Invincible Saint – Chapter 90

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Chapter 090: Disturbing rumours about the Philosopher’s past

Translator: Tseirp


When we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, voices came from within.


“Dragonewt’s messenger.”

“Torturer from hell.”

“Object X’s poster child.”


I understand dragon slayer, but aren’t all the others weird? Even I would drown in tears after hearing those words.

My heart denied all the voices from the surroundings and I headed toward the reception.


“Good afternoon. I wish to meet with either Jasuan-dono or Jias-dono, is it alright?”

“Ple, please wait a moment.”

The cat beastman receptionist ran up the stairs.


Jasuan-dono appeared with a green face and was sweating profusely.

“Jasuan-dono, I’ll be hurt if you show such demeanour. I only made you drink that because I was seriously angry.”

“Ha, haha. What are you talking about? What can I do for you?” (TL: He spoke super politely.)

Object X has the power to implant trauma into the dragonewts huh.


While feeling slightly sympathetic toward Jasuan-dono, I conveyed my business to him.


“I wish to talk about the matter regarding attracting adventurers as well as regarding the monsters within the undeveloped forest that expand across the undeveloped land.”

After I said that, Jasuan-dono transformed from his previous comedic appearance and spoke.

“It’s inconvenient to speak here so please come to the guildmaster’s room.”


Thinking that there was some trouble brewing from his expression, I followed Jasuan-dono and visited the guildmaster’s room.

Jias-dono was there as well.

Possibly due to them being siblings, seeing Jasuan-dono’s serious expression, he offered his seat.


“And so, what do you wish to talk about the matter regarding attracting adventurers as well as the monsters within the undeveloped forest that expand across the undeveloped land?”

Jasuan-dono reiterated the question to inform Jias-dono as well.

“Yeah. Yesterday, I headed to the undeveloped forest to procure materials. The monsters we defeated there were mostly the commonly heard of goblins, orcs, and wolf type monsters.”

“I see, so you entered the undeveloped forest.”

Jias-dono furrowed his brows and closed his eyes.

“There were trolls and mandrakes as well but I did not imagine that those monsters are traded with high prices so I came to confirm with the Adventurer’s Guild.”


Jias-dono opened his eyes and began speaking.

“Mandrakes are traded at about 10 gold coins by the Herbalist Guild so they are without a doubt costly materials. However, that is the only expensive material within that forest.”

” … What do you mean?”


“There are rumours about that forest being the habitat of spirits.”

But it really is?

” …… ”

“Ah, I understand that there are none today. However, in the past, I heard that there were many adventurers who aimed to obtain its blessing or get rich quick by capturing the spirit.”

Looks like a lot happened to the water spirit but this is a different matter from that.

“So what do you mean by that is all there is to the forest now?”

“Apparently, the adventurers kept losing their way and the monsters attacked regardless of day or night. Moreover, there was once an outbreak of monsters from the forest and a stampede occurred but I heard that Philosopher-sama solved it.”

“Did Philosopher-sama … cleanse the forest?”

“According to the literature from that time, he summoned numerous spirits and defeated thousands of monsters alone.”

” … Sounds like he was very strong.”

“Yeah. However, after defending Ienith, he remarked that “There’s no way those who hold malicious intent can see spirits!” so adventurers and merchants began leaving Ienith.”


I somehow had an inkling to what happened next.

” …… Don’t tell me the reason why there wasn’t a Healer’s Guild in Ienith was because?”

” … Yeah. Philosopher-sama supported Ienith when he was alive and the construction of the wells and spice seeds is told to be brought by Philosopher-sama. However, it is also said that Philosopher-sama was the one who brought about the poverty and when we were young, I heard that he was chased out of Ienith.”


Saving Ienith from the monster’s onslaught, he spoke out for the sake of the spirits which caused the economic crisis of Ienith. Philosopher-sama took responsibility by not only investing his own money, he also worried about the future of their industry but … it’s saddening to see that he is resented by the subsequent generations.”


“By any chance was that related to the start of the humanoid-supremacy group?”

” … I can’t say that it is unrelated. There was certainly records that there were many beastwomen among the wives of Philosopher-sama.”

