Invincible Saint – Chapter 56

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Chapter 056: Luciel is a person who looks for bargains

Translator: Tseirp


A group dressed in white robes emerged from the slums.

We were extremely not inconspicuous. My subordinates and I called out to the residents and asked for the location of the slave dealers, and found the place before long.

However, there were 3 slave dealers in Ienith and we were rejected by the 1st shop that deny first-time customers.  The 2nd shop, maybe due to the handiwork of Shaza, refused to sell to people involved with the Healer’s Guild.


[We’ve been rejected by 2 of the dealers huh. At any rate, I do feel repulsed at the thought of having slaves, but it is a staple of novels that I will make comrades here.]

I thought optimistically.


We arrived at the 3rd slave dealer, but it was a dingy slave dealership located close to the slums.


“Everyone please standby here. This time I plan to buy slaves that excel in combat and carpentry.”

I told them before entering the slave dealership.


The interior of the shop was not smelly to that extent, but it also did not give the impression of being clean.

“Is this a slave dealership?”


“Yes it is young master. But the minimum you need is 5 gold pieces so is it alright?”

The person who came out was a wolf beastman with a vulgar smile. To be honest, I can’t deal with these types well, but if I want to purchase slaves I don’t have a choice.


“Yeah, I’ve brought enough. How much is it for the most expensive slave?”

“Huh? Oh well it doesn’t matter. It is an elf that cost 5 white gold coins, would you like to purchase it?”

I was amazed at the audacity of the man who probed at the contents of my wallet without hesitation but I maintained my poker face.


” … I am only checking the price. Rather than that, if you have an elf, wouldn’t it be better to clean up the interior of the shop slightly more?”


“Ha~ What’s this? Are you just here to window-shop? I would clean the shop if I get paid for it, but I rather not waste the effort.”

The man’s attitude changed as if he was disappointed because he imagined that he wouldn’t be getting money from me.


“Is that so? But I feel that customers would prefer to view slaves in a clean environment?”

I said that while flipping a white gold coin between my fingers in front of the man’s eyes.


“So you are a young master from a wealthy family after all. Please don’t surprise me like that.”

The man’s attitude did another 180° flip, showing his beastman expression with his ears perked up and his tail swaying about.


“I wish to see all the slaves you have in the shop. Also, I offer to make your shop clean if you reduce the price slightly.”

The man jumped at my offer, rubbing his hands together as he began guiding me through his shop with an effeminate expression.


The slave dealer showed me the slaves in sequence, beginning with the most expensive elf.

I was mystified as I did not see any employees other than that slave dealer, but my purpose wasn’t to meet with the other shop assistants, so I cruised along looking at the slaves under his guide.


The slaves were housed in prisons, male and females were placed in different floors and they were divided into prisons according to their selling price.


I even noticed that there were children missing all four limbs among the slaves. I really wanted to heal each and every one of them, but I knew that doing so would just please the slave dealer so I tightly clenched my fist and endured.


In terms of races, there were humans, dwarves, dragonewts, elves, beastmen … the range was endless.


However the thing that I was most concerned about was that almost all the slaves had lost the radiance in their eyes.


I observed the slaves. How did this person become a slave? Even though I didn’t know about her background, I intuitively felt that I should not purchase the value price elf that the man was promoting.


“Why is it that only despair is reflected in the eyes of the slaves here?”


I was concerned about the eyes that showed no individual will. Even in Botacyl’s slaves, I did not feel such darkness and despair at the back of the eyes.


“Of course that’s because they are slaves. I’ll be troubled if you falsely accuse me.”

The man declared.


“Is that so. Well then, show me the male slaves this time. Because I’m considering getting multiple individuals from here.”

The instant I said that to the slave dealer, I felt the presence of a few of the slaves change, but I decided to not react to that for now.


“Kukuku. Well then please proceed this way.”

I’ll say it clearly, somehow this man has been acting scary since a while ago.


There weren’t many male slaves.


I observed the male slaves one-by-one as I received explanations for each of them.

I released the intimidation aura, taught to me by Broad-shisho meant for probing a person’s courage, at each of them.


Some of the men were frightened, some returned the intimidation.


I chose 3 of the slaves that didn’t look like they were trouble if I purchased them.


“This dwarf without arms. This old man with the tendon of both his feet cut. And this dull haired youth. I wish to interview them. Please tell me the price in advance.”


The slave dealer made a disappointed face so I guess they are cheap. I imagined as I tilted my head to him.


“This dwarf was originally excellent, but both his arms ended up like this due to an accident so he will be 5 gold coins. I’ve heard that that old man was quite a considerable warrior as well. But he was betrayed and his feet was cut by a sword coated with poison. Although his life is not in any danger, he can’t stand so he will be 5 gold coins. Lastly, this dirty brat seems to be a war slave but he was transported from another country and pushed onto me. Nevertheless, he is young so I guess he will be 20 gold coins.”


