Invincible Saint – Chapter 62

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Chapter 062: Disciple cornered by his Shisho’s boasts

Translator: Tseirp


After leaving the Adventurer’s Guild, we went shopping for some goods before returning to the Healer’s Guild, but we were not attacked today.

Either because the magic tools were interesting, or that there was a lot of free time today, the healers cooperated with Naria and to began to prepare dinner.

“We’re back. Is everybody making dinner together today?”

I asked laughingly. Jordo-san replied as the representative.

“Yeah. Because currently we don’t have anything else to do once we finish our healing magic study group. Nevertheless, this collection of recipes is amazing. Even dishes from my hometown are listed in it.”


He laughed joyfully and the other healers similarly swelled with excitement.

Even Naria nodded as well, but Lionel was behind me so I didn’t pry any further into his background.


“Then I’ll leave tonight’s cooking to you all. Also, I would like all the healers to follow me to the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow. Ah, it’s not to fight. Just for tomorrow, we’ll provide free treatment to inform them about our healer’s healing magic. I’ve already discussed this with the Pope so don’t worry.”

Visiting the Adventurer’s Guild. As soon as I announced that, I saw the color drained from everybody’s faces.

Which was why I immediately added in that it was not to fight. They showed relieved expressions and began discussing with each other. But I felt sad after catching a slight glimpse of what they think of me.


“We will depart after tomorrow’s lunch. I will have Piazza-san remain in the guild tomorrow to command the criminal slaves. I will be in the underground for a while so please let me know when dinner is ready.”

“Certainly, Luciel-dono.”

After Jordo-san performed a pose of salute with his hand on his chest while laughing, the others also laughed and imitated him.

While thinking that it was a good trend that Jordo-san creates such atmospheres, I also saluted while laughing and descended underground.


Cathy said that she had something to discuss with Naria so she remained in the 1st floor. Lionel was the only person next to me.

” … This is the underground right?”

I muttered. Even Lionel who wasn’t surprised this morning was surprised now.

” … Was, I think it’s become ‘this was the underground?’ ”


The calm and collected Lionel looked like he received a blow to the face. I didn’t feel his usual manner that comprehends everything coming from him.


That’s to be expected. Who can predict that such a pseudo-space can be built within a couple of hours?


This morning, the underground first floor’s magic stones embedded in the high ceiling were adjusted such that the space was as bright as the Labyrinth of Tribulations.

There was also a small field and a walking space that looks like it was meant for Fornoir and the horses to have some simple exercise.


Now in the underground first floor, the ceiling had become a sky that even had the sun. Furthermore, there was even wind blowing.

The field looked soft, like it was tilled by a cultivator, and there even was a fence so that Fornoir and the horses wouldn’t enter.

In addition, the walking space meant for Fornoir and the horses became a ranch and Fornoir and the horses were spending their time leisurely within it.


“Is such a thing possible in reality? Rather than that, can this be done by man?”

“It’s thanks to master. My 「Magic Engineer」 level and 「Magic Tool Manufacture」 skill level increased.”

The person who replied to my mutterings was Paula instead of Lionel.


“So you’ve woken up, no that’s not it. Paula, you can create pseudo-spaces?”

“Not yet. Only after increasing another 2 ranks would I be able to use 「Space Expansion」.”

She shook her head but isn’t this child’s ability broken? Then, Dolan appeared and began boasting about his granddaughter.

“Ooo! You’re back, Luciel-dono, Lionel. The reinforcements for all the floors have been completed. After that, we made adjustments that we are interes … that are useful to everyone.”

This dwarf totally wanted to say that it was because he was interested in trying it. As I was still in shock, Paula held out her hand towards me.

“Hmm? What is it Paula?”

“Magic stones please.”

” … ”

” … ”

” … ” (Glare)

I glared at Dolan and he averted his gaze.


“I no longer have any? I passed it all to Dolan and told him that I don’t have anymore.”

Upon hearing that, Paula slowly looked like she was going to cry as she said a single word to Dolan.

” … Grandfather you liar.”


It had outstanding destructive force towards Dolan’s mental spirit.


“There was no helping it. Luciel-dono hoped for the safety of the Healer’s Guild, so that amount of magic stones was all needed to stretch a barrier around the whole guild. Paula understands that right.”

“Grandfather said that master had a lot of magic stones.”

“That was because … ”


Halfway through the argument between the 2 of them, I asked Lionel.

“About what level are the 2 of them?”