So Philosopher-sama was a Riajuu huh. (TL: Riajuu = Someone with a fulfilling life/ successful social life)

Well, he did his work splendidly and he surely must have been … it’s pointless to have delusions and to drop dirty jokes so I’ll stop there. (TL: He was going to say his member must have been splendid as well hahaha.)


“If we want to attract adventurers, where would you designate the hunt for monsters?”

That’s the fundamental question.

If there are particularly strong and high-value monsters then there would not be any problem.

For example, the retired adventurers can work as escorts to the borders of the country, sell honey and mead, sow seeds in the fields and study cotton, those that are good in fieldwork can change their job as well.

Whether or not it’s beneficial or detrimental, I believe that by arranging for clothes, food, and lodging and making the place easy to live in, it would definitely make the city a place people would want to live in.


Jias-dono stood up and took out a map.

“You’ve seen this map before but here.”

Jias-dono pointed at a blank zone.


“Wasn’t it only mountains or rather cliffs there?”

“Yeah. But according to the reports, I heard that it does not continue as cliffs indefinitely.”

…… Heard?

“You mentioned that you heard of it, who did you hear from?”

“A bird beastmen.”


I did not have a good impression of Ienith’s tiger, bird and rabbit beastmen.(TL: I understand tiger but I don’t know why bird and rabbit as well…did they do something?)

“Incidentally, what can be found there?”


“I received reports that there were Harpies and Lamias, Rock Lizards and the Fairies, Nymphs and Dryads as well as other never seen before monsters.”


It was like a fantasy monster parade, but doesn’t this contradict the words from the Philosopher?

“Confirming the report … can’t be done huh. Who was the bird beastman?”


“He never appeared after that. Hence, the Adventurer’s Guild never confirmed his story.”

Most likely because it was too suspicious.

Furthermore, there was no evidence … I thought that they are easily swayed but are the adventurers different?


“However once we expand, or wait there’s that huh. So troublesome.”


“Yeah. In actual fact, many adventurers suffered injuries. After that, the labyrinth increased activity so this story disappeared but I heard that it resurfaced once again.”

Alongside the description by Jias-dono with a meek expression, Jasuan-dono made an expression as if it was the first time he heard of it but I’ll put that aside for now.


” … I see. It smells like trouble but please work hard. By the way, I have prepared dwellings for the sake of attracting adventurers.”


“I’m delighted to hear that but you did well to prepare such a budget.”

… I see. So he is picky about money after all but that means the profits … is he pooling them somewhere and exploiting it?

… I’ll have to think about it later.

I smiled and answered.


“I paid from my own pocket. Because of that, I intend to hold all rights to it. Incidentally, the location is scheduled to be the current slums district. The inspection will be conducted by the Adventurer’s Guild so I wish to trouble you all to do so.”


” … Slums district … looks like you have something planned. Seems like we’ll have to select decent personnel as well.”


He stiffened and I wondered why was he the vice guildmaster, but I am also more useless compared to Jordo-san so I guess I’ll have to open my mind to the possibility that the number 2 manages the organization. I stood up and lowered my head.

“Yeah. If I leave it to Jias-dono and Jasuan-dono, I believe that you 2 would be able to interview adventurers who can work without discriminating. Later, I’ll write down the adventurers who I wish to hire as well as the requirements for the adventurers who want to retire and pass it to you so I’ll leave it in your hands.”


Jasuan-dono and Jias-dono stood up and corrected their posture before replying.

Thinking that it is alright to trust these 2 people, I decided to ask another thing of them.


“I wish to meet with the Herbalist Guild’s guildmaster so please act as an intermediary for us.”


I smiled lightly as I left.


After leaving the Adventurer’s Guild, we began returning to the Healer’s Guild.

“The plan will gradually begin with this but seems like it will be hard for it to proceed smoothly.”

“We must extract the bad buds when it is still early.”

“We never know if this might be somebody’s conspiracy nya.”

“Ha~. Hey you two, won’t you consider dispelling the slave contract and becoming my followers? It’s fine by me if you want to be on equal footing with me as well.”

I said and the 2 of them laughed and replied with the same words.

“I would like to remain as a slave. I am already a vassal to Luciel-sama in my heart so please work me to your fullest.”

“Same as Lionel-sama nya. Moreover, I can collect information from various aspects as a slave so leave it to me nya.”


” … As expected … huh.”

I dropped my shoulder and walked as I thought of how to overcome the future.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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