I’ve decided that, especially so for these injured individuals, if I healed them with「Extra Heal」, they can serve as the best reinforcement forces for the Healer’s Guild, so I attached great importance to their motivations.


Since the Pope told me that it was okay to use 「Extra Heal」when I decide that I have no choice but to do so, I was thinking that if I didn’t use it now for reinforcements then when else would I use it, as I looked forward to the interviews.


“I see. Then I’ll proceed with the interviews. Ah if possible I would like to talk with them one-on-one. I plan to purchase female slaves as well so you can give me some leeway right?”


“Kukuku. If that’s the case then it’s okay, young master.”

Thus I interviewed the 3 of them.


The interview was held in a 6 tatami mat-size room furnished with only a table sandwiched between 2 sofas facing each other.


The first was the dwarf that had lost both arms.

“Please sit down. Firstly, I’ll be asking some questions so please answer truthfully. Before that, I am Luciel, a S-rank healer affiliated to the Healer’s Guild. First question, if I heal dwarf-san’s arms, apart from blacksmithing, can you do carpentry work as well?”


“Un. I am a blacksmith that was bestowed with the blessing of the God of Blacksmith immediately since birth. Woodwork is a required skill for blacksmithing so there is no reason why I would not train in it! Who do you think you are talking to boy.”

Even though he was short, he snorted like he would go berserk if he had arms.


“Is that so. … Do you have confidence in your arms?”

“Boy … are you making fun of me?”

I felt that this was proceeding badly so I pushed forward another step.


“I will phrase it differently. If I heal your arms do you swear loyalty to undertake blacksmithing and the remodelling of the guild?”

I looked into his eyes as I said that.


” … If you really heal me … and if it is not a bad environment.”

I couldn’t get him to say anything else after that.


The next person was the old man?

“I will speak directly. I believe you are considerably strong. I sense the same presence as Shisho.”

I felt the air the old man carried around himself change.


“Is that related to this?”


“Yeah. I heard that the tendons on both your legs were cut with a poisonous sword when you were betrayed but do you have an idea who did it? And do you wish for revenge?”


“Fu~. No matter how much I wish for revenge and struggle, I cannot compete against an entire nation. Rather than that, I’m more interested in a man who trained himself to such a degree despite being a healer.”


Ah, he gives off the same smell as Shisho after all. Is this the smell of the strong? Somehow I feel that that is wrong.


“My Shisho is known as Whirlwind. Rather than that, who exactly are you? No, let us stop this mutual prying. It looks like you can’t stand if I don’t heal your legs and remove the poison that you are suffering from right?”


” … That’s right.”

The combative atmosphere was deflated.


“If I make it such that you can move once again, do you pledge to protect us?”


” … What do you intend to make this old man do for you?”

Within the eyes that were losing their strength, I felt a fire burn once again.


“For the time being, protect the Healer’s Guild and horses we have in this city. Other than that I was thinking of having you conduct combat training for me.”

” … Just that?”

Was that a look of astonishment?

“Yeah. I have other things in mind but that is all for the time being.”

“Pu, wahahaha. Interesting. If it is true that my lord can heal my injury, I will swear loyalty and call you my lord.”

“Well then please look forward to it.”

Thus the man that looked like an old man instantly regained the vitality in his eyes and I could no longer read his age. I had a feeling that Great Luck-sensei made me get rejected by the other slave dealers so that I would encounter this man.


And lastly, I interviewed the youth that was roughly the same age as me.

“How did you become a slave?”


“I am the son of an aristocrat that lost our territory because we were defeated in the battle with the Empire.”

There was an intense light within his eyes. Perhaps he drifted from the Rubruk Kingdom?


“I see. So what do you wish to do? I believe you are holding on to the feelings of revenge, but I will not allow you to do so.”


” … ”

He merely continued staring at me.


“If you come with me and protect the Healer’s Guild, I will treat you well even as a slave. However, I hope that you follow me only if you can live for the sake of protecting the guild, if it is impossible for you then you can search for the road to revenge when someone else purchases you.”

My principle is safety first, so I won’t do the impossible and I won’t invite unnecessary grudges. Hence, I left everything up to him. The youth contemplated with a gloomy face.


” … How long would the term of slavery last?”

He squeezed out a question.


I had no idea how to answer that question so I fell silent. Even though there needs to be a timeline or approach to rebuilding the guild, I had not had the time to think about it. And I could not lie to his earnest eyes.

We both remained in silence for some time. And then I answered.


“To be honest, I have not given thought so soon to when I would release you. After rebuilding the Healer’s Guild, we intend to create a healer clinic in this city. I have no idea how long that would take, and I don’t even know if I can release you after that.”


I was troubled, but actually apart from debt slaves and illegal slaves, there are no release conditions for slaves. For that reason, normally a war slave like him would never be released.


“No way.”

He clenched his fist tightly and hung his head.


The interview with the 3 male slaves ended.


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