the other three were all busy brandishing the weapons in their hands. It seems they were practicing some sort of fixed movement.

Hou Tianliang was holding a katana, Zhang Zhiwen was holding with both hands a huge double-edged sword almost the length of a person. As for Huang Zongru, his right hand was holding a broad shortsword, while his left hand, for some unfathomable reason, was holding a metal tea tank lid8.


Besides that tea tank lid, the weapons the three were holding were also weird. On them, for some reason, was a layer of adhesive tape, except all in different places. The difference being where a strip of metal surface was exposed.

In front of the three, tied with a thick rubber band was a metal plate about the size of a bottle cap. The ends of the rubber band were fastened on the floor and ceiling. They were doing fixed movements, without pause they moved forward to slash. Every time they struck the metal plate with a sound they would return to their original stance. Seeing Chen Luonian enter, they only turned to give a greeting before continuing the same movements.

“Luonian!” Lai Yixin approached with with a smile: “Welcome.”

“What are they doing?” Chen Luonian asked.

“Practicing.” Lai Yixin said: “Power, reaction, and speed can all be raised with the process of Bian Ti, but correct posture and accuracy can only be honed with continuous practice.”

“Why are the weapons all different?” Chen Luonian felt it was a bit fun.

“The weapons were chosen by them.” Lai Yixin slightly frowned: “I tend to recommend long range weapons…… but only Zhiwen’s double-edge sword is anywhere close to counting as a long range weapon. However that type of sword that’s too broad isn’t easy to carry around……”

“Later I’ll make straps to carry it on my back.” The skinny Zhang Zhiwen, using both hands, swung the double-edged sword down with all his might. With that slash, the metal plate in front of him shook continuously. Then he returned once again to his original position.

“Because the beautiful female lead in his favorite manga uses that type of weapon.” Said Hou Tianliang who was wielding the katana to the side.

“Aren’t you using a katana because of some anime lolita too?” Zhang Zhiwen sarcastically retorted. Though the two were bicking, their movements never paused.

“Then Zongru? That lid……” Chen Luonian couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s Unrivaled Giant’s standard equipment.” Zhang Zhiwen burst out laughing. Huang Zongru, without a sound, with his face red, only continued to swing the broad shortsword in his hand, attacking that metal plate.

“He said he wanted a shield.” Lai Yixin smiled wryly: “I couldn’t find one in the practice weapons storehouse, so I could only use this as a placeholder.”

“You’re giving them way too much freedom.” Ye Weishan reproached in a low tone: “Wouldn’t it be fine if they all just used pikes? And you’re also experienced with using it.”

“Everyone’s weapons being different might be able have a complementing effect.” Lai Yixin gently laughed: “Choosing something you like is still better.”

“Complementing effect? The most I could hope for is for it not to turn into a ball of chaos.” Ye Weishan frowned.

“It won’t.” Lai Yixin smiled: “I’ll find a compatible method, no problem.”

“En.” Ye Weishan nodded, walked to a cabinet and opened it, then rummaged through it looking for something.

“Have they already gone through Bian Ti?” Chen Luonian saw that each person’s movements were all very fast as if what they were brandishing in their hands were just feathers and couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Not yet, why?” Lai Yixin replied.

“Then could it be that the weapons are really light?” Chen Luonian asked.

“Yeah, they’re really light.” Lai Yixin said: “Aluminum alloy shell, hollowed inside. After Bian Ti, then we’ll start forging the weapons they want.”

“Hollowed inside?”

“Because after Bian Ti and absorbing qi, when they pick up the actual weapons, the feeling of the weight will be about this light.” Lai Yixin said: “Practicing like this is just right.”

It’s this nice after Bian Ti? Chen Luonian was a bit worried. With his unusual physique, absorbing the Yao Zhi had no effect, so he might not be able to absorb qi. At that time will he get kicked out of the sect?

“Luonian…… come here.” Ye Weishan called from the side.

Chen Luonian turned around, startled, to see Ye Weishan laying out a large black pocket bag on a table next to the wall. Chen Luonian and Lai Yixin walked closer to see that there were about ten differently sized metal daggers arranged inside. Ye Weishan said: “A dagger is relatively light, so you start using the finished product earlier…… Take a look and see if there’s one you like?”

“You also brought daggers here?” Lai Yixin laughed.

“That’s right, Luonian choose carefully.” Ye Weishan elaborated: “To smoothly use qi, normally you must continuously link qi into your weapon, allowing the weapon to adapt to your qi xi9, so it’s best to stick with just one weapon.”