” … As Blacksmith and Magic Tool Enchanter, top-notch and close to first-class. Of all that I’ve met, Dolan-san wins one-sidedly. While Paula is still young, that technical capability of hers show considerable ability.”

… Don’t tell me … I’ll try asking just in case.


“Is Naria as strong as Lionel and Cathy, or has abilities like Dolan and Paula?”


“Naria has no expertise in combat and magic.”

I wonder.


” … However, she is sensitive to presence and can mask her own presence and magical power, and she can teach etiquette.”


A normal person … or not? Eh? They are all not normal? Or is it that this is common?


“Luciel-dono, please come with me to obtain magic stones, or please command me to obtain magic stones.”

Dolan implored, looking like he was going to cry. Paula was swelling her cheeks and crossing her arms. It was easy to see that she was angry but …

“No. In exchange, I will hand you this. Write down anything that you want to make along with drawings. And please discuss with me what you wish to build. I will hold on to the magic stones for the time being.”

“No, no way.”


Dolan drooped his shoulders lifelessly and Paula with her pouted cheeks, changed into a stunned expression.

I will not think that Paula lacks facial expressions.

I thought as I passed parchment, ink and pen to them.


“Please properly write down the effects and capabilities of what you intend to make and submit it to me, together with an explanation. If I adopt the design I will somehow manage the magic stones issue.”

Then, the 2 individuals who were depressed up until just now took the parchment from me and thanked me before immediately descending to the underground 3rd floor.


“Looking at the 2 of them makes me motivated for tomorrow as well …”

“Leave the escorting to me.”

“Thank you …”


As I was applying purification magic on Fornoir and the others, I prayed that the demonstration tomorrow at the Adventurer’s Guild is successful.


The dinner that day was tastier than usual.


To be able to bring out such deep flavours with Naria leading them, as expected of my rival … No, of course I didn’t think of it that way and I decided to ask her to teach me next time.


For night guard duty, Lionel and Cathy maintained the defence by splitting the criminal slaves into 2 groups. I contacted the Pope, did some magic training as usual and went to bed.


After waking up, I stretched and performed magical power manipulation training before heading to the kitchen. As I was placing down the ingredients, Naria called out to me.

“Good morning master.”

“Morning. I’ll be relying on you in the kitchen from today onwards. Because I’ll be doing some training underground.”


She sent me off with a polite bow. Upon reaching the underground 4th floor … there was already a visitor.


“Good morning Lionel!”

“I’ve been waiting.”

Lionel grinned. He was equipped with a greatsword in his right hand and a large shield in his left hand.


” … How did you know that I was going to come train?”


“When people get attached to their habits, they will feel bad when they don’t get to follow their habits.”


“And so?”


“As promised, I will train Luciel-dono.”

He said that while laughing but his real intention was surely different.


” … If you don’t tell me your real intentions, I’ll just run on my own.”

He shrugged his shoulders and replied.


“I wanted to confirm whether my combat sense had dulled. The other is that I heard you are a healer that can take a beating and can revive a person as long as it is not a fatal injury, so I was feeling envious.”


From who? And where? As I was thinking about that, maybe Lionel read that from my expression, he gave a name.


“Whirlwind Broad … 20 years ago in the past we once competed in an arena. In the end, we both collapsed and it was a draw. Since then we began exchanging letters and became friends.”


Broad-shisho!? Aren’t they exactly birds of the feather! So he is confirmed to be a combat maniac after all?


” … I am a healer so … I can really easily die so please go easy on me.”


“There’s an important matter today as well. I’ll exercise discretion when training.”


“Okay. I’ll have a run before we begin.”


I ran under Lionel’s watch and did some body-weight training to get ready.


I felt nothing but bad premonitions facing Lionel, but I set up a barrier at full force and went along with the flow.


If I compare Broad-shisho and Lionel, it is skill and power.

Broad-shisho has better sword accuracy, greater number of moves planned in advance and outstanding avoidance capabilities by far.

Lionel has a herculean sword that can break you in 1 hit and an impregnable shield.


The image I have of them in my mind is of a leopard and a bear.


I did not see the revolving lanterns during today’s training.


But there was just once when he tore up my left arm together with my shield. It was nostalgic looking at his flustered expression. The way he reacted was similar to Broad-shisho.


However, I strongly prayed that this mock battle doesn’t become a daily routine, as I continued calling out in my heart for the ‘Breakfast is ready’ to come quicker.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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