(9) 炁息 – “qi xi” both words individually means breath? Might refer to the qi that’s absorbed and processed by the person?

So it’s like this. Although the lengths and shapes of these daggers were differnt, they were all virtually the same as Qiya’s dagger, all very thin and delicate, like those used by girls. Chen Luonian couldn’t help but ask: “Are they all made completely from the same material? Won’t the handle slip if it’s metal? Also…… isn’t it a bit too thin?”

“Weapons made completely of one material allows qi to flow through it more easily.” Lai Yixin suddenly produced a sheathed dagger from his back, pulled it out and passed it over: “If you’re afraid it would slip, you can choose one with a simple handle shape…… I recommend this one, the cutting sensation is probably not bad.”

So it’s also related to qi? Chen Luonian took it and closely examined it. This dagger that Lai Yixin picked, the edge of the blade was both thin and broad, the blade body dark, and though it was made from only one material, the handle had a simple, easy-to-grasp curve, the feeling of it in the hand was really, to tell the truth, this was more like the “dagger” Chen Luonian had pictured. The ones Ye Weishan had brought were all similar to Qiya’s dagger, more like beautiful letter openers that were on the large side, not like daggers at all.

“You also brought one?” Ye Weishan seemed to not have expected this, and slightly frowned, saying: “Isn’t that a bit big? The dispersion type’s weapon is more like a technique tool, it’s rarely used to actually cut……”

“But there still might be an opportunity to use it, right?” Lai Yixin animatedly asked Chen Luonian: “What do you think? Is this good? It took me a long time to finally make this choice.”

“This is the type I use.” Ye Weishan took out a bright, silver-white rod-shaped thing from her left sleeve. Chen Luonian had to look closely to discover that it was also a dagger. This dagger was even thinner than the one Qiya used. The bottom half was perfectly round, the upper slender blade, say no more. It seemed to have never been sharpened, after all, she was able to causally stuff it in her sleeve without a sheath so evidently it wasn’t sharp. From farther away, it seemed more like a baton.

“This type is light and easy to carry around as well.” Ye Weishan said: “Yixin’s type is too…… Oh……” Halfway through, something seemed to have occured to Ye Weishan and she suddenly stopped.

“What is it?” Lai Yixin asked.

“Nevermind, just use the dagger Yixin recommended. You haven’t gone through Bian Ti yet anyways so you can’t link qi. After a while if you want to switch you can still switch.”

Chen Luonian and Lai Yixin were a bit confused, not knowing why Ye Weishan would suddenly change her mind.

“My dagger is a techinque rod type so it doesn’t have much force, it’s not suitable for practicing attack and defense skills, and you can only practice Dao techniques after Bian Ti.” Ye Weishan watched the three that were practicing diligently and said in a low voice: “You guys all joined at around the same time and all haven’t gone through Bian Ti yet. It’s not like we can just have you sit around waiting, so it’s best to first practice together with them for now.”

“I was thinking that as well.” Lai Yixin happily spoke: “Learning some more martial arts won’t hurt. Weishan, while we’re at it, would you like to switch to a different dagger to practice as well?”

“I’ll pass, your type of training tires people to death.” Ye Weishan paused: “If you guys really want to train, you can’t directly use this one, the blade will get damaged.”

“I prepared one for practice.” Lai Yixin happily produced another dagger from behind him. It really was the same type aluminum alloy dagger, except the blade wasn’t sharpened.

Didn’t that mean she brought a whole bunch for nothing? Ye Weishan shot Lai Yixin a glare as she put away that bag of beautiful daggers.

“Let’s start.” Lai Yixin first tied a battery to Chen Luonian’s right arm, connected one of the wires to the dagger, then pulled Luonian to where the other three were, and started tying the rubber band, then setting up the metal plate.

Chen Luonian only discovered when he got closer that the metal plate was still connected to a wire which connected to something that looked like an electronic counter. Lai Yixin spoke as he continued setting things up: “In a bit take the other wire and connect it to the counter. Then as long as you hit this metal plate, the circuit will connect and it’ll keep track.”

“Oh?” That means only accurate strikes will count?

Lai Yixin finished setting everything up, walked towards him with adhesive tape and started wrapping the dagger up until only the tip was exposed, and said: “The machine will only count if this part touches the metal plate. The basic thrusting motion for a dagger is like this.” Lai Yixin, using the real dagger, demonstrated in front of Chen Luonian.

“Like this?” Chen Luonian imitated.

Lai Yixin adjusted Chen Luonian’s movement, had him try several more times before finally saying: “Good, first thrust five hundred times, every time you must return to the original postion. How you start the position isn’t important, but you must practice until the move is completely fluent.”

Five hundred time? Don’t worry about the starting position? What kind of training is this? Chen Luonian couldn’t help being stunned.

“Move faster!” Lai Yixin clapped his hands, stepping back a bit: “For now we’re focusing on fluidity and accuracy. After that we’ll work on speed. If you space out too much I’ll increase the requirement!”

Eh…… Well let’s just try thrusting…… With no other choice, Chen Luonian could only start thrusting forward.

“Hehe, a dagger, huh.” On his left side Hou Tianliang laughed: “Hey! Unrivaled Giant, Mosquito, look! Our little monster subjugator group now has an assassin.”

Zhang Zhiwen couldn’t hold it in and bursted out laughing with a ‘pfff’, stopping his movement to hold his stomach as he laughed: “Perverted Monkey, what did you say about our little group?”

“The dagger, isn’t that what assassins use? Right?” Hou Tianliang placed his katana on his shoulder turned towards Chen Luonian and started chattering endlessly.

Huang Zongru didn’t make a sound, just bitterly smiled as he shook his head, then thrust his blade out again. Now he stopped his movements, pressed the counter that had just reached five hundred to reset it back to zero. Next, he adjusted the height of the metal plate and changed the adhesive tape position, changing the area of metal exposure from the tip to one fourth down the length of the broadsword, switched to a different slashing style, then continued to strike the metal plate.

“Shit! Unrivaled Giant finished practicing a move.” Hou Tianliang saw that his counter was only at four hundred and didn’t dare to joke anymore. While slashing the hollow katana, he said: “My weapon is heavier, it’s not fair.”

“Like fart! Mine is the heaviest.” Zhang Zhiwen who was only at around three hundred also hurriedly started moving, swinging that double-edged sword to continue to practice striking.

Everyone’s styles, did Lai Yixin teach all of them? Does he know how to use every single weapon? Chen Luonian looked at the counter which was still only at double digits, didn’t dare to think more, and worked hard to thrust forward, making that metal plate continuously ring out ‘ding ding dang dang’.

As he practiced, Chen Luonian came to feel that this wasn’t easy at all. Not even mentioning the fact that he sometimes lost focus and couldn’t hit the target, just the motion of steadily striking then returning still took at least two, three seconds. Adding on the time that it took for the metal plate to stabilize, wouldn’t five hundred strikes take at least half an hour? Even if the aluminum dagger is light, would his arm be able to stand this?

But…… looking at the three at his side, his own weapon was the lightest, and it seems they even had to practice more than one move……

“Luonian, don’t use too much strength, relax your arm a little.” Lai Yixin shouted: “If you keep using strength you won’t be able to keep it up for long.”

“But relaxing it is less accurate……” Chen Luonian said.

“That’s the point, to practice until it’s accurate even when relaxed.” Lai Yixin smiled: “Make it intention, not strength.”

“Can I ask a question?” Chen Luonian said after striking forward again: “Can’t we use firearms, bombs, etc? I rather use guns…… pistols, rifles, submachine guns are all fine, but if I could use a sniper rifle that’d be great.” Anyways, being able to hide far away from the battlefield is best.

“Can’t.” Lai Yixin said: “Gunpowder weapons can’t link with qi, so the power of firearms isn’t enough. And the weapons with large firepower isn’t for us to use.”

“I’ve asked this question before, Luonian.” Zhang Zhiwen smiled as he spoke, all the while fiercely slashing, striking the metal plate with a ‘dang’ and causing it to tremble.

“Oh……” Chen Luonian could only continue to practice jabbing.

“Gambette10.” Lai Yixin said: “After you finish practicing the first move go eat first. Today I’ll just have you learn two moves.”

(10) It’s like keep up the good work, good luck, and work hard all rolled into one. I couldn’t think of the perfect English equivalent, I’m not sure there is one. All I could think of were either the Japanese ‘gambette’ or Korean ‘Fighting!’.

Gah? He also has more than one move? Chen Luonian couldn’t help start to feel regret.


Translator Notes:
Main change: Original Chaos Breath has been changed to Hun Dun Yuan Qi. 